Benediction of Return

May you soon return
not as disempowered
and woefully unenlightened,
trespassing against integrity,
against peace
and restoring healthy justice

Nor even as an honored
LeftBrain dominating guest.

May you soon return
to our compassionate Home,
where loving voices
speak up courageously
for co-empowering dances
curiously sung
in co-enlightened scales
of benediction.


Revolutionary Moments In Time

Each day begins
doing my best
to remember,
to rediscover,
my life as sacred gift,
paid forward by more graceful than clumsy Elders past
of all surviving Creation.

and thereby a blessing.

contingent upon growing gratitude
for life as EgoNurturing gift.

From this gratitude space,
this threshold of rediscovering Ego’s grace-filling roots,
I can emerge
into All Lives Are Gifts,
all Earth as Grace.

But, if I cannot feel and cherish
myself as part of this cooperatively-held gift,
if I live in an environment
that more clearly reflects myself to me
as a merely bought and paid for consumer
of others’ goods and bads,
a marketable or sadly unmarketable commodity
in society’s capital-invested
Win-Lose monoculturing games,
then this larger Earth as Sacred EcoLogical Gift
is accessible
only as LeftBrain Gaian Hypothesis.

Longing for Right with Left poetic freedom faith
not confined by narrative prisons of deductive
seductive ego-gentric minds
bereft of ecotherapeutic restorative vocations,
nurturing resonant love
of all healthy animated minds.

Minds of and for Win-Win nature optimization,
each and every divinely created ego/eco-centric individual
and species-centric bilateral species,
interdependent NetZero 4D fractal
Gaian Historic Seasoned Gifts.

Each life,
each day with night begins
doing our best
to remember,
to rediscover,
lives reweaving sacred grace-full gifts.


Blessing of Innocents

May there always be a God/dess for you
a Messiah with you
a Kalki in you
a Maitreya of you
a Twelfth Imam as you.

May there always be a God/dess
who sees her/his best self through your eyes,
who hears his/her most beautiful song in your ears,
who smells our most transporting fragrant presence
as you.

May you always breathe
and beat your heart
with and as,
in and for,
our divine Earth God/dess;
some Creative Becoming with a higher pay scale
than the Tooth Fairy.


Revolving Holonic Scripture

Native American Blessing

May the Great Transition Spirit of Time
co-arisingly bless us,
our habitats,
those we love
riding within Time’s emerging Light
and those we remain challenged to love
with peaceful polycultural diastasis,
perpetually Climaxing Beloved Community,
interior ego within
as exterior eco-logosed without.

John’s Good News 3:16:
For ProGenitor ElderNature so co-gravitationally loved
Earth’s polyculturing Tribes,
that Earth’s Revolution-Transition Times gifted-forward
dialectical language,
mythos within logos,
accessible to our each and every regenerator sons and daughters,
so that all holonic EcoSelves
full investing in each cooperative Other,
already have diastatic consciousness
of timeless co-arising life
as love.

Great Transition-Revolution Spirit
co-arises cooperative pay-it-forward
grace of loving karma.