When Bears and Pigs Fly

Fear and violence and guilty judgment

display synaptically sharp,

competing “Loser!” skittish economies.

Love and active peace sustain buoyance,


robustly revolving away

from red skies of mourning;

cooperatively mutual Win-Win

ecology of evolution.


You want so badly to fly your competing belief kites,

and faith,

for your string to remain confidently taut,

vibrantly humming and singing your self-righteousness,

intrinsic value and merit,

for your eisegesis to transcend up and out

catching our multi-cultural wind,

decomposing old ways of competing

as we bow to your better judgment,

declaring your Orthodox wisdom kite

the Winner!



your kite won’t fly this way,

or hasn’t after all these frustrating

lean growing years of learning your faith

in competing paradigms,

where one must be more right,

the best kite,

but really not just the best,

because you would love to obliterate

all inkiting competition.

Your self-righteous judgment

reads and studies why you must be elite

to lead us losers behind.


Meanwhile, some of us are relearning,



reweaving kites flying best together

like wedges of geese

balanced and resiliently squawking

our glad tidings,

“It’s warmer south,

and colder north,

and vice versa,

depending on which habitual hemisphere

you dominantly favor.”


Together we catch post-millennial wind

to soar our joyously cooperating kites,

a Golden self-regenerative economy of inclusive grace.


If your eisegetical kite won’t fly right,

if your EarthTribe can’t hear or understand

or care about what you have to proclaim,

listen deeper

to find how high

your kite might float

in richer racing flowstreams,

as positive deviant diversity

among mutually mentoring companions,

quacking our coincidental ecologic.


We find each Other’s incarnated contours,



merging one breath,

two resonant heartbeat kites,

then three….


Then rise to fly apart.


Floating back,


sustain mutual listening,

sync-rhythmic vibrant revolution

spiraling up and away,

soaring eastern harmonies,

dancing inkited breeze.


Left-Right well-bowed bicameral sparring confluence

balancing peace

toward mutual gratitude,

centering mindfulness soaring regeneratively up

reducing tipping-tail dissonance and stress,

waving down to smile this namaste.


Leaning left proposes inspiration,

flexing right disposes expiration,

together swelling prime (0) spinal soul,

our permacultural kite-fly system

fractally equivalent encoding,

air-born swimming,

interdependent open systemic balance,

which was our Original Intent,

to reach up toward bicameral balancing flight,

as Left breathes in

Right breathes back out as gift to Earth,

with positively positioning

evolutionary gratitude.


Breathing out what you breathe in,

breathing in what you breath out,

inspiring information,

expiring exformation,

my Yang inhale our Yin exhale,

my Yin exhale our Yang inhale,

balancing (0)-sum ecologic stress,

flying our long-taled nest.





Active peace inquiry:

1. Here is how I understand what you said.

Does that sound right?

If not, please try again,

I’ll try to focus harder

because I care and hope to understand.


2. If yes, here is what fits

with how I understand myself


our home

our planet.


3. Here is what confuses me

about myself


our home

our planet.


4. I say this in full faith,

in mutual gratitude of namaste,

born of Earth,

to Her we return

for fertile healthy analogies,

therapeutic compost of

re-incarnating ergetic karma.


1.1 Our God of Polynomial Information;

Goddess of Non-Polynomial reversed information

as U is to -C

as +1 is to -0,

magnergetic binomial,

as Incarnated Self is

within Eternal Eco-Moment,

regenerating spacetime nest.


5. OK, who and what is next?

6. Namaste.

7. Here eternally

8. is how I co-prehend you…