Health Culturing Wealth

Where does nonviolence begin?
Take root?

What is compassion’s fertilizer?
Especially in a fast-paced
capital acquisition and extraction
competitive monoculture.

Does nonviolent intention,
within and without,
not arise from positive health experience?

From a sense of remembered safety,
unconditional regard
for mutual peace,
for breathtaking beauty

Within a Whole Systems context
of working
and playing win/win together
for holistic health optimizing wealth
of polycultural EarthJustice.

Unlike a predisposition to mistrust
rooted in win/lose experience

And unlike an indisposition activating distrust
cemented in lose/lose
monoculturing personal
and political
and economic history.

A thought/felt bilateral position
combined in compassionate ecopolitically enlightened
Left empowering Right co-passioning balance
begins in my own primal win/win
EarthMother health/wealth attachment,

In fully interdependent Trust and Beauty,
Health and safe Wealth
primal bilateral co-relationship,
experiencing sensory-neural
nutritional communing
What can nonviolently
and logically
right and leftbrain
integrally and licitly
be x and not-x
at the same time?
Yang and not Yang?
Space and not Place?
Timely and yet Timeless?

NonViolent Relationship.

What’s inside defined
and refined
by what and who,
where and why,
how and when
is not outside.


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