When Wrong Goes Right

When bad choices
speak in wrong voices
delivering shame,
deserving shunning
and irrepressible self-blame,

Reconsider this jump
from bad choices
to “wrong” voices
unable to consider tomorrow’s
potential more right rejoices.

No one of us humans
has divine omnipotent might
to make all the right omniscient choices
spoken belatedly by unchosen judgment voices

To be omnipresently good
and regeneratively healthy
and impenetrably safe
for ourselves
for our loved ones
for our species
for our plants
and living planet
at all times,
in all multicultural inside places,
and polyculturally robust
outside wealthy spaces.

On better days,
well fed and watered and rested,
we may try more benevolent curiosity
about why feeling good
and healthy
can seem so frustratingly short
and insignificantly small
compared to long time
and large resources

Invested by patriarchal god-fearing
straight white corporate capitalists
to entertainingly seduce
and identity reduce
you into isolating bad faith consumer

Erupting in egocentric
left-hemisphere dominant voices
that habitually collapse
unhealthy absence
of potential right hemisphere co-relational rejoices
into inevitably wrong
unwealthy feminist choices

Speaking in wrong voices
delivering shame
deserving dark fame
swamped by irrepressible self blame.


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