The Eighth Principle

rather than segregate.

rather than too much Yang dominance.

At least in the worlds of Permaculture Design
and Systems Theory
and Democratic Political Theory,
Polycultural outcomes
are healthier
and thereby wealthier,
than monoculturing economic and political,
and social and cultural
and any system-balancing

Monocultural objectives
in an overripe infestation time
can produce rabidly aggressive polarities
overpowering and devouring prey,
sources of nutrition and energy and fuel,
to a tipping point beyond regenerative replacement.
Sated monocultural predator overpopulations
on climatic edge
of hunger and thirst
for former neighbors,
now heading toward decline,
extinguished by supremacist WinLose Players,
acting like cats
living on a continent of catnip,
constipated and out of nutritional balance,
just as catnip energy is at point of crisis.

Cats facing decline,
gradually wondering if they will have to end
by preying on each others’ young,
or escape this over-catted
monoculturing WinLose monopoly game
to catnip bloated dominant patterns
learned from catnip-hungry teachers
and mentors,
parents and siblings.

So, whether cat or human,
designing and learning to cooperatively integrate
our integration objectives
is not just better
but healthier
and thereby wealthier,
more democratically effective,
more economically nutritional,
and more ego/eco-bilateral balancing
than segregating ego-centric
monoculturing trends
toward dissonance and despair.

To paraphrase David Holmgren,
regarding human waste and effects of polluting Earth,
“Declining [health] energy availability
will shift the general [ecopolitical-psychological] perception
of these [cooperative symbiotic relationship] concepts
from romantic idealism
[RightBrain marginalization]
to practical necessity.”
Yang-Yin Brain cooperative symbiotic relationship].

When we recall
we are an inherently ecopolitical species,
cooperative integrity unveils a primal practiced necessity
of Mother Earth’s gift-it-forward (0)-sum nutritional economy.
Then gratitude and grace
become as accessible to atheists,
and Bodhisattva Warriors,
and CoMessiahs,
to peace martyrs and justice prophets
as to any newborn on Earth,
learning embryonic embrace of matriarchal root systems,
womb through tomb lifetime co-investments
open to Earth’s regenerative gifts
of health as wealthiest nurture
of polycultural development,
healthier than segregating supremacist degeneration,
climate pathological objectives,
nihilistic WinLose planning
as if economic wealth optimization
could be rooted in segregated capital vaults
not investing in mutual Earth-Gratitude Integrity.

Interdependently integrate all positive nutritional trends
rather than merely segregate your negative ecopolitical predations,
victimizations and criminalizations,
from whom we truly have become,
for now.

Adopt active cooperativity
rather than adapt to fear and anger tolerance
much less mongering.
Both integration and segregation are mutually contagious.
One feeds love,
the other bleeds despair.


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