Kindred Spirits

Yours is my sacred non-zero soul
core center shared

Surrounded by your robust
masculine energy

Not to exploit
and yet not too shy

Not too retractive
nor extractive,

our cooperative re-investing,
powerfully ebbing
and succulently flowing
further enculturating future.

So, I do not cheat without you
in my most polypathic
panentheistic imaged way,

Always knowing we must each
and full-clothed return
to yet another Patriarchal
White Capitalist dominant
LeftBrain academically
monoculturally anthro-supremacist
Straight Day

Our monotheistic Way
on Earth
waiting for full
and edifying thrusts
of and from
multicultural indigenous EarthTribe trust
in octaved sensory
resolving light
and musical resounding sound

co-empathic RightHemisphere senses heard
and felt
in nonzero whole-sum
resplendently glad non-choices

CoEmpowered both/and opportunities
hot and hasty
awaiting win/win economic
and political play.

Doing my wholesome
whole sums
holy nonzero full of life
so not so win/lose unwholesome
empty entropy

Is not here where Eden
promised my wounded child
restorying panentheistic
WholeSum Systemic
resilient health pay ways

Way to say

You are the egocenter
within my ecosystemic
copassions gay

Taurus full-octaved
yang yintegral octane
regenerative DNA
poetic display
noetic fray

In a land-linear
and a deep sea-full
of repercussive 1/0
co-binary fruitful
sacred organic
double-binding fun

In between EarthPowered yintegrity
and HeavenLighting yang sun

Solar systemic enlightened
by indigenously sun-powered EarthTribe

Healthy selfcare flowing fun…
Inside/Outside pun…
Ego/Eco systemic run…
PolyCultural languaged plum…

Yang/Yintegral polymathic
polynomially polypathic
polyvagal neurosystemic
nutrients of super-positive health

Balancing ecological green wealth
organic Whole Systemic
language voices
nonviolent win/win
optimizing trans-connecting choices

So, in a way
I could not win cheating on your loss
in our most polypathic
panentheistic win/win privileged way
polyculturally healthy
within this singularly wealthy
gay day.


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