Powers of Light

Time’s light is revolving power.

Time’s here with now balance
evolves bicameral conscious capacity
to perceive dual-Manifest Destinies
of Passion leaking Death,
predicting our future Beloved Community
identity as ComPassioning Peace.

as Light/Dark Exterior Landscaped ecology
with Life/Death Interior Landscaped economy
with Love/Fear AnthroLanguaged BiCameral Landscape Revolution.

Time’s cosmically ergodic passion
hunts with Love’s co-operative weapons
through all the “wrong” places
to evolve polycultured spaces.

Time is superlatively present eco-normics.
SuperTime grows SuperEco Con-science,
defining cosmic ergodic subjects
with universally bionic
prime relational objective
of folding and unfolding TimeCon-Scienceness.

Time emerges through solar systemically,
global self-organizing integrity of nature,
synergy of polypathic interior landscaped paradigms,
energy of poly-enculturing massive systems,
spatial rhythms,
temporal patterns,
prime functional relationship diastasis
SuperEco Time’s Teleological Memory.

SuperTime’s omnipotence is not all power over events
and all that stupid stuff everybody but my Ego feels invested in,
has capacity to imagine and wish and hope for;
but Time is all power of synergetic integrity
currently incarnate in this SpaceTime,
this HereNow moment/memory.

Our Earth’s polycultural omnipotence karmically unfolds,
comprehensively evolves from YangStimulus through YinResponsiveness,
SuperEco’s CoPassionate omnipresence,
ubiquity of Time,
optimally inclusive,
bicamerally mindful co-intelligent Passion Story,
both active YangHunter and YinHunted,
flexibly ego-purging through eco-lighting love
of our co-relational hunt for permacultured wisdom.

Ego grows difficult to extract from flow of PresentTime,
prehensile focus and reflection within this HereNow Presence
of Eternally Holistic Time.

Ego awareness shrinks within my cranial carrying neurally-wired body
to swell toward diastatic comprehensive consciousness,
co-prehensile mutual gravitation,
letting go of each now-eldering seasoned past event
to flow toward our future regenerational hope,
coherently balancing peaceful hiatus,
Basic Attendance of this budding bicameral mind,
a floating boundary channel
dividing each season of tipping point exclamations
with bipolarizing dissonance,
confidently decomposing with permaculture’s Midway rudder
Time’s distancing Memory of Space.

Ego/Eco harmonic health-as-wealth beloved place,
newly transparent “dark” co-matter/time’s science sentience
evolving Heaven’s Paradise
as (0)Religional Bang of Time’s Space.

Time’s diastatic enlightenment brings revolutionary compassionate power.


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