Growing Up Healthiest

Just as a significant line might be drawn
between permaculture design
and agribusiness,
defined as improved seasonal production through better and more expansive chemistry and soil and water and air and light pathology,
we might draw a parallel contrast
between cooperative Earth-nutritional politics
and competitive bottom-line capitalism,
human natural purpose and Earth-nature’s absence of healthy intent

between cooperation as Yin-flow
and competition as Yang oppositionally proficient deductive strengths

between cooperative ecopolitical co-ownership and stewardship
and competitive anti-ecological autonomous supremacy of human nature
and patriarchal-dominant rulership.

From a LeftBrain deductive dominant perspective
this line looks like an Old School opposition,
a mutually-antipathic hostility.
Yet, from a cooperative Left-Right mindbody perspective
this same line
looks and feels like ALSO (bilaterally) a decompositional appositional space
for heuristic co-empathic trust,
for significant deep learning Both-And,
rather than necessarily always and only Either-Or,
dipolar rather than merely bipolar,
ego/ecother zero-sum balancing perspective.

Just as EitherOr follows WinLose suboptimizing Game Theory ecosystemic outcomes,
while BothAnd follows WinWin regenerative-nutritional reiterative outcomes
for EarthGame Day and Night cooperative perpetual continuance.

So, suppose,
just suppose BothAnd,
for the sake of creolizing cooperative simplicity,
Republican Nationalistic Agri-valuing Business
were merely an appositional creative tension
with Democratizing EarthMatriarchal/Patriarchal PermaCulturing Design
and EcoPolitical Planning
for CoOperative Earth Ownership and ReGenerative Optimization Governance,
still including some degenerative-decompositional functions,
yet without deliberately recreating a runaway waste stream
nor a runaway personal, family, community,
or national nutritional, financial, or health-assurance deficit.

That’s what’s been up and down with my bicameral Yang/Yin mind.
What’s been co-evolving of and for and with you and yours?


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