Revolutions within Earth’s Evolution

Here we have a list of antonyms.
I hope terms on the left dipolar co-define
those on the right,
and vice versa.

Form                                   Function
Yang Strength                   Yin Flow
LeftBrain                            RightBrain
Interdependent                 Empty-Zero (Buddhism)
WinWin                               WinLose
Nature                                  Nurture
PowerOver                          FlowPowerWith
Compete                              Cooperate
Thrivalist-Progress            Survivalist-Conserve
Secular information          Sacred energy
Economic health                Ecological wealth
Ego                                        Eco-Environment-Other
Languaged Thought           Sentient Feelings
CerebralCortex                    BrainStem
Revolutions of Health        Evolutions of LongTerm Wealth

ReGenerative WinWin       DeGenerative Win-short-term/Lose-long-term
Yang/Yin Balance                Yin/Yin notnot ecological WinWin
PolyPathic                              Poli-BiNomial Tipping Points
toward health and safety, when conjoined,
toward pathology and risk, when left unwoven.

This bipolarity
rather quickly breaks down, flexes out,
into co-arising nondual dipolarity.
Complexity between matriarchal cooperative WinWin
and patriarchal competitive WinLose
evolves density of co-arising nondualities,
reiterative dialogue between ego-languaged LeftBrain
and ecoconscious aptic WinWin long-term normative,
yet also ego-survivalist synaptic WinLose short-term RightBrain,
feeling ego-discontinuous with the remainder of Earth’s natures.

The goal of ecopolitical evolution, then,
is to grow WinWin, both short- and long-term continuous,
through further extending dialogue
between the larger ego-eco staging cerebral cortex
and the smaller ego-centric brain stem dipolarities
of aptic-empathic co-trust (+,+)
and synaptic (-,-) antipathic feelings of mistrusting flee and fright.

Our BrainStem thrivalist-cooperative WinWin,
yet also competitive-survivalist WinLose,
is universally syntaxed by RNA/DNA affective confluence
OVER dissonance.

The separation of LeftBrain cooperative health and safety outcomes,
from RightBrain domestically matriarchal comparative wealth of sharing opportunities,
by minimizing unnecessary competitive risk-taking,
is our universally multicultural
trigonometric work of integrative holonic thalamus,
our reiterative-dialogueing Holonic Spirit
between creolizing God/Dess of CerebralCortex
and democratizing notice and invitation
of BrainStem’s primordial fractal syntax
favoring aptic-regenerative-cooperative ecopolitics.

As competitive WinLose patriotism is to nationalistic ego-enculturation,
so cooperative WinWin matriotism is to EarthTribal ego-familial enculturation
of cerebral bicameral cortex identities,
as we collectively deep learn and reweave
that Earth is not only our eventual tomb
but also, historically and culturally
and ecopolitically speaking,
Mother Earth is our species’ eco-conscious nurturing womb
of multiculturing-creolizing phylogenic and ontogenic maturation.

Or, as Gregory Bateson would map it,
our sacred ecological re-acclimation revolutions
to and with and for and of Earth’s cooperative WinWin
climate health and safety.

Our expanding Left-Right mutually nurturing cortex hemispheres
grow cerebrally impatient with Old School
nationalistic WinLose compete to invest
and then to disinvest
in and through and past and around each other.
We are too interdependently communicating now
to long tolerate nation-state elitism
over our deep encultured Earth loyalties.

Our pride of place and home and family
rests in full-octave flow abundance
with recycling revolutions of Earth’s synergetic health.

To protect this,
to cooperate with each other species,
WinLose lines on nation-state political maps mean nothing,
while densely overlapping regenerative economic boundaries
for further cooperative evolving WinWin Commons Ownership
and self-other regenerate governance
becomes everything any one healthy EarthTribe cerebral ego
could ever hope to love with.


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