Turquoise Communion

Eastern non-violent communion teachers
pass along a sacred tradition
that enlightened moments
of healthy integral life
predict wealth optimizing death
of future moments
for verbal left-hemisphere dominant
society of Man v Woman,
Yang v Yin
Left v Right bicameral
bilateral co-arising
Life/Death balancing resilience,

ionic/bionic/ironic good-humored energy
electing electrically transporting wealth
of non-violent choices
to more resonantly balance
decisions toward propulsion
with repulsion,

More fully leaving discontinuous acts
and dissociative scenes
and dissonant communication
for indigenous multicultural Turquoised
ancient full moon celebrations

Vacationing at enspirited home
within sensory sexual climaxes
without residual sensual needs
to transport further aggression
where good win/win healthiest wealth
could not return toward red and angry life
on Earth’s most beautiful green/blue
frames restoring Justice

In EarthTribe’s multicultural society
at Peace,

Just distant enough from efficient death
to remember intimate generosity
transporting communions
recalling richest green/blue Life
for healthy non-violent EarthSystems.


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