Restoring Earth Justice

Permacultural project proposals,
for those who live where forests once prevailed,
could become sacred reforesting projects
employing secular eco-political democratic development
principles and procedures and Honorable Harvest policies
inclusive of Sacred MotherTrees.

Who: Maybe your local interfaith cooperative network.

When: Ongoing,
permaculturally developed with design standards
for polycultural health-trend outcome optimization,
WealthAbundance, SecularLeft (0)Soul NurturanceRight,
SacredElder HealthyWealth

Where: Mother Earth
within Milky MidWay Universe,
Open (0)-Core BiLateral Systemic
roots of TaoTime’s expansion/contraction.

Why: To rebuild to original polyculturing Mother EarthTribe
double-winged temporal boundaries,
appositional dipolar
and co-arising
4D RealTime
bilaterally ana-eco-logical
(0)Sum WinWin BiNomial Balance.

How: Beginning with those constituencies with most to lose,
which is usually those who have lost most everything already
LeftBrain dominantly valued:
sex offenders
AA-NA steppers
homeless marchers
addicted sleepers
and start expanding what brings daily small transitional happiness
to therapeutically key normal nutritional events
as opportunities toward health.

What might still motivate disenfranchised brothers and sisters
and extending matriarchal-patriarchal cousins
to sing
or dance
or beat a drum
or write
or simply tell our stories
of what we have learned so far?
About internal climates of health
and exterior landscapes of fear and anger,
dualdark shamed and blamed mismanagement,
where love and trust and cooperative multicultural strengths
would more honorably prevail
integrity instead.

Let’s not fear,
those who gather here
on this Earth
in this time,
to keep in touch with how we’re growing,
and where we remain stuck,
through positive and supportive-but-not-so-much-please
Therapeutic Comments
along our cooperative polypaths,
and off,
here now
with past regenerators paid forward
and vulnerable future generations
increasingly challenged to find
descending WinWin options,
economic-Left and ecologically healthy-Right
sacred restorative Earth justice.

A difference between daily through seasonal secular ritual
and diurnal regenerative sacred liturgy
is beauty,
these three as one,
both secularLeft and sacredRight.

Permacultural project proposals,
for those who live where forests once prevailed,
could become sacred reforesting projects
inclusive of Sacred MotherTree Networks,
WorldWithoutWalls Webs.


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