Searching For MysticPowers

My inside mystic still searches
for my strongest and best
omnipotently higher all-embracing Power
of unchanging monotheistic Truth
and Beauty.

My outside voices
still long for deeper Power
through widely multicultural EnLightenment
of changing
flowing spanentheism
in-between Earth’s ecological Nature face
and my own ego-identity’s theological SpiritPlace

Of greatest
and smallest,
and deepest,
and narrowest Win/Win
ComPassion Way
Healthy Truth
Democratic Trust
inside choices.

Without my anthrocentric highest
most supreme sense
of omni-autonomous power loss
I might become able to accept
beautitudes of poor spirits
inheriting healthy green
regenerating passionate Earth.

To accept deeper powers
and wider lights
more readily than impatiently tolerating
higher powers
silently waiting
witnessing unspeakable
unface-able effacing suffering
of innocent children,
their mothers,
of indigenous EarthTribes,

Sacred acceptance,
curious courage
invite a communion found in weakness,
remorse for competitive discommunions
when cooperative GreenBlue Boat Home
communions feel more highly
climate non-violent

Accessible compassion communication
through our vulnerability,
our cooperative trusting transparency,
our insufficiency,
our weak integrity,
opens compassion with sacred EarthMother
experiences of past power
reflections for future enlightenment,

Logos with Mythos
religious impulses
of Awe-taking breath away
in Wondrous Green Communion,
inhaling slow-grown
emerging cosmic consciousness

Recalling Maslow’s highest integrity
of ego-peaceful belonging
within EarthSystemic synergy
in pleasure’s safest resilient Paradise
awesomely healthy,
wondrously safe
from inhumane win/lose
to eventually lose/lose
ego’s EarthTribe prime relationship

Soil healthy resonance
empowers my natural worldview
Soul wealthy resilience
enlightens my spiritual view
and hearing,
sense of fragrance
and taste,
and touch of sacred
mystical EarthTribe love.

My highest and best PassionStory matters
and vocally splatters
richly resonant powers
and dancing lights
of a gospel choir
in sacred liturgical events
evoking religious cultic theater
in natural events
invoking deep and wide spiritual experiences,
rapturously regenerative
and evilly degenerative

Subject to physical corruption
like all natural world bodies
not unchanging objects
of metaphysically impassioned spirits

Stepping into Other’s worldview
power Universe
of Unitarian inside light experience

ing chi horse empowered
deep and wide social justice
doing spiritual peace
green communion
song and dance events

Embracing acceptance
of kindness,
win/win kinship intent
even if too often win/lose
competitively practiced.

What do I do
when I disagree with someone’s values,
when I am discomforted
by what another person believes in
and out,
up and down,
inhaling and exhaling,
before and after,
causes and effects,
spirits and natures?

Together encompassing MotherEarth’s
vast ecofeminist resources
of enlightening co-empowerment.

When I was GLBTQ young,
I thought poor in spirit
inheriting the Earth
my best beatitude
mystical longing gratitude
gospel promise.

I didn’t understand it,
and probably still do not,
but I highly
and deeply
and widely
felt power and multicoloring light
in this vast right
longing for more multiculturally valued Spirits
to inherit full-spectral
octave multiculturing colors
communication powers
in and out of nurturing light circles

Breath spiraling
in/ex-spiring spirited
peace revolutionary
GreenBlue Boat
rapturous EarthTribe power
inheritors of deep
and wide-hearted gratitude

When my inside mystic
gave up autonomously searching
for my personal straight-linear
strongest and best
omnipotently higher all-embracing Power
of unchanging monotheistic Truth,
sometimes punishing
divesting away from,
EarthGrace Beauty.


Stuff I Wonder

What does it feel like to wake up into your skin?

Your day?

What do you feel first most days?

Is it in any way influenced by gratitude,

or totally given over to worry,

anxiety about your shortness of time?


Is this life the one you had in mind as a child?

When did this that you do to fill your days and years become your dream?

Or is it your nightmare?

Or something in between?

If so, which parts are closest to your dream

and what were you doing

and how old were you

and who did you live with

as this became your dream?

Were these relationships good dream mentors for you?

How did you get to this day, this place, this vocation?

When did the nightmares start

and are they something more than the fear

of your own cherished dream’s loss?


What is that one thing that sets you apart,

that is your unique character fingerprint?

How is your identity unique from all other identities alive now,

or in the past,

or in future generations?

And, if your uniqueness is no one thing,

but a constellation of attributes,

characteristics, dreams, fears, wisdom,

aspirations, relationships, memories,

then how is any one of those unique to you,

and if none is,

after due consideration,

then how are you not part of me

and all that is related to you

that is also related to others

that are less directly related to you,

on back to the emergence of memory capacity itself?


What do you imagine was that first memory?

Do you think it was of longing or belonging,

or somehow both,

like the contentment waiting within harmonic contention,

resolution waving toward our future,

still waiting in noncontentious background?


Is this content intuited as in-format-ionic,

to know and love nature’s wise re-solutions?

Evolution and Revolution each grow, respectively,

Yin- and Yang-tempered resolutions,

optimizing balanced incoming diastolic form

and outgoing memory-folded content?



It’s that prime permaculturally balanced,

optimizing enculturation’s meaning

by minimizing ¬†future’s monoculturally rapacious dissonance?