Sexual Situations

I was about to check out a new detective drama
and paused
however briefly
when I noticed a consumer warning
“Sexual Situations”

Which I find confusing.

as long as I continue to wake up
however partially
I am not gender impartial

I awake into my
Sexual Situation

I live in a sexual body
with a neuro-sensory communicating
communing pheromonic mind
filled with multigenerational memories
and multicultural images

Whether conscious or not,
if you can read
and understand this,
and even if you couldn’t,
you too live
in a sexual situation
among a sexual species.

So, I’m wondering
when will I read a consumer warning
“No Sexual Situations”

No drama

No detective work
or play

No plot

No sensory interest

Better off
to go take a wild
creamy nap.


Earth’s Sound Round

Sound is vibration
begets round sound,
random noise,
white nuances,
dark soulful nights,
symphonic nests,
harmonic internations

Organic macrolife is self and other
ego and eco empowerment
begets voiced enculturing life

Love is god is power
begets co-passions between tribes
of trees,
civil teas

Regenerating energy
resounding vibrant co-relational
responsible correlations
in-between rhythms
vibrating sound
of EarthDay synergy.


A Healthier Patriotism

My own patriotic U.S. extended family,
and currently
remains StraightWhiteMale privileged
in our collective memories,
if not imaginations,
of spiritual communion
with all the more privileged saints
and future

But, we have also suffered
from rather too much faith in capitalism,
which, like democracy,
is frequently faulted as miserable,
but also lauded as better
than all the socialistic
anger-inducing alternatives.

Capitalism of our encultured
multigenerational minds
with left-hemisphere dominant brains
favoring natural secularized competitions
between saints and sinners
of diversely threatening monocultural privilege,
persuasions fundamentally supremacist
for democracy in theory
so long as not in perceived conflict
with self-serving capitalism in daily personal practice,
natural and spiritual,
secular and sacred,
ecological and theological.

We are egocentric
sometimes narcissistic
always bootstrap individualistic
evangelical redemption ecopoliticals
but focused on BadNews
of our need to invest in violent self-defense
against Marxist communism out there
in Hell

Not to be confused with commitment to GoodNews
of sacred divine communion
within our privileged StraightWhiteMale places
of apartheid worship
in awe and wonder
dogmatically committed to our StraightWhiteMale God

Made military-industrialized
in our best capitalistic,
not really quite so democratic paternalistic
image of left-hemisphere
StraightWhiteMale rightfully empowered
historical/cultural dominance.

So, there we have it,
this chaotic bilateral dissonance
between our powers of political democratic enlightenment
through whole open-systemic dialogue,
and our confusion about economic uncooperative self-empowerment
at the necessary (either/or thinking) cost of Other disempowerment,
gone sadly win/lose awry
through endless polarizing debate assumptions

That if someone wins,
then all others playing our eco-political game
must lose,
which sounds very much like
survival of the fittest
left-brain dominant species
Earth’s whole open system
ecological/theological success.

Like our dominant left-hemisphere academic theory
of secularized win/lose evolution
is more anthropocentrically capital-headed
and self-righteously defensively effective
than Earth’s sacred WINblue/WINgreen
of polypathic political dialogue
empowering through GoldenRule democratic resilience,

And right hemisphere
polyphonic economic enlightenment
co-invested through Golden Octave Ratios
in interdependent multicultural dialogue,

Holonic nonzero sum,
polynomially left GroupTheory
and polyvagally bicameral right/left Win/Win GameExperience

My extended global
multicultural family
history and future
with more resonant
healthier cooperative democracy
embedded in Earth’s ecosystemic wealth,

Co-invested across multi-generations
of MotherEarth’s wise-dialogue
win/win eco-political
eco-feminist regenerators

Not of colonizing political
and anthropocentric economic privilege
but of democratically co-invested integrity
in sacred green/blue communion.


Revolutions within Earth’s Evolution

Here we have a list of antonyms.
I hope terms on the left dipolar co-define
those on the right,
and vice versa.

Form                                   Function
Yang Strength                   Yin Flow
LeftBrain                            RightBrain
Interdependent                 Empty-Zero (Buddhism)
WinWin                               WinLose
Nature                                  Nurture
PowerOver                          FlowPowerWith
Compete                              Cooperate
Thrivalist-Progress            Survivalist-Conserve
Secular information          Sacred energy
Economic health                Ecological wealth
Ego                                        Eco-Environment-Other
Languaged Thought           Sentient Feelings
CerebralCortex                    BrainStem
Revolutions of Health        Evolutions of LongTerm Wealth

ReGenerative WinWin       DeGenerative Win-short-term/Lose-long-term
Yang/Yin Balance                Yin/Yin notnot ecological WinWin
PolyPathic                              Poli-BiNomial Tipping Points
toward health and safety, when conjoined,
toward pathology and risk, when left unwoven.

This bipolarity
rather quickly breaks down, flexes out,
into co-arising nondual dipolarity.
Complexity between matriarchal cooperative WinWin
and patriarchal competitive WinLose
evolves density of co-arising nondualities,
reiterative dialogue between ego-languaged LeftBrain
and ecoconscious aptic WinWin long-term normative,
yet also ego-survivalist synaptic WinLose short-term RightBrain,
feeling ego-discontinuous with the remainder of Earth’s natures.

The goal of ecopolitical evolution, then,
is to grow WinWin, both short- and long-term continuous,
through further extending dialogue
between the larger ego-eco staging cerebral cortex
and the smaller ego-centric brain stem dipolarities
of aptic-empathic co-trust (+,+)
and synaptic (-,-) antipathic feelings of mistrusting flee and fright.

Our BrainStem thrivalist-cooperative WinWin,
yet also competitive-survivalist WinLose,
is universally syntaxed by RNA/DNA affective confluence
OVER dissonance.

The separation of LeftBrain cooperative health and safety outcomes,
from RightBrain domestically matriarchal comparative wealth of sharing opportunities,
by minimizing unnecessary competitive risk-taking,
is our universally multicultural
trigonometric work of integrative holonic thalamus,
our reiterative-dialogueing Holonic Spirit
between creolizing God/Dess of CerebralCortex
and democratizing notice and invitation
of BrainStem’s primordial fractal syntax
favoring aptic-regenerative-cooperative ecopolitics.

As competitive WinLose patriotism is to nationalistic ego-enculturation,
so cooperative WinWin matriotism is to EarthTribal ego-familial enculturation
of cerebral bicameral cortex identities,
as we collectively deep learn and reweave
that Earth is not only our eventual tomb
but also, historically and culturally
and ecopolitically speaking,
Mother Earth is our species’ eco-conscious nurturing womb
of multiculturing-creolizing phylogenic and ontogenic maturation.

Or, as Gregory Bateson would map it,
our sacred ecological re-acclimation revolutions
to and with and for and of Earth’s cooperative WinWin
climate health and safety.

Our expanding Left-Right mutually nurturing cortex hemispheres
grow cerebrally impatient with Old School
nationalistic WinLose compete to invest
and then to disinvest
in and through and past and around each other.
We are too interdependently communicating now
to long tolerate nation-state elitism
over our deep encultured Earth loyalties.

Our pride of place and home and family
rests in full-octave flow abundance
with recycling revolutions of Earth’s synergetic health.

To protect this,
to cooperate with each other species,
WinLose lines on nation-state political maps mean nothing,
while densely overlapping regenerative economic boundaries
for further cooperative evolving WinWin Commons Ownership
and self-other regenerate governance
becomes everything any one healthy EarthTribe cerebral ego
could ever hope to love with.


Ta(0)-zen Climate Healthy PolyPaths

The more continuous from past through future our ego-stretching identity becomes,
the more god/dess-humane omnipotent emerges
our original polypathic multicultural intent
and future climate health practice.

co-empathic democratic trust,
between religious faith systems,
each transubstantiating interdependent spiritual dynamics among ourselves,
we call syncretism.

Reconciling trust between ecopolitical paradigms as health-thru-dying networks of dialectal values,
transliterating our natural ionic,
and ergodic rhythmed dynamics,
we call integrative synergy.

as polypathic space
equivocating coincidental co-arising
bilateral time,
equivalent dipolar images, consciousness
within inductive-empathic notnot polynomial balance.

Yes, all 3D Space and 1DipolarTime are interdependently relative,
but, no, not so normatively relative that
c-squared enlightenment could be any more or less than Eulerian Prime Geo/Eco/Ego DiPolar Systemic Relationship e-squared,
with slow-grow (0)-Core/Care/Sum/Soul MultiCultural Interest/Investment
Fractal-Acidic-Convexing flow-forming regenerate Order.

With such reconciling consilience in (0) mind as (1) body,
it feels increasingly important, even urgent,
to remember that I am most fully Divine Energy
when I fully comprehend we grow health-reconciling active trusters
doing the best we can to democratically re-gather
as NotNot Gods–Wise Elder Nurturing Gaia Goddesses.

We feel primal therapeutic multicultural recalling-incarnating-evolving corollaries:
God is discontinuously me with belief in you,
also half Divine and half Humanizing, humaneing,
wise cooperative regeneration,
becoming and notnot being words-within as informing-without.

We recall intelligent truth as beauty-design genius
across multicultural fields
and paradigms
and rhetorical frames
and landscaped climates of ecotherapeutic health resonance
overpowering dissonant suboptimal underproductive pathologies
to become reconciling polypaths,
eco-consiliating residents of Earth consciousness.

Political Science becomes, then, cooperative studies
of and for ecopolitically cooperate-reconciling powers-with,
not so much corporate-competing suboptimally losing powers-over,
less than omnipotent eco-power balancing intent
stuck in Business As Usual economic practice.

Ecopolitical powers both evolve from and contribute to
future climate health of multicultural regenerativity
as powers of cooperation absorb mono-teleological,
mono-enculturing power-over intent
and capital-hoarding economic non-transactional absence of healthy practice.

It may be helpful to recall investment,
whether time or money, preferably both,
implies hope for fertile outcomes.
Just as science emerged from nature-spirit religious system investments,
to become an independent,
yet also interdependent, anthrocentric learning system,
so too religious experience emerged from eco/geometric rhythmed
philosophically rich words about why continuing cooperative phenomena feel
and think
and taste of richer healthy nutrition,
and discontinuous-competing distrustful phenomena
speak of hate and mutual disgust and anger and fear of godless eternal wilting starvation stink and death
in hellfires of solar great transitional climate regeneration.




Final Evaluations

In what ways have nutritional

and health

and financial

and well-being values increased

over time’s past,

whether a quarter,

or a year,

or a decade,

or a lifetime,

or a millennium,

and in what ways have toxic dissonant disvalues

and decaying trends ebbed and flowed?

Where exactly?

For whom and for not whom?


How, when, and where have we reduced and increased

both short-term and long-term economic

ecological risk?

Why do you think so,

or not?

Do you use as evidence your own lungs

and heart,

eyes and ears and feelings?

And perhaps those of your family and friends,

your local community?

How about your country of origin?

What about as a humane race

to rejoin Earth’s Climax Global Tribe?


How is the larger DNA-regenerative fueled

branch of Earth’s Tree of Life coming along

right now as compared to

when trees were the most intelligent life-formed

diametric hierarchy?


And then there is the trunk and root system

of our entire polycultured and permaculturing

RNA-regenesis clan,

fractalling and crystalling and octaving,

folding and unfolding functions,

radically revolving and stealthily evolving.


Who is vulnerable enough right now

to truthfully teach us what they need,

who they need us to be for them?

Who is brave enough to listen?


How are we doing with our shared translation project,

syncing Eastern economies of karmic gratitude,

coincidental transactions of mutually bowing equivalence,

with Western stumbling incarnation

of more actively graceful ecologic?

Some might even say…athletic

Herculean powerful birthing pains,

inviting yin’s silent synergetic wisdom

to complement our yangish

left-brained deductive





blood-flow ways

of reaching right’s proportionally loving order;


decoding and recoding DNA/RNA

functions and binomial frequencies of octave-tiered

information systems.


How is our New Millennium mission

to love all others

all species,

all space and time incarnations

and coincidental potentialities

as interdependent with ourselves,

to bring synergetic revolutions to this

nagging competition between

economic transactions and

permacultural relationships for growing eco-logical values?


Have we developed our prototype

for incubating cooperative deep and wide ecological proposals,

binomially designed to coincidently sync

with global information networks,

evolving cordless stringed formation,

we are what we absorb,

we are not what we dissonate?


How are we doing with combining our nutrient-value starved voices,

with chronically cash-starved voices,

performing our permaculture opera

for philanthropists and investors and policy makers,

butchers and weapons bakers and candlestick shakers,

kings and queens and fools,

knights and damsels distressed about each other,

each inviting mentors,

while shunning alien teachers,

optimizing ecological balance

by minimizing long-term life-investment risk?


Invest cooperatively in eco-confluent coincidence,

to divest of competitive ego-cognitive dissonance.


Open system radiant energy confidently absorbs

what gravity decomposes,

waiting for diastatic light regeneration.

Deduce from past natural systemic orthopraxis

what we induct from future’s optimizing intent.


Tao’s Raining Mountain

A mountain of information is our species

some currently incarnating

some reincarnating

some diskarmating



dia-sated with trim-tabbing

exterior and above

fat-filled dissonance;

interior within elder wisdom,

peace about justice and love’s sustained future.


This mountain is coincidental

culturally reweaving information string

of each Self

a humaned “Me!”


More mountain reflective,

more eisegetical,

less Orthodox,

yet not insanely heretic,

we communicate our formation,

our in-formed tribal

culture’s naturally sensionic cooperative identity.

What we say is what we are

until  renewing strains

push out resonant full-stringed songs.


We are Earth’s Information Tribe

part of Native Nature Nation.

Human natural shamans

enculturing our information string

retelling our inclusive story,

magnetic waves of lavish bi-linear

erupting springish youth

to saturate each sensory surface

with compost

growing enculturative strings

of dancing poetry

recycling down and egging in

toward Mountain’s yinnish river core

raining up reversed temporal flow.


Form fractally flows up

emerging out from Time Mountain’s (0) Core

positively confluent streams of

egg-meet-sperm frequencies

form meets functioned dia-bi-metered

norming radiant empowered

North re-binomial ellipse

dawn’s graceful lava

implicately placed for spacetime’s positive pleasuring

nutritious composting wealth

of sequined information,

North radiantly autonomic frequency default.


We weave our mountain

within a volcanic range

stringing back to stardust

and forth toward well-flowed

Earth genetic story.


Home on the range

where binomials roam

North toward Yang summer’s fullness

and South toward Yin winter’s hybergetic wake advent-ure

to spring again as lavish spacetime’s Tao rain.


Mountain’s skies are just-cloudy at night.