Social Health Practices

Natural in and out practices,
like breathing
and heart beating,
are unlike distinctively spiritual bad habits
and corrupt missionary customs
and toxic chosen-people rituals
teaching dark powers feeding LoseLose unhealthy ego-intention
and somewhat lighter powers
of LoseEgo to WinEcoHealthy sublimations,
like surfing oceans
and upstream/downstream healing rivers
of gravity centered Earth
attacking Raptured WhiteMale Supremacists.

So, spiritual practices,
like instinctively natural habits
(including breathing
heart beating
drinking clean water
eating our vegetables),
and multicultural customs
and compassion rituals,
teach powers of WinWin healthy intention
and somewhat darker powers
of WinLose competitive capitalistic pretensions
of egocentric Selves
and chauvinistic Societies

Supposedly democratic Societies
so capitalistically impoverished
we cannot afford public health care,
leaving even our wealthiest
to live with private health beware.

like pathology,
depends on relationships,
which may be spiritually invested
with compassion,
and are too often unnaturally divested
to feed toxic overpowering dispassion.


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