MotherEarth’s RealTime Stories

Studying history
tries to be objectively subjective,
at its best,
when also a comparative study of Sacred Plantings and Harvests.

Not a coincidence,
that when I studied Christian Church history,
we discovered a not-so-very-catholic co-arising GreatMen picture story
of historic and theological harvest,
but not necessarily ecological
because more anthropocentric objectives of Earth’s history.

Yet studying historic development of SkyWoman-resourced Turtle Island
is still largely confined to specialists
in EcoFeminist EcoPolitical Ancient History
of WhoCares Sacred Plantings and Harvests,
still RightBrain Yin-nurture oppression,
within this objective-subjective
How to best deep learn ecopolitical history
of Earth’s sciences
and cultural GreatMen and SacredGoddess religions
and all things patriarchal-matriarchal enculturing
Left with Right
Yang with Yin, and not so much Yang v poor little dualdark Yin,
counter-balancing in-between
Tipping Points of Sacred plantings and Harvest Networks,
CoOperative Investments and EarthTribe’s ReInvestments
in (0)-Sum/Soul Sacred Seven ReGenerations
of MatriarchalEarth
historically studying objective-subjective
CoOperative BiCameral Tao-Networks.

In this alternative Left with Right ecofeminist universe,
it is immediately transparent
to all five co-empathic senses
why Donald Trump
would be much more GreatMen entertaining,
rather than PathologicalMan alarming,
as a Public CrossDresser,
trying to walk in his wife’s heels,
right behind her,
neither too left nor right,
where he belongs
if he knows what’s best for him

while I totally get it about not drinking alcohol,
I really do think Medical Marijuana
should be deeply and widely prescribed
within the District of Columbia
in response to our current epidemic
of Yang v Yin Oppositional Disorder.
Maybe we could at least cooperatively agree
on a health and climate care for
Sacred Plantings and Harvest
ego/ecobalancing budget.

And maybe think about
how our melting icecap and glacier issues
may be both related and unrelated to
12 foot reptiles hunting vulnerable prey on MainStreet Houston,
which seems not so good for national health care
or defense
or security,
or even anything resembling GreatMen rationality.


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