Here Comes This Time

There comes a time
when partisan
and pious positions
are set not aside
but explicitly within
both/and dialogue frames
evolve and revolve
private principles
and public EarthJust policies
for healthcare practice
passion stories
redemptively co-invested
cooperative journeys

There comes a multicultural space
re-connecting who Red Republicans hate diseased the least
with what Green Democrats healthily love the most.

There comes our climatic time
and sacred space
when all EarthTribes must take
and retake
and remake integrally healing opportunities
that feel neither capitalistically safe,
nor competitively win/lose
ZeroSum strategic,
nor popular for defending straight white male
anthroprivileged leftbrain dominance,

But, we must invite each other
with humbling gratitude
positive attitude
into changing international co-relational
co-investing space

Because bicameral consciousness
tells and spells us
this is contextually balancing
universal left Yang
and unitarian right Yintegrity.

There comes our climaxing
regenerative space
nonpartisan place
for synergetically cooperative
theological both/and might
power and light,
meta-ecopolitically bright.

“There comes a time
when one must take
the [nonviolently compassionate trans]position
that is neither safe
nor [partisan apartheid] political
nor popular,
but he [sic, for nonviolent humanity]
must do it because conscience
tells him [us] it is right”
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

And righteously beautiful,
EarthHealth and Safety
multiculturally elegant.


New MLK Day Revolutions

I have heard almost nothing about New Year Resolutions
this pandemic year;

Although personal sound waves are filled
replete with incomplete invitations
to take better health care
of personal
and social
and economic
and democratic
and public
and green climate nonviolent communication
wealth optimization

As we move post-millennially
and relentlessly,
perhaps as inevitably
as any self-fulfilling NewYear resolute expectation,
standing win/win apart
from ambiguous anticipation thoughts
with anxious feelings,
foreboding fore-tidings,
affective/cognitive dissonance;
fading resonance.

I have,
in this last pre-MLK week,
noticed an upsurge in human striving voices
invoking dark,
globally embarrassing, humor
and gratitude
for President BullHorn
for straight white male persuading
large majorities of Earth’s citizens,
red and green and yellow and orange,
black and mostly white patriarchally privileged
LeftBrain violently red dominant
RightWing wounded and terrifying,

To NewYear discontinue an elitist direction
we don’t want to continue pursuing,
extracting without explicitly agreeing
to democratically forego our constitutional commitment
to a healthy resilient multicultural republic
both polyculturally healthy and safe
for now,
and for all foreseeable future regenerations.

Many 2020s new year roaring revolution voices
seem to assume liberal v conservative choices
are limited to:
If one is good
then the other is bad,

even consensually,
recognized as not true to personal
politically co-invested democratic experience
when we are discussing liberally loving
cooperative communication
and conservatively co-investing
in globally resilient public health
and climate WholeEarth safety.

Liberal left wings
and conservation right winged,
and all of us who faithfully remain
middling muddling in-between,
resolve closer to consensually green healing
than viral and climatic punishing pandemics,
ego-inside and eco-outside
our bilaterally integral sensory bodies,

We are
and often are not
re-transitionally resolved
for personal health
and/or public ecopolitical safety
sacredly cooperative Vocations.

When I feel healthiest and safest,
in this another new year,
in this early decade of Roaring BullHorn 20s,
is when I step outside
to listen for voices
of disenfranchised trees,
scolding squirrels,
babbling brooks,
rippling rivers,
surfing seas,
light conversations
between blue sky and cirrus clouds,
rain on rocks and rolling thunder

Sung in response to my questions
about what is healthy liberal YangLight
and conservative YintegrityPower?

And what is more Trumpian
elitist Republican
pathological would-be autocratic fascism,
worship of richly narcissistic wounded
persons of exorbitant interest,
punishing power,
uninformed dissonant delusions,

Where StraightWhiteMale privileged
capitalist corporate minds
have falsely advertised resilient
and resonant bicameral fortunes
toward nationalistic
militaristic extractive wealth,
not so much durably thriving health
and safety through defensive win/lose strategies
strong pro-active
violent colonizing aggressions
for mutual lose/lose
predator/prey assured destruction.

Sometimes Earth’s January voices
seem to predict
and celebrate
full climaxing
resiliently thriving healthy wealth.

Sometimes they warn of wounded and broken
personal and public,
social and political
and economic monocultural
non-MLK celebratory pathology.

most of this NewYear resolving time,
especially when I’m working on MLK-Era
Revolutionary Green Resolutions
for restoring Ego/Earth-balancing Justice,
and WholeEarth Multiculturing Peace,
these nature/spirit,
ego/eco-voices ignore my quests for wise discernment
because egocentric questions,
provided by past memories and future imagination,
are unworthy of macro-ecosystemic attention.

If the only choice I offer is:
“Should I live in a toxic,
fossil-fuel burning condo
or in a toxic,
fuel-burning trailer park?”

Why would such ancient god and goddess voices
and smells,
sounds and senses,
respond to these unintended wounds
and win/lose competitive broken messes?

Asking for less than wisdom
to always resolve win/win
revolutionary green new era decades
inviting questions and resolutions
remembering future images
of liberally conserving celebrations.


Improvisations on a cultural theme

It was sometime back in the 70’s,
my later 20’s,
I woke up one morning to realize
EgoSelf as an often dissonant nest
of natural systemic TaoEarth,
a mindbody bicameral treehouse
in some way that felt socially
and economically
and perhaps even politically awkward.

Too much like an Ugly Duckling Ego
in a Cinderella Opera,
clearly expecting myself to overcompensate
for my alien social-regenerative nature,
by learning to play each of the other roles
co-arising adeptly.

Prince Charming to my kids and husband,
somehow especially sadly
because I have the only AngloIdentified
in my Ugly StepSister/Brother and Cinderella and
Prince Charming family.

Carefully avoiding LoseLose Political-Economist
as SuperUgly dualdark StepMother
of malicious,
hateful intent
to play out a MonoCulturally supremicist Win-Lose Opera,
with me in charge of racist misery.

It was not until we all began stretching together
to comprehend what it means,
in terms of health and beauty,
goodness and truth,
to become daily reborn
into a PostMillennial Taoist Unitarian Universalism,
more richly hued polycultural health outcomes increase.

In this PostTaoist UU Landscape,
I have come to correlate
Left MindBody Language,
with YangPowered nutritional-natural health outcomes

If, and only if,
co-arising MidWay Tipping Point
of deductive-within-inductive mutual nature/spirit interest and value,
Elder Right MindBody Inductive-Empathic-Subjective
nutritional-nurturing PermaCultural
dialectical decomposition confirms
RNA (0)-soul regenerative health enculturation-confluence,
no ecosystemic stress,
trending toward PolyCultural Climaxing Outcomes,
where P as Exterior Landscape
reiterates reverse-temporal intention
of NotNot P as EcoInterior Right MindBody Landscape.

This is densely substantial and speaks of rich fertility,
and is kind of a lot to carry around in one bicamera-rolling mindbody ecosystem,
for us,
together, I hope,
our already shared Main (0)Mega Point Principle of Time,
is a dipolar nature-spirit nondual radically symbiotic hypothesis

Universal-ConVex c-squared YangTime
functions unitarian within 4D RealTime e-squared
PrimeRelational Right MindBodies
Newtonian gravitational waves -,-
Einsteinian radiant frequency bilateral +,+ mutually positronic-elational,
are also double-bound reverse-immune aptic-negentropic-electronic fractal ballast.

I hope you are familiar with Right-brain love of health as symmetry
and truth and goodness
and light rather more than dual dark
as sensual-polycultural-receptor color and tone,
autonomic temporal balance of bilateral/bicameral systems,
breathing and heart-beat norms of mindbody health,
blood flow nutrient ebb and flow streams of energetic balance,
these bilateral-revolving flow structures,
like DNA ladders
twisting in fractalspiral ordered revolutions
never quite reaching EgoHome,
but fully-defining-refining
our Earth-centered hearts and rivers
of internal nutritional blood-systemic fueled
neural mindbody flow systems of balance,
ebb-exhale YinUnitarian,
flowing inhale diastolic Yang Universal.

Now I unfold each morning
stepping into a PermaCulturing Opera,
co-arising Janus-faced bicameral mindbody spacetime
and language,
dialects and seasonal nutritional dynamics of light love
and peaceful contentment-nature,
with dipolar appositional dualdark AngerLose-FearLose
cognitive-affective dissonance,
Tipping Point notices from Elders past
ruminating dualdark voices of Time’s languaged present

Buckminster Fuller often plays
Elder Ugly Duckling Prophet and Father of Time.
He speaks eco-logos to biological UU systems
using analogies of temporal-bilateral dialects,
transforming-fusing fold and unfold functions
metaphysical correlations incarnating physical form,
co-development of regenerative health potential.
Time folds Yang convexly,
Physical Universe as closed present-tense diastatic potential,
achieved through cooperative co-mentorship of design and development,
Time unfolds Yin bilaterally OpenSystemic,
concavely unitarian-integral-dialectic-fractal-prime-dipolar-relationship-elation-co-gravitation-implicate-string-nature’s-time-syntaxed-order….

And, maybe,
wondering what you UniversalYang with UnitarianYin Right MindBody Balance
bicamerally ego/eco-conscious folks polypathically think,
what we might find,
within Bucky Fuller’s Synergy,
as Polycultural Climax ReGenerative TemporalSpatial Design,
and elsewhere too,
in PermaCultural apps for cooperatives
and political
and ecological
and health-value systems
divesting of toxic monocultural over-competitive anthro-development
within this lifetime’s EgoDeductive-Dominant PreMillennial Memory.


Earth Birth Rites

“…when you as an individual repeat the same [competitive v. cooperative health] choices in relationship to your own mind[body] and emotions, those choices also form habits [potentially becoming instinctively patterned loss of choice-freedom of will] that define your [ecosystemically healthy, and/or systemically win-lose suboptimizing] personality and your psychological self-sense.” Andrew Cohen, “Evolutionary Enlightenment” p. 72

Psychological Self-sense:
sustain identity as ego-time’s
CoPresent EcoPresence,
alpha through omega,
in ubiquitous syntax of DNA/RNA Tribes
of Bodhisattva EcoWarriors
and Reverse Hierarchical EcoOccupyers,
Yang Co-Relational ReGenerators
with Yin Elational,
iconic dipolar co-arising functional,
Original Intent.

MLK’s Beloved Community on Earth,
like Buckminster Fuller’s Spaceship Earth Universal Intelligence,
his active hope
and passionately urgent love for comprehensive
cooperative eco-consciousness,
like Darwin’s view of Earth’s endosymbiotically interdependent evolution,
is permaculturally rooted,
not only in the Buddha bicameral brain of loving kindness,
or even the uniquely human natured neural eco-messaging system.

polyempathic ecoconsciousness
or co-intelligence with all healthy temporal syntax,
evolves from the cooperative root strategy of DNA,
so, even more primally,
from each RNA self-regenerative living cell structure,
and polycultural development of life as aptic-love-elational default
MidWay spacetime health-optimization balance.

My consciousness arrives through my mindbody,
a neural time-evolving system,
includes my bicameral heart,
my bilateral lungs,
all my Internal/External organs and tools
hold this endosymbiotic Beloved Community
of eco-centric synergy
to joint venture invest
in my/our regenerative co-arising cooperative,
though often co-falling challenged,
alpha through (0)Mega Point faltering step
toward eco-selfconscious diastasis,
(0)-soul sum of interest rooting
harmonic balanced content
within four equi-dimensions of nature’s full-octave frequencies
co-arise ecofunction
of thermodynamic balance-harmonic fractal fold-times
within (Fuller’s concave half-function),
as enlightening dawn dipolar with dark dusk dissonance
without (Fuller’s universal convex half-function).

Repeating choices,
now regenerating habits,
now revolving ecoconsciousness
of cooperative
revolutionary design
as Beloved Communication development.

Rise up from ashes of Anger and Fear
of ego-centric mythic gods
of fleet time to make nutritious hay
while our eco-fueling sun shines
to birth just Earthright time.


MLK’s Beloved Community

MLK’s Positive Beloved Community Psychology:

The study
and mindbody experience
of positively regenerative life
as appositionally dipolaric,
negative correlational,
with negative decompositional time-trends
back toward cultural absence of memory
and consciousness
and conscience
and co-arising empathy
back into endosymbiotic cognitive dissonance
physical-ego decay,
and metaphysical-ec(o)-soul irrationality
of unbalanced temporal-neural dysfunction,
growing autistic depressive-repressive anger and fear,
disintegrative chronic,
increasingly climatic,
dis-ease racing toward even further YangFear
monocultural trending self/other-hatred,

for missing out
on our polycultural diastasis opportunities
to choose full-life investment in polyempathic love
and Beloved Community
Interior within Exterior Landscaped evolutionary contentment
through Positive BiCameral EcoPsychological Consciousness
spreading our networking virus of ReGenerative Beloved
and Civil


Silent Storm Seduction

She laces this dark late winter’s evening
with white manna grace,
flowing flying frosting
folding in and over and around
dark naked tree limbs
dressing up and out
under icey liminal networks
of down and in-flowing rivers,
emptying out onto cold cover
of water’s frozen lace-flaked sea,
hovering over what had been our pedestrian front lawn,
now transformed and mesmerized
with diastatic ice crystals
twinkling in response
to their ice-fire children
following in their post solstice pilgrim path
to die their individuality
within this here-now view.

I smile, perhaps flirtatiously,
with this shy winter’s virgin dream,
a stubborn storm of snow softly settling
quieter than white-noise still quietly,
so so civilly, right,
a silent black and white moving set
framing a wonderful life.

She does not smile back
but I feel her cold embrace
teasing tickling of too-perfect beauty,
hope imagining she could sleep within this heavenly blanket
dreaming down her winter’s rain
of deep composting thirst,
drinking through walls of hibernation
dreaming of spring’s warmest winding offer.

This could go on all night
this reverse stalking
and inside window peeping out
across front and back porches
at Gaia’s grace elational transfiguration,
silent sacred ecodrama major
showing off her magic show
for those with ears to see through silent
first snow of momentous perennial occasion
falling just in time
to brighten renewal day for dreams
of Beloved DiaFramed black with white Communities
through this silent storm of love.

Impossible to ever be the same again.
Unlikely to become unlover.
Such elegant purgation grace!
I would dishonor her
to not sleep within our silent storming space.


Revolving Holonic Scripture

Native American Blessing

May the Great Transition Spirit of Time
co-arisingly bless us,
our habitats,
those we love
riding within Time’s emerging Light
and those we remain challenged to love
with peaceful polycultural diastasis,
perpetually Climaxing Beloved Community,
interior ego within
as exterior eco-logosed without.

John’s Good News 3:16:
For ProGenitor ElderNature so co-gravitationally loved
Earth’s polyculturing Tribes,
that Earth’s Revolution-Transition Times gifted-forward
dialectical language,
mythos within logos,
accessible to our each and every regenerator sons and daughters,
so that all holonic EcoSelves
full investing in each cooperative Other,
already have diastatic consciousness
of timeless co-arising life
as love.

Great Transition-Revolution Spirit
co-arises cooperative pay-it-forward
grace of loving karma.