Disempowering Systems

Systemic racism
is a social/cultural pattern
of racial prejudice
originating within individuals
and their anecdotal experiences
and lack of multiculturally enriching discernment

Shedding light,
and shredding dark,
power analysis,
political and economic,
on patterns of white privileged events
unveils systemic patterns of win/lose empowered privilege
and disempowering lose/lose prejudices,
race and male and heterosexual privileged
anthropocentric unredeeming
lack of communication

Take, for example,
a power analysis of John 3:16:

For God so loved the world [Earth and EarthCreatures]
That He gave His only begotten Son [patriarchal frame]
So that whosoever believes in Him
Shall not perish
But have eternal life.

Evangelical Christians
(should this prove not to be a complex oxymoron)
have supplanted believing in God’s radically interdependent EarthLove
(first phrase)
with doctrinal belief in Jesus of Nazareth
as God’s only begotten, privileged
humane/divine hybrid Son of
LeftBrain Dominant
Retributive Win/Lose Judging God.

This substitution of belief
in the privileged sacred status
of a Jewish male Teacher
and Prophet,
sharing his potentially viral experience
of Jewish AbbaCreator
as win/win power of universal multiculturing
regenerative Love,
is a culturally profound
early straight white western
(not particularly eastern nature/spirit nondualistic)
privileged-prejudicial moment
of defining God’s economic
and politically empowering grace
in troubling oppositional terms:

First phrase, Regenerative Source is universal Love,
and, third phrase,
Regenerative Source is historically-culturally,
systemically racist.

If, to be orthodox and effectively Christian
is to be spiritually privileged,
then those not born into evangelical Christian homes,
King James Bible reading communities,
Western dominating cultures
are disproportionately
and systematically
and historically under privileged,
with less win/win graced
direct experience of Love
Word internal/external
ego-refining/ecopolitical-defining win/win
potential spiritual/natural life optimizers.

Jesus of Nazareth’s prime experiential teaching,
story telling
prophetic “God is multiculturing universal win/win Love”
not revengeful monoculturing
win/lose systemic
racist Judge

Is not resonantly heard,
not resiliently felt,
neither tasted nor seen
through eyes and ears,
hands and heart,
mouth and nose
of straight white male privilege

Too leftbrain dominant
to divinely know
and nondualistically respect
primacy of empowering cooperative green/blue Love experience
over disempowering competitive redblooded Lust
for theologically dogmatic unecological lack of relationship,
individualistic ego-salvific power

To claim sacred wealth of life
for yourself and only your Tribe
by denying truths of sacred/secular empowerment
through win/win cooperative everyday experience
of communion
throughout all EarthTribes

nonviolent communicating Light
of ChristMass Love
Stories of CoRedemption

not autocratic,
experiences both ecologically natural
and theologically spiritual;

Wiped Clean of racist,
straight male dominant,
leftbrain misculturing
unwealthy supremacy.


Reasoned Bicameral Balance

A rational frame of reference
for multicultural Taoism,
preferred by UniversalYang
and deferred with UnitarianYin,
regards experiences of systemic racism
and white straight male privilege
not only within each individual,
but within each community,
each faith community,
each ecopolitical energy-organizing sector
across this global EarthTribe.

This Taoistic reason/feeling approach
to big systemic issues
is more tipping point analytical,
probably inspired by polypathic bicameral Bucky Fuller,
And not so much monopolized by
micro-identity ego-afflicted elitism,
supremacy ideologies,
victimization debates
about how mine
is unfortunately bigger than yours.

Tao mindfulness
would prefer not to hear,
much less see or feel
Yang abusing
or even neglecting victimized Yin,
further Business As Usual
sometimes violent
Left hemisphere predations
or even verbal cultural misappropriations
depreciating healthy values
of cooperative Win/Win Right hemisphere resonance.

and other universal either/or egopatriarchal thinkers
and unitarian both/and ecofeminist feelers,
prefer the non-violent web
of secularYang with sacred Yintegrity,
bilaterally balanced
egopatriarchal competitive Type Yangs
fascinated with
and ceaselessly curious about
ecofeminist coopertive Type Yins,

Written dipolar co-arisingly
across the hemispheres of each heart,
each left with right non-violently winged
bi-hemispheric universal Soul,
and written across the outdoor climate geospheres
of Earth,
more multiculturally inclusive
on this larger stage
of healthy democratic energy,
more resilient polyculturing empowerment.


Migrant Souls

I currently conjoin with AllSouls,
a sacred green communion of saints
and sometimes sinners.

A few live together,
extending families
reaching multiculturally out
through AllSoul roots
regenerating pasts,
transforming future generations
now repressed by fear of global climate pathology
as thick and toxic
as lose/lose ecopolitical nihilistic soup,
thin survivalist Rapture-gruel,
paranoid hope in Hail Mary magic.

Most Souls live apart
but actively search for significant others
from within communal enculturing walls,
this Green Sanctuary
of compassionate win/win hope.

Some find just one significant spiritual/natural nondualistic Other.
Others find more.
A few have, to date, found none
because already over-invested,
or just right and left infested,
in Souls without this Green Sanctuary cooperative
of climate health communities.

We share an interdependent norm
inviting personal restraint
against choosing too many Significant Others,
lest their significance to you
dissipate into complex insignificance,
chaotic lack of forward co-passions,
over-scheduled communion communication events,
constant sacred/secular communal celebrations
of nonduaistic dual muses,
constantly talking and listening to insiderunonvoices

While outside significant other voices
continue Earth’s seasonal celebrations
without our even AllSouls noticing
serving Significant OtherSouls.

This year
we are planning to rebuild our Green Sanctuary.
During this reconstruction time,
somewhere between forty years
and forty days,
we will become a migrant people again,
seeking returns to our multicultural communion roots.

Some Souls will stay with AME cousins.
Some will hang out in Green Synagogues
and Temples
and Mosques
and Native FireCircles.

A few,
more prophetically inclined,
will revisist uncomfortable left-brain dominant Fundamentalists
who barely trust even God to Father
an understudied and unserved Goddess EarthMother.

Evangelists still claiming God cannot be both transcendently omnipotent
unchanging Yang
and yet intimately fluid ecofeminist omnipresent
compassionate yinternal Holonic Spirit
of left with right brain interdependent sacred win/win Souls
for healing growing left-brain climate pathological runawayvoices,

Glutted with punishing trends,
sins of power-lust Fathers
inflicting absence of sacred significant Other
future compassionate mothers and dads
restoring great-grandchildren health,
failing to thrive
as truly Christian communions,
Souls of and for rapturous Green Compassion.

During this multicultural migrant Time,
we will regather on Sunday afternoons
to plan how we will interfaith heal our multiculturing divisions
to restore our polypathic multiplications
of healthy watered fish
and wealthy slow-raising bread
kneading and healing past absence
of significant Other green commmunions
with active win/win designs for personal
local subclimates of ego/ecotherapeutic
global AllSoul Sanctuary,

Freshly returned
from migrant communions
with our interfaith healthy
and significant OtherSouls.


Restoring Earth Justice

Permacultural project proposals,
for those who live where forests once prevailed,
could become sacred reforesting projects
employing secular eco-political democratic development
principles and procedures and Honorable Harvest policies
inclusive of Sacred MotherTrees.

Who: Maybe your local interfaith cooperative network.

When: Ongoing,
permaculturally developed with design standards
for polycultural health-trend outcome optimization,
WealthAbundance, SecularLeft (0)Soul NurturanceRight,
SacredElder HealthyWealth

Where: Mother Earth
within Milky MidWay Universe,
Open (0)-Core BiLateral Systemic
roots of TaoTime’s expansion/contraction.

Why: To rebuild to original polyculturing Mother EarthTribe
double-winged temporal boundaries,
appositional dipolar
and co-arising
4D RealTime
bilaterally ana-eco-logical
(0)Sum WinWin BiNomial Balance.

How: Beginning with those constituencies with most to lose,
which is usually those who have lost most everything already
LeftBrain dominantly valued:
sex offenders
AA-NA steppers
homeless marchers
addicted sleepers
and start expanding what brings daily small transitional happiness
to therapeutically key normal nutritional events
as opportunities toward health.

What might still motivate disenfranchised brothers and sisters
and extending matriarchal-patriarchal cousins
to sing
or dance
or beat a drum
or write
or simply tell our stories
of what we have learned so far?
About internal climates of health
and exterior landscapes of fear and anger,
dualdark shamed and blamed mismanagement,
where love and trust and cooperative multicultural strengths
would more honorably prevail
integrity instead.

Let’s not fear,
those who gather here
on this Earth
in this time,
to keep in touch with how we’re growing,
and where we remain stuck,
through positive and supportive-but-not-so-much-please
Therapeutic Comments
along our cooperative polypaths,
and off,
here now
with past regenerators paid forward
and vulnerable future generations
increasingly challenged to find
descending WinWin options,
economic-Left and ecologically healthy-Right
sacred restorative Earth justice.

A difference between daily through seasonal secular ritual
and diurnal regenerative sacred liturgy
is beauty,
these three as one,
both secularLeft and sacredRight.

Permacultural project proposals,
for those who live where forests once prevailed,
could become sacred reforesting projects
inclusive of Sacred MotherTree Networks,
WorldWithoutWalls Webs.


I Believe…

I believe the political power implications of a universal eco-spirituality is an emerging cooperative economic vision revoluionarily erupting since we achieved global information networking capacity.

I believe all spiritual traditions and cultures share a primal comprehension that we do not need more knowledge to fulfill our Earth-bound paradise resolving vocation; we merely need to more deductively understand what we already intuitively prehend.

I believe economic values incarnate ecological virtues already emerging into who we are together as a global polycultural EarthTribe.

I believe that “spiritual” is a very old word for “humane nature;” so panentheistic; not independent of nature, but rather an inductive/deductive dialogue with nature. Nature and spirit are interdependent as Yang (+e-function) and Yin (-e-function). [See Euler, or B. Fuller on Euler, or David Bohm on Explicate v. Implicate temporally-unfolding strings of formative/disformative/diaformation energy]

I believe each local community and our entire global species derive from a positive meaning/purpose Original Intent [teleology; not necessarily theology] toward homophily, love, synergy, integrity, co-passionate mind/form out of which this experience emerged way far back prior to language, when life began through 4-equidimensional acid-based regenerative mutuality.

I believe a very old verb-word “Tao” for goodness, beauty, truth, equity, combined together in one fractal-integrity structure, is dynamically binomial, as YangNature/YinSpirit, which is 4-dimensionally, natural, systemic, universal articulation of grace (West) or karma (East), aka, evolution, incarnation.

I believe that this nature/spirit dialogue is fundamentally informed by the profound integrity between human nature’s DNA-coded Interior Landscape, binomial orthopraxis “mental space,” reflecting Hilbert-spacetime, system-optimizing, cognitive-regenerative natural universe Exterior Universal Landscape.

I believe the Theory of spacetime Relativity, normatively unfolds in our (0)-soul Prime Yang/Yin binomial [“binary” within digital information processing universes] Relationship toward a global politically, socially, economically, ecologically, ionically-balancing emergent Positive Teleology of Synergetic Regenerativity.

I believe this (0) soul polarity we share is Zeroism’s binomial prime fold of integrity, and that a permacultural reconnecting with this universal comprehension will also rejoin our political longing with our cultural belonging, our economic purpose with our ecological meaning, our nature with our spirit, our Yang with our Yin, our tomorrow with our today,our becoming and our Being, our function and our (in/ex)Forming-evolution in this Eternal Tao Moment.

I believe, therefore, when polynomial spacetime information becomes equivalently reverse-balanced by non-polynomial  Implicate reverse-temporal Order, then we have a Trimtab, tipping-point, global permacultural threshold moment, teaching, mentoring, reminding us of our regenerative information string back to before time, when Universal Prime Rationality was confluently functional form, in +/- thermodynamic balanced trajectory toward our re-emergent future paradise.

I believe as without, so within,

as before, so after,

as above, so below,

as stimulus, so response,

as belonging, so longing,

as meaning, so purpose,

as originally intended, so regeneratively extended,

as Yin, so Yang,

as time, so space,

as reverse-temporal-functional, so in-formed,

as Implicate reverse ordered, so Explicate Positive Teleology,

as nature, so humane spirit-nature,

as karma, so grace,

as mind, so com-passion,

as faith, so love,

as hope, so faith,

enthymeme, so hope,

TrimTab pathology-as-teacher, so positive therapy

as NP, so P

as -(-), so +,

as +binomial-temporal QBit e-function, so (+)=(-) polynomial e-function-square root (0)-CoreChi Boson.



The Taoist Doctor of Ministry Proposal

I hope you might let me know if you have any interest in a Doctor of Ministry project that would essentially blend M. T. Winter’s work in Quantum Theology with the positive teleological assumptions implied by Buckminster Fuller’s “Synergetics”, which he defined as equivalent to an ecology of love, and/or grace.
While this may be more appropriate to the Doctor of Philosophy program, I am personally more interested in its holistic and feminist applications to at-risk populations in Connecticut, than I am Fuller’s Theory of Regenerativity, as an obscure, but certainly holistic, metaphysical system.
Whatever you think best for Hartford Seminary, and opportunities to link this dissertation/research project with current Hartford Institute initiatives, is fine with me.
There appears to be a moment in every religious tradition when human enlightenment comprehends why the threshold to paradise requires absolute ego-purgation. Two metric systems theorists who may exemplify this level of comprehension are Buckminster Fuller and Gregori Perelman, of Group Theory fame. Yet the underlying positive teleological assumption that we are, each and all, better as holonically related to an omnipresent and omnipotent Universal Intelligence is as old and culturally pervasive as the Golden Rule. Doing to Environment as we positively hope, with gratitude, Environment will regenerate me is predicated on a rational belief that each of us is systemically related to Environment. The Universal Intelligence Brahman and the CoCreator Atmanic “Ego-Self” are primally related as
  • Yang to Yin,
  • quarks to leptons,
  • Positive-Deviant +1.00% trend-analysis to Negative-Anomalous (+/-)0.00% Axial Binary Assumption,
  • In-Formation is to Dis-function,
  • Explicated Polycultural Nature is to this implicately (David Bohm) structured PermaCultured Design,
  • Polynomial  regenerative energy string algorithms are to Non-Polynomial dissonantly irrational information dispersion, or decomposition
(0)-soul Vortexed Binomial Universal Balance (see Perelman and the (0)-soul Theorem of Group Theory).
If this adage-meets-analogy way of seeing the prime relationship between natural and spiritual systems proves to be scientifically and metrically accurate, pastoral and sociotherapeutic implications abound. One example of the richly abundant wealth of this perspective is the interesting work within Permaculture Design’s “Interior Landscape” of self- and people-care, and this Design’s economic/ecological equity-normative value system. Nutrient flows through our constituencies may be positive resources and/or negatively dissonant and toxic when sustained, tending toward systemic effects that are increasingly volatile, climatic, chaotic, and, in some teleological perspectives, even demonic. Positively confluent deviance is the opposite perspective from that captured in Cognitive Dissonance Theory. The socio- and eco-therapeutic advantages of a Positive Teleological Assumption run rampant through
  • Positive Psychology,
  • the brilliant Positive Deviance Initiative’s missional effectiveness for developing sustainable, indigenously-resourced, well-being systemic change (www.positivedeviance.org),
  • the Ecology of inductive Grace as profoundly balanced with Natural Law and deductive Logic,
  • and may even offer a theoretical and dynamic explanation for the apparent strength of Feminist Psycho-Social Therapy (see Laura Brown, “Subversive Dialogues” as an excellent example).
Financial incentives for Hartford Seminary may be equally generous.
  • The proposed CT Youth ReGenesis EcoMinistry Project may fit confluently with the Association of Theological Schools’ “comprehensive initiative on global awareness and engagement,” currently funded by the Henry Luce Foundation.
  • An information systemic implication of Regenerativity Theory may be that Polynomial Information equals Non (or “Ex”)-Polynomial Information. A mathematically and teleologically satisfactory theorem proving this conjecture of metric equity could qualify Hartford Seminary for anywhere from one to seven million dollars in Clay Millennium Challenge awards, pending two years of juried acceptance. Research in this area would also be of interest to the National Science Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities.
  • Engaging the Hartford Institute as the research center for the proposed CT Youth ReGenesis EcoMinistry Project could attract both private and public-sector philanthropic and social-investor interest, and serve as an international prototype for synergetically developing interreligious communities of mindful practice and Appreciative Inquiry (www.centerforappreciativeinquiry.net). As an active member of the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD), I am certain that there would be considerable interest in many academic departments throughout Connecticut and beyond. This proposal is essentially about dynamically balanced communities of spirit-nature discernment. There are global and national political, legislative, policy, and public governance “practice” implications.
  • Finally, I believe it may place in regenerative context the issue of growing and sustaining faith-filled communities, individuals, and culturally-informed species. In this light, all the current Hartford Institute research projects might be theoretically informed by Regenerativity Theory and its Positive Teleological Assumption.
When I last talked to David Roozen about the feasibility of entering the Doctor of Ministry program, I still lacked two essential resources to proceed.  One is capacity to pay tuition and fees–which remains problematic, although I believe I could generate far more than that through research grants and fellowship income should you be willing to take that risk with me. The other was a ministry site. Last week I was offered the part-time position of Chaplain at the Sustainable Farm School, entering its fourth year with a relocation to the 400 block of Farmington Avenue, West End, Hartford (your neighborhood). SFS is an interreligious parochial–but never provincial–laboratory for youth formation in Permaculture Design, both Interior and Exterior Landscapes.
Attached is my final paper for Professor Roozen’s excellent class on change-agency within communities of faith. In it I took some analogous liberties with M.T. Winter’s Paradoxology, which I hope will resonate; and not cause more dissonance.



The Regenerative Design Interview

I am working with a group of people who want to buy a 14-acre rotting estate and convert it into an ecovillage. As I pass by the half dozen log cabin structures, built around a rheumatic, yet lushly charming, apple orchard, my amazement at their intrepid courage propels me toward their future nearest neighbor.

Actually, their only future neighbor residing within a mile of the wildly abandoned estate. My job is to represent the Solidarity Ecovillage intention to this neighbor, and invite her to participate in a permaculture design interview.  Basically, we want to find out if she is with us, against us, couldn’t care less about us one way or the other, and, if her reaction suggests an ally, to include her, and her aspirations for her own property, in the Ecovillage development plan.

The neighbor’s name is Gaia. Gaia What, no one seems to know. There are rumors, mostly benign and gentle, that she roots back to the Iroquois, and is eccentric in a shaman-ish way. This should be interesting.

Gaia: Who are you?

Me: My name is Gerald Oliver, and I am here on behalf of your future neighbors to learn how we can be good neighbors for you.

Gaia: I have been expecting your question for rather too long. It is a good question, an important one, so I wrote them some suggestions about what I think would be helpful.

Here, take it with you. If you have any further questions after reading it, you are welcome to return any time. My home is your home.

And with that, Gaia handed me a scroll and gently, but firmly, almost abruptly, closed her heavy door.

Eventually I closed my mouth, turned around, headed back toward the orchard where I knew of the perfect log, and the perfect vista, for reading–most anything–but especially this Gaia scroll.

The late-morning sun radiated gentle October warmth as I opened the scroll:

Dear Neighbors,

Thank you for your compassionate intent to practice remembering that we are all in this mess, and this potential paradise, together.

There are 4 interdependent principles in learning how to live regeneratively on this planet.

The first of these you have heard from land use planners, real-estate agents, community and economic developers: Notice the potential highest and best use of all resources and nutrients, all property, all people, all species.

The second is similar,but moves from noticing, toward understanding, from using to sustaining. How can we achieve the most abundant effect, and affect, with the least effort, cost, dissonance, chaos?

Combining these first two principles results in the Golden Rule of Regenerative Development: Optimize integrity by deeply learning inclusively holistic potential. In other words, intend and practice today what we all want to wake up to tomorrow. 

Our greatest, most holistic, most resilient, most regenerative potential is discovered through Deep Listening together, the intentional practice of compassion. Deep Learning begins with deeply listening, noticing, and slowly, integrally, inclusively discerning a shared vision of optimized potential intent. This is true whether your shared vocation is to build a regenerative interior landscape, or exterior landscape. It is optimally and inclusively and resiliently true if your intent is to build a regenerative interior/exterior landscape together. Our species’ “Commons,” like the Commons of your Solidarity EcoVillage, expands inward and outward, fertilized by rich, abundant, diversity when we notice, listen, and fully value our current situation.

Fully valuing our current potential brings us to the 3rd principle of Regenerative Development: the Principle of Complementarity. Our Species’ Interior Landscape AND Exterior Landscape are complementary perspectives on one thermodynamically balanced NATURAL Landscape. Humans, at our best, bicamerally learn about our profoundly balanced and harmonious potential within a richly nutritious ecology of nutrients, energy. The “essential orientation of human nature,” to borrow a phrase from the 14th Dalai Lama is scientifically and religiously emerging as the essential orientation of all nature: thermodynamic balance is an Exterior Landscape way of cognizing the theo-dynamic balance of our Interior Landscape.

What we are trying to become, our teleological, and thermodynamic, mission as Earth’s bicamerally-reflective Species, with least effort and cost, suffering and resistance, violence and dissonance, is our highest and best regenerative potential. The most abundantly valued vocation for every intentional community, every faith community, every school, every farm, every government, every recreation center, every health care facility, every human service agency, every family, every individual, is to become the very best balanced Regenerative Research and Design Center possible, given current situations, developing compassionate understanding of complementarity between our natural Interior and Exterior Landscapes.

In our inclusive Research and Design ecology, we recognize communication and thought as information nutrients, with the potential to build up or dissemble, to increase confluence, or contribute to dissonance. The Principle of Complementarity is both spatially and temporally dimensioned. Its spatial dimension spreads across the Interior and Exterior natural landscapes. Its temporal flow dimension is either toward confluence, or toward dissonance, with complementary balance defined in physics and systems theory as intrinsic thermodynamically-valued polarity. What goes up must come down. What goes in must come back out.

The intrinsic value-balance within all religions, all faith paradigms, follows these same complementary patterns: As before, so after. As above, so below. As within, so without. If Self, then Other. If Yang, then Yin. If Becoming (regenerating), then Being. If sociotherapy, then sociopathology. If sociopathology, then sociotherapy.  If confluence, then the potential for dissonance. If dissonance, then the potential for confluence. As theo-dynamism within, so thermo-dynamism without.

The 4th principle of Regenerative Development is the Principle of Holistic Subsidiarity. In systems theory, optimized abundant values matriculate up from integrated/confluent individuals and families, through neighborhoods, to communities, sub-regions, regions, and globally inclusive ecological integrity. There is no such thing as a “natural” division between sustainable economic wealth and ecological integrity. Economies are value-transfer systems within the ecology of our relationships.

The Principle of Subsidiarity is commonly understood, and sometimes practiced, as retaining choice authority at the lowest effective level of function. The form of our self-governance wisely follows functional practice and intent. It is most holistically efficient to leave our current effectiveness at the lowest level of functional autonomy. If I find my life and environment to be richly nutritious, satisfying, meaningful, fulfilling, then it would be a violation of this Principle of Subsidiarity for the Solidarity EcoVillage to even intend to fix what I believe is not broken.

Our current suffering has to do with those times, places, situations, when there is disagreement about which is most important, the Principle of Holistic Subsidiarity or the Principle of Complementarity. For example, if I am a cancerously expanding tumor within your brain, then you and I would probably disagree about which is the currently effective lowest level of functional autonomy. If I am a parasitic species, overpopulating and devouring a planetary ecosystem, causing great trauma to the planet, such as climatic dissonance and the extinction of species diversity, then the Principle of Complementarity reminds us to listen to our pathology because it is our complementary and wise instruction.

We recognize communication and  thoughts as nutrient-value events. The lack of healthy, balanced nutrients is implicated, or potentiated, information of great value because of our faith in holisitic subsidiarity, and balanced thermodynamic complementarity. If we have a Whole System, then we have subsidiary parts. If the subsidiary parts forget the Principle of Holistic Subsidiarity, forget that efficacy is discerned within our intention for sustained whole-system regeneration, then our resulting sociopathology reminds us that our Internal/External health and wealth find therapeutic value by improving their complementarity. This provides us with both a positive and negative feedback loop. Both loops are needed for regenerative self-care, people-care, and Earth-care. Dissonance teaches us about the possibility of confluence. Confluence teaches us about the synchronization of balanced holistic subsidiarity.

The Principle of Complementarity is to Yang-imbalance as the Principle of Subsidiarity is to Yin-imbalance. The natural law of thermodynamic polarity balance, whole-system harmony, holds together all four Deep Ecology principles of regenerative systems development.


“Waste” is inefficiency, loss, dissonance and is heuristically held as a potential resource; a suffering that may teach us something we would like to learn. Waste, loss, harm management are all about planning sustained self-organization and self-maintenance through balanced sub-system subsidiarity and whole-system complementarity. This balance optimizes learning (highest and best use of our information ecology) while minimizing loss of thermodynamic balance, or dissonance, and ineffective sustenance, internally and externally.

Community builders, faith community organizers, intentional community developers, public dialogue facilitators, economists, ecologists, even lobbyists, recognize that where you end up is hugely and persistently boundaried by where you start out. Our self-regenerating landscapes value diversely entwined root systems, mutually defining and enriching, mutually protecting and promoting, nutritiously and lavishly seeded investments that will flower to reincarnate our Original Intent, our hope-filled active gratitude for Re-Creating most fully and bountifully together forever. Regenerative intention is the faith infrastructure that underlies the universe of religion, ecology, and Systems Design. Permaculture Design is our ecosystemic metaphor currently on pilgrimage toward a holistic, thermodynamic, Regenerative Systems Development Theory of permanent evolution.

Speaking of evolution, some of the Solidarity EcoVillage wanna-be’s are familiar with Thomas Kuhn’s Theory of Scientific Revolutions. Kuhn became somewhat obsessed with an issue about knowledge; the Problem of Incommensurability. How can we be sure that we are using language to signify the same thing, or different things, or things that stand in the same relationship to other things, or not? How can we predict if a new idea will lead to the evolution of an entirely new paradigm, a new scientific theory, or whether it will not really become part of our culture, our way of seeing the world? How can I be sure that my values are, or are not, commensurable with your values, your thoughts, your communications, what feeds you, or causes you despair or anguish and suffering? How can I reliably predict that what I propose, what I notice and try to understand, will inform your interior landscape in the same way that it informs mine?

A theory of regenerative evolution responds to Kuhn’s Problem of Incommensurability with recognizing dissonance and complexity as more than hopeless suffering and confusion. We intend and practice active Complementarity, a compassionate faith that within dissonance lies the fertilizer of potential information. The issue of imbalance between intentions, the disparities of diverse practices and pilgrimages and paradigms, contains the seeds of a universally commensurable meaning. In this way, our pathological fears and concerns point us toward hope and faith in the potential for a more deeply integrated relationship. Compassion, empathy, Deep Learning, plus significant dissonant complexity, inspires revolutionary development toward understanding, integrity, resilience, inclusively rich information and nutrition; solidarity.

Our thermodynamically-balanced exterior informs our theo-dynamic interior, as Permaculture Design potentiates Regenerative Creation.  The difference between Deep Learning and Deep Ecology is that one actively hopes for interior regeneration while the other also hopes for exterior regeneration.

Your grateful neighbor,


As I rolled up the fragile scroll, I couldn’t think of any more questions, so I headed back home, not quite the same way I had arrived.


Order of Universalist Unitarian Intent

I have a concept for a dissertation.  Want to “think it out loud” to you to get your visceral reaction about whether this feels like a fit for the Holistic Theology program and whether you would, could, recommend a “faculty advisor” for the topic.

Working Title: Regenerative EcoTherapy Development  and Universal Research and Design

[“Eco,” as in EcoTherapy, is a double-intent abbreviation for both ecology and economics. EcoMinistry always holds these two paradigms as inextricably bound values that became separated when humans began to perceive themselves as alien from nature; contrary to the aboriginal Original Intent understanding of Gaia.

Thesis: Universal faith paradigms, including OUnI and the Unitarian Universalist Association,  are explicit actors in the human species’ holistic therapy design process. They are also implicit explorers of a regenerative theory of global evolution. Whole Open Systems Development Theory is a universalist design paradigm now quickly, and ergetically, unfolding to reveal a Regenerative Theory of Integral Evolution.


Antithesis: Dividing the resources and continuing evolution, the EcoMinistry power and values, of integral interfaith networks, epitomized by OUnI, from the UUA infrastructure is transparently inefficient and costly, a sacrifice to the power of our shared Sociopathology Myth.

Implications: If EcoMinistry follows PermaCulture Design principles that are widely accepted as meeting Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) and LEED energy efficiency standards, then OUnI and UUA might want to give universal strategic planning priority to:

1. cross-recognition of each other’s ordinations–EcoMinisters would have dual ordination as UUA Interfaith EcoMinisters,

2. AIHT and UUA blended academic and M.Div. preparatory institutions offering interdependently accessible class offerings, incorporating face-time requirements for those who choose UUA physical classroom options and those who may also choose AIHT on-line-only options (retaining autonomous fee-structures),

3.  developing an inclusive public sector EcoEquity tax and public revenue global advocacy agenda.  This EcoEquity Universal Value Agenda will be carefully rooted in PermaCultured regenerative development principles of equity, nonviolence, and Cooperative-Gratitude Original Intent Prime Relationship Assumption. This Prime Relationship Assumption (geometrically, biometrically, and eco-theologically expressed by Buckminster Fuller, a Universalist) is continuously, and therapeutically, incarnated in proto-historic, aboriginal, nature-based, value systems. Earth, water, air, information, and health belong to the Holistic Gaia Commons; their intrinsic values are the basis for our species’ cooperative economy. This intrinsic value cannot be consumed, bought, or sold; but can be noticed, understood, explored, discovered, developed, enculturated, planted, harvested, facilitated, learned, synergized, replicated, and regenerated. The Gaia Commons is our bicameral species’ therapeutic design space for healing our pre-cameral Sociopathology Myth (see Julian Jaynes, John Bargh, and Edward Podvoll regarding sanity, pathology, and Right-hemispheric pre-conscious awareness).