MetaPhysical Therapies

and perhaps all pedagogical traditions,
are variations on a creation story theme,
both rooted in, and feeding on, multicultural evidence
of faith in polyculturally evolving mental/physical health-integrity outcomes,
actively loving trusted truths as co-empathic beauty,
and or diverse more fundamentalist,

religious and scientific and aesthetically woven creation stories,
are bicameral enculturations
of humane supernatural faith
in Sun+Earth prime nutritional ecosystemic relationship.

Faith evolves an external landscape cultural projection
of an internal enthymematic landscape of political and economic gratitude,
and absence thereof.

is a Basic Attendance
aptic-empathic response
to the practice and experience of agapic love,
tribal integrity,
RNA/DNA synergy;
the Holy holistic gestalt
of becoming ReGenerate Issue-Identity Awareness;
original intent of deeply enlightened co-gravity’s bicameral listening
for healthy WinWin self-identity narrative opportunities
with diminishing LoseLose risks through decomposition of faith networks,
internal and external.

My problem is that I am not the center of my universe.

My solution is to permaculturally reintegrate
within our shared universal center,
each moment,
each thought within time,
each relationship between times,
each paradigm about the healthy development of EarthTribe’s regenerating time.


Gold Health and Nutrition Standards

If political scientists study power relationships,
could economists study interior as exterior landscapes
for cooperative/competitive nutrient-flow/struggle
and dynamic birth through decomposition trends?

Both political and economic researchers,
one and all together,
of sound ecologically healthy exegetical mind
and regenerating ribonucleic embryonic body.

Our not-so-hidden cooperative political DNA agenda
as this humanizing species,
would appear to evolve toward sustainably regenerative
multicultural ecosystemic
nested networks of communication,
through plural-equivalent freedom to and from information communities,
both verbal and non-verbal egos,
Earth-resident mindbodies,
including English-speaking male scientific researchers,
including wealthy people,
including politically powerful and ballistic totalitarians and terrorists,
but not any more or less so
than any other mindbody,
including your own internal universal plurality
of integrative organic equality.

While not headline news-worthy,
yet neither inscrutable or supremacist,
evolutionary history itself proves we intend developing
a healthy cooperative learning culture
rooted in Basic Attendance,
or functional Yang/Yin Balance,
or BiCameral Balance,
or animus-anima gestalt balance,
or octave-crystal temporal harmonics,
learning whatever creation and self-development story you prefer to invite
from your own encultured repertoire of experience and imagination.

Which life-value culture becomes less salient
as we continue learning all cultural roads lead toward healthy cooperative teleological,
economic research of life’s relational transactions,
investments and divestments,
within each day’s classroom.

We continue to learn by building and dismantling our political,
ecological relationships,
transactional research investments,
struggling together to sort our confluence from our dissonance,
our contentment through our contentiousness.

Our Golden Health opposite of tyranny and terror
seeks globally regenerative equal access to cooperative nutritional enculturation
within our mindbody landscapes,
and without,
1. Other humane landscapes—
learning integrative ecoconsciousness together;
2. Other EarthTribal Landscapes, eco- and bio-systems;
3. Earth’s Universal metaphysical bilateral-temporal landscape
of cold winter nights
through full diastatic days of summer,
then summer through dualdark winter’s reprise.

Cooperative political economic relationships and transactions,
co-mentoring throughout our families and schools,
throughout our health and education and security
and defense systems,
throughout our cooperative financial institutions,
our public sector tax and invest budgets
and healthy cooperative,
nutritionally rich policy planning procedures,
political design parties,
policy discernment through scattered-site networks,
meetings of EarthTribe enculturing minds
with ecoconscious growing bodies.

You did not invite this incarnation,
your Elders did.
You did not invite this humanizing political-economic species,
Earth did.
Just as Earth did not invite SpaceTime Earth’s orbit,
Sun did.
Yet we compose and dance and language our mutual invitations
within this regenerative humanizing species
to continue spreading our Golden EarthTribe CoMentoring Rules
throughout our personal and public orbits,
seeding and refueling our equal plurality of freedom Golden Ratios,
and polypathic polycultured Golden Cooperative Information Networks
predicting WinWin nutritional outcomes.


Tao of Strategic Challenges

There is the maxim of military strategists;

I dare not be the first to invade, but rather be the invaded.

Dare not press forward an inch, but rather retreat a foot.

That is, to march without formations,

To roll not up the sleeves,…

There is no greater catastrophe than to underestimate the enemy

(Laotse, #69)

 The word military does not fit with Laotse’s overall intent to talk about dispute resolution. Clearly he sites territorial and proprietary issues, so maybe this is a “maxim of ownership strategists,” which would include defensive and offensive strategies to maintain and re-establish natural balance.

Not being the first to invade goes back to a wu wei principle of mutually cooperative subsidiarity as an ecological systemic norm. Think and act like an eco-cell within a healthy organism; not a cancerous ego-center. To invade is to challenge existing ego/eco value balance. To be the invaded might more fully translate as “become empathetically focused on the challenger’s perspective, values, positions—try to find them within yourself until they have resonance.” Maybe try some reverse role play, like preparing for a debate team.

 “Dare not press forward an inch” means do not even appear to react with ego-resistance. Ask for nothing that might lead to ecological imbalance, “but rather retreat” might look like inviting your challenger to agree with you to an equitable Win-Win resolution, defined as no one allows the other to walk away while feeling they have just lost a positive opportunity to incarnate wisdom.

 “March without formations” may have some reference to Laotse’s primary attraction to natural flow functions. Solid forms lack the flexible flow functionality for evolutionary economic change that one might find in a river, or even a tornado, if you have something more revolutionary in mind.

The title of this poem, Camouflage, is what a Buddhist might think of as Basic Attendance, which has a mutual gratitude understory, or gestalt, understanding each moment as having positive opportunity potential. Basic Attendance, in oppositional and other forms of dissonant, wild, crazy environments, begins with exposing our vulnerability, our fluidity, our confluent intention, a disciplined humility of balanced ego/ecological consciousness.

 “To roll not up the sleeves” reminds us to never show our fist even to our own internal need for self-passion. Laotse mentors non-violent multisystemic communication praxis; most certainly not aggression. He explores the paradoxical orthopraxis of breathing in comprehensive natural-systemic information and breathing out toward our mutually cooperative future.

“Enemy” is just wrong here. Enemies are created through lack of wise response. The word here should be challenger. In Permaculture Design we confront many challenges to optimizing Continuous Quality Improvement, ecologically balanced polycultures that show promise for sustaining regenerative life cycles. The only strong candidate for enemy status might be time, but the seasons and scales of development and design approach permacultural standards with humane ecocentric humility and reverence for the progenitive sacredness of time’s nutritionally absorbent dimensions.


Phenomenal Experience

Each day, moment, life,

each vista,

each situation, gestalt, paradigm

is like a book.

The exterior landscape of experience felt,

seen, touched, tasted, heard, smelled,

is like a book or a video

recording phenomena organized in bicameral ways

our minds can recognize

as confluent with past experience,

with DNA’s exegetical messaged patterns.

We cannot physically see

our memories or our future

although our memories can be recorded,


using our bicameral information processors

to discern what are confluent phenomena,

and what are not,

what is dissonant but positive,

and what is a painfully despairing loss of hope.

Physics is about sensory message reception,

reading the page of each moment in my life.

Mindfulness and metaphysical phenomena

are about message transliteration

between now and a past we share

within RNA’s string restringing,

positively binding,

revolving yearning for the light

of further growth and evolution.