What EarthSouls Want

“What I want in life is compassion,
a flow between myself and others
based on a mutual giving from the heart.”
Marshall B Rosenberg, PhD (Nonviolent Communication)

What I wealthy want
in health and safety optimizing life
is win/win compassion,
a flow,
back and forth,
left and right,
ego-centering and eco-systemic,
yang and yin
universal One and unitarian ZeroZone,

In-between my nonzero-sum Ego
and Eco-nomic
Eco-logical secular LeftHemisphere
Theo-logical sacred RightHemisphere
bicameral Other-Thou-We
rooted in feeding and watering
our democratic-interdependent giving and receiving
healthiest wealth communion
from our win/win ventral vagal
Universal/Unitarian HeartSoul
1st through 7th principled
primal co-passionate relationship.

Poly-nomial ecometric,
Poly-pathic Left
sacred Poly-MetaPhonic/Phoric Right harmonic

As PolyNomial Either/Or colonization
eco-womanist is
to empowering PolyPathic/Phonic Both/And
Win/Win past through future creolization
through Ego/EcoSystemic
double-binding attachment,

Either/Or One Left
Both/And Zero-Squared Right

Full/Empty re-connection,
synergetic win/win TippingPoint balancing

Identity colonizing
re/de-Individuating, rebirthing, regenerating, creolizing
cooperative ego/eco-health
as also safe resilient/resonant co-investment
from past sacred blessings
and for future secular/sacred
emergent health/wealth optimizing

among all Mind/Heart


InForMating Love

When life enjoys our full inhale,
breathing in-formation,
Then dying purges through breathing out,
exhaling excarnation,
recessively oriented toward last breath,
precessively convexing (B. Fuller) back in Dia-Memory toward next breath
as first breath of each eternal moment;
then reverse regeneration advents.

These two, living fully and dying redemptively,
always balance within each Eternal Prime Relationship Moment,
at least potentially, with implications, enthymematically,
as Yang+Yin Incarnating-Form = Polynomial+Not-Not-Binomial In-Formation.

Summing and adding,
proportioning and Golden Ruling,
Natural Lawing and Ordering all these universal Tao variables,
Zero-Balancing Life-Fractal Prime Relationship
and Economically Deep Ecological TransItional Transactions,
regenerate full +/(-)(-) naturally systemic octaves
of harmonic truth with justice,
Prime Principle of Universal Life/Death Systemic Optimization
through (-)(-) double-binding,
double-negative bicamerally balancing hemispheres
noticing RNA’s Dark Logos Soul;
PreGenesis of Tao.

This Form of Great Chi-Atman Explication (Bohm),
Primally follow from our regenerative speciating path of evolution;

SpaceTime languaged as Tao,
Great Harmonic Way,
evolves elusively, evasively,
ubiquitously, coincidentally,
Yet latent (Implicate–D Bohm) within are objects
subjects of dense ergodic Energy, ionically balancing bionic,
co-intelligent in-formating,
Dark and dim,
blinding Primal Vortex,
implied, implicating, Synergy-Love Order,
Latent with life-force,
regenerational (0)-sum systemic.
Life-force being very true,
positive as double-negative,
rational numeric,
just systemic,
Latent in it are evidence,
content-ing Golden Rule riches within
this (0)-soul Theorem’s (G. Perelman)
human natured deductive Proof.

From the days of old till now
Taos’ Logos for manifest Forms,
Beloved Green Commons enculturing,
has never ceased formating,
By which we may view this Progeneration of Universal Intelligence (Fuller).
How do I know the shape of DNA,
double-bound smooth-structured elliptical Co-Memory?
Through Polyculturing Natural Systemic
and Economic Optimization Function!

Note:┬áThis is another in a growing series of post-millennial paraphrases of Laotse’s Taoist wisdom literature. Here I have synergized (at risk of corrupting) Taoist scripture with more contemporary cosmological language and interpretive thought of┬áBuckminster Fuller, Gregori Perelman’s and William Thurston’s work in Group Theory to propose that Tao’s language of Yang/Yin balance may have been already inductively proven as our permacultured Turing Machine for analyzing and synthesizing primally binomial/bionic/binary structured, organically evolving information trends, visible as dia-statistically reverse-correlational QBit strings of confluent OVER dissonant/irrational information development patterns and temporal rhythms. Again, if so, this would seem to be at least a hypothetically justifiable theory that Polynomial Information is negatively correlated and proportionally/fractally equivalent to Not-Not-Binomial Exformation, assuming, as did Einstein, that we live in a primally 4-dimensional universe, with 3 equivalent spatial-temporal dimensions OVER 1 temporal-linear binomially prime dimension of light (+/-C-squared OVER Prime Relational (0)C-Tao Dipolar Language).

The primal pre-atomically organizing form of +Quarks and (-)(-)double-boundaried QBits may have primal revolutioning, regenerative, equivalent, and coincident-temporal function.

That is, neutronic function, neutral, normative, balancing, ergodic-ionic, appears synergetically binary, and binomial, enthymematically bionically-mutually gravitational/synergetic, because this neutron function is primal expression of prime-rational self-reflective +/(-)(-) Win-Win Game Theory balancing relationship, as Yang+ is to Yin(-) functions.

Fuller expresses this Prime Eulerian Relationship as +-convex information OVER (-)(-) [constancy of “2”] concave geometric function; a fractal 4-dimensionlly dynamic revolving equi-valent, with 3 spatial-linear = C-cubed OVER 1 Prime Temporal Bilinear (= c-squared, the intuited speed of light).

Pi = Prime Dia-Relationship +1/(-)0 Dia-Metric Constant = Yang/Yin DiPolar Balance

= Thermodynamic and Electromagnetic and Mutually Gravitational Balancing Bicameral/DNA-Codex Memory Assumption,

fractally regenerative

with Universally Intelligent RNA optimizing systemic regenerative function.

Accepting, with one huge swallow, all of the above ecological analogy as heuristically “true” = “not-not false”, then +Polynomial information is proportionally equivalent to its appositional temporal-spatial polarity, (-)(-)Binomial String Theory Exformation (Bohm’s dia-implicating order back toward our Black Hole Elder) because this is how our DNA-Codex Memory bicamerally evolving balancing-hemispheres optimally understand both past and future information, explicate, and implicate; Yang, with Yin permaculturing design and evolutionary development.



Man/Sha Legends

Dr. Stew’s Business Recipe

You probably heard Dr. Cook up on his P=np prophetic soapbox the other day, over in the Metaphysics Department. And, we don’t disagree except sometimes I think he does not appreciate the level of decompositional commitment it takes to make messianic manna.

While prophets tell others the positive teleological and ecological Tao string narrative, which truly does want to result in rationally balanced spacetime sustainable outcomes, messiahs are manna. Yes, sometimes also manic, but you have to be a little diastatically amped up to act as compost within our cooperative Commons, when so many have lost their way in producing ever more competition because their lack of self-sufficiency is so vast. Our  messianic vocations unfold within an unbalancing Earth, screeching dissonance to remind us of regenerative living, breathing, writing, story telling, music, movement, therapy, transliteration of paradigms and languages, socioeconomic orthopraxis, multisystemic ecopsychiatry, facilitating natural system development of optimizing synergy, compassionate mindfulness, love, active peace.

Messiahs comprehend interdependent functions that prophets only know as sequential forms. Messiahs mutually mentor while prophets try to teach and preach. Messiahs are nature’s decomposing understory, root system, pursuing polyculturally inclusive compost, development, and design, living vocationally self-expressive dreams to re-occupy Earth’s cooperative Universal Synergetic Intelligence.

If we could just get our numerology straightened around. Everybody knows that 1 times 1 is 2, not 1, just as 2 times 2 is 4, not 2. It takes at least 2 to multiply, both subject and object, both icon and thinker. Multiplication unfolds in spacetime with 1 as the rational square root of 2 and balanced +/(-)(-)0 as the 4-dimensional prime square-fractal root of 1. Doubling the unity of 1, speaking geometrically, is coincidentally comprehending both the convex exterior and the concave interior of numeral units. Taoists understand the convex face of iconic systems as YangForm, and the concave interior face as Yin binomial elliptical function. Euler understood this prime one-dimensional business function as the primal relationship of metric systems. Buckminster Fuller built on this Eulerian foundation, comprehending this as a hypothetical candidate for the prime relationship of universal Intelligence and all of nature’s regenerative systems.

This essential binomiality of 1 also adds ecological and economic layers of teleology to Zeroism, because 2 is to 1, as 1 is to +/-0. This becomes a numeral language for the permacultural Golden Rule: Treat each convex face (supereco-other) as balancing your ego-concave (id-entity) face, or things are going to get really competitive and dissonant and out of alignment, creating all kinds of karmic incarnational issues that we really don’t need right now.

As without, so within. As above, so below. As before, so after.

The physical binomiality of metaphysical unity can remind us that death bookends life just as night bookends day. Every natural system regeneratively gardens through decomposing self/other-absorption. So, why would we expect the unity of human natural life to revolve across time in some negatively deviant and dissonant way?



Active peace inquiry:

1. Here is how I understand what you said.

Does that sound right?

If not, please try again,

I’ll try to focus harder

because I care and hope to understand.


2. If yes, here is what fits

with how I understand myself


our home

our planet.


3. Here is what confuses me

about myself


our home

our planet.


4. I say this in full faith,

in mutual gratitude of namaste,

born of Earth,

to Her we return

for fertile healthy analogies,

therapeutic compost of

re-incarnating ergetic karma.


1.1 Our God of Polynomial Information;

Goddess of Non-Polynomial reversed information

as U is to -C

as +1 is to -0,

magnergetic binomial,

as Incarnated Self is

within Eternal Eco-Moment,

regenerating spacetime nest.


5. OK, who and what is next?

6. Namaste.

7. Here eternally

8. is how I co-prehend you…