MidStream Revolutions

When a plant
an organism
a biological system
is young,
this is nature’s season
for segregation and simplification,

Time to ego grow internally
toward full flowering
and re-seeding maturation.

Just so,
when a plant,
an ecosystemic planet,
an individual’s lifetime,
a nation-state’s cultural lifeline
reaches historic maturity,
mid-life crises of climates and landscapes reverse direction,
reverse patriarchal dominance
to patriot-matriotic ecobalancing isms,
so that what had been WinWin ecopolitical recessive
must become species dominant for continuing healthy outcomes.

MidLife Systems tip toward new-dominant norms
emphasizing integrity over segregation,
polypathic and polyphonic-nutritional complexity
over Either/Or
LeftBrain dominant over-simplification.

midlife crisis revolutions
reweave purpose and meanings of day and night together,
life and co-redemptive losses and suffering,
Yang strength and Yin-flowing nurture,
polycultural integrity
revolutionarily new-delineating
notnot bilateral LoseLose segregations of history,
suddenly opening new vistas for cultural creolization,
WinWin complex resolutions
for natural cultures sustaining balancing climates
of ego/ecosystemic harmonic health.

When we are young,
post-revolutionary embryonic,
we develop toward maturity
through deductive dominance of simplifications
and segregating cultures and language.
Yet, to grow into grace-abundant harvest,
summer’s Yang vigor
increasingly embraces Yin’s flowing integrity
and interdependent cooperative networks
of bilateral-appositional politics,
dipolar co-arisings
of old simplifications in newly resonant amplifications
to support future and past and present regenerations,
cultures of health,
integrating both internal economic climates
and external political nurturing landscapes.


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