Choosing Safe Hands

Like you,
I make choices each moment
of each day.
we review those choices each dreaming moment
of enculturing memory.
We choose within a range
of permacultural resonance
–regenerative polycultural long-range potential for nutritional WinWin resolution–
and cognitive/affective dissonance

Dissonance between our
Left Ego’s Exterior Landscape,
a land of deductive self-preservation,
of WinLose hypothetical consciousness,
of eisegetically held personal knowledge,
of relevant and significant “fact” beliefs,
of ionic-iconic comparative truth maps
with familiar BusinessAsUsual neural networks
of rhythms and patterns of exegetically encultured language;

and our Right Eco’s Interior Relational Landscape,
of poly-empathic inductive Self/Other systemic dipolar function,
of polycultural therapy as DNA regenerative WinWin syntax default,
of eco-normative,
and thermodynamic co-gravitational bionic balance
co-arising LovePeace v. AngerFear as LoseLose
double-binding unstringing irrational bipolaric dissonance
merging back into death’s threshold
between Interior and Exterior surfing timeless regenerating+decomposing(-,-)
information’s dialectical RNA-iconic way.

These two Primal YangYin as Exterior/Interior Relational Landscapes
of human natural identity
cooperate toward polycultural outcomes,
preference for WinWin self/other-perpetuating
eco-political choices for outcome design
and personal through global redevelopment.

we will continue with BusinessAsUsual
bicamerally endosymbiotic competition-driven evolution,
lack of ecoconsciousness most of our days and moments,
reserving this sacred space for moon lit dreams,
within each moment’s co-arising elational time.

Human cultural evolution,
for regenerating health and therapy purposes,
emerges choice of Left and/or Right MindBody
BiCamerally Balancing EcoConsciousness.

Emerging freedom to cooperatively will
what we each regeneratively intend
to polyculture our Interior and Exterior Landscapes together,
and freedom to step back
take a cooperative time out
to compare our deductive decompositional subeconomies,
to research diverse tributaries of time’s co-arising river,
to calculate comparative health costs
and safety risks right now,
for our children’s children,
and for all Earth Tribe’s children.

Fortunately, and unfortunately,
we have arrived at a transitional moment
as a human-natured bicameral species,
inviting more of our Left-Right Balancing Interior Landscape moments
so we can share more ecological health;
LeftYang is to RightYinYin
as Exterior Landscape reception
is to Interior Landscape resonance,
balancing regenerative health choice
each now of time’s revolution.

That narrow optimizing +Love of Health choice
lies MidWay wu-wei tipping reiteratively back and forth
as Present waves namaste gratitude
between AngerPast and FutureFear

While this may sound loud and pretentious,
I readily admit wrestling with my 120 pound daughter
psychotropically puffed out
while she wrestles with her instinctive addiction
to negative synaptic drama investments,
trying to stick a diaper on over her pull-up
and under her dress
feels like trying to force a build-it-yourself thong
on a crocodile.
Even so,
I have a range of choices,
to wrestle against this crocodile,
assuming I am on my own,
a victim of adverse circumstances,
or I could ask her if she would be mindful
of her teeth and claws
and might she possibly pretend
to become an opossum
for just fifteen seconds.

Like you,
I make choices each moment,
of each day,
and review them at night,
until one morning
we get it more right,
deductively decomposing our inductive regenerative trend analysis
into a more cooperative future integrity.


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