The Prophet Speaks

and sexism
and violent capitalism
are as American
and as bad for you
and your kids
as pre-millennial rotten and burned-out apple pie-makers
and their EarthPatriotic kids,
and living
and health loving post-millennial
WinWin co-operators
against LoseLose
and sexism
and violent capitalism
as AntiAmerican
as burning-out
and hanging-out
and banging-out
and harming the health in any way,
of matriotic apple-pie makers.

So said,
rather more than less,
one of the ancient river campers
speaking curbside
before the double-glass front doors
of his Cumberland Farms Cathedral.

In a sad and quiet voice.
Not a position he gloated about
as if he stood morally apart.
he speaks of dis-integrity
of our shared powerless positions
as autonomous systems,
struggling through each impoverishing day
of lost good faith youth
for, now, mere survival
when we could become sooo very much lighter
to rediscover
remaining integrity of our identity systems
for cooperative organic thrival.

my neighborhood prophet
for world peace
was long and lean
with sun-dried and bronzed wrinkled skin
over muscled sinew,
a long-grey bearded
and skeletal nature mystic,
with clear and open stereophonic memorizing eyes.

remembering his times with swimming wet green frogs
and sleek flying flashing ravens,
eagles of EarthPatriotic balance,
both honorable predators
and prey to aging apple pies
regretted and suffered
by long grey-bearded prophetic times
surviving threats and violence of nationalistic racism
and monotheistic sexism
and MightMakesRight capitalism,
WinLose subnormal optimization
of WinWin BothAnd opportunities,
Left integrated in and outside Right-felt memories
of maternal love
far too unmatriotically far behind
for EarthTribe’s cooperative thrival
of these our fit-in
cooperative powerlessness.

So, I asked our neighborhood prophet
if he had mentioned these problems to the Mayor.

“I guess your news for today,
I am the Mayor.”


Patriotism as AntiOtherism

Paul Tillich wrote
“nationalism hates and must always hate Judaism and prophetic Christianity.”

When he spoke of nationalistic patriotism
he was thinking of fascism,
as the logical conclusion
of those more loyal to a specific supremacist space and time
than faithful to our more inclusively holonic creolization history
of a bicamerally regenerative species.

Nationalism too quickly devolves into idolatry of WinLose zero-sum gamesmanship,
elitist triumphalism as narrow-minded Chosen People
rather than WinWin nonzero-sum co-redemptive economists
of mutual messiahship.

Tillich’s ‘prophetic’ Judeo-Christian
would find U.S. nationalistic ‘evangelical’ Christians
unredemptively anti-prophetic;
merely fundamentalist EitherWinOrLose puppets of rabid capitalism
and, in more viral triumphalistic cultish forms,
also explicitly anti-Semitic
and anti-all-other-religions
and anti-historical-cultural evolution of traditional norms and values,
so anti-anything other than missionary position heterosexual expression.

Rabid ‘evangelistic’ Christianity
is anything but co-redemptively prophetic.
A messianic Christian evangelist
spreads WinWin good gospel news
through cooperative teaching and listening
and collaborative mentoring
about how we can grow this regenerative species
toward mutual transubstantiating holiness
which seems to have to do with transliterative enculturation skills
and nothing at all to do with lip service
to an “Our Shit Don’t Stink” triumphalistic creed.

When non-prophetic ‘evangelical’ Christians
examined Donald Trump’s intentions
as U.S. Presidential potential,
and declared his intentions for the patriotic elite as “pure,”
that meant purely capitalist WinLose nationalism;
saying nothing about the prophetic Judaism
of the all-inclusive loving Gospels.
Christians, Jews, and perhaps especially Islamic-terrified,
must comprehend
and resist
and declaim any notion that Republican Nationalist WeWin-SoYouLose ecopolitics
is anything less than anti-Messianic WeWin-OnlyIf YouAlsoWin,
which is co-redemptive,
ecologically healthy,

The democratization of globalizing love
is a huge history of spiritual experience,
communication for regeneration,
regeneration for ecological reconnecting,
again and again and again
Earth’s health with anthrocentric ‘pure’ and ‘loyal’ wealth.

To call the cult of fundamentalist WinLose nationalistic patriotism
“evangelistic Christianity”
is idolatrous elitism
taking out a promising contract against healthy human nature
to hit absolute zero bulls-eye bottom-line
LoseLose absence of syncretic supremacy,
promise to anti-prophetically gloat about absent-mindedly fiddling
while Earth burns;
declaring our vast anti-all-others absence of hope
for continuing climates of regenerative health
in the face of degenerating climate pathologies.

If you are familiar with the Wharton School,
as is Donald Trump
and his considerable too-glutonous billionaire CEO companions,
then you would probably know
you can slap a lipstick index
on a chauvinistic pig
of an elitist Winner-Take-All national economy,
but it will not really look, or work, any better,
and certainly won’t taste any healthier
or purer
or more loyal,
or even tangentially patriotic,
in historic prophetic hindsight.


Saints and Nutritious Prophets

Bodhisattvas turn airflow into flames,
water into Earth
as Jesus turned baptismal waters
into blood red rivers
of warm nutritious wine.

like Messiah prophets and saints,
long for
belong to
the baptismal political economy
of cooperative ecotherapeutic waters,
as yin flows air MidWay notnot pathological
through Yang’s Great Transitional flames
eco-diastatically leaping,
poli-ecosystemic “hungry”
for air’s co-arising health-optimizing
enculturing love

as ReGenerative
balancing-temporal “BeComing” co-waving
evolution of eco-conscious language
as logos
as mythos
as ecologically polyculturating ethos.

When our political voices become too didactic
we listen wiser for more lyrically cooperative outputs
with denser harmonics,
singing and dancing with bicamerally ecoconscious balance
of bilateral polynomial
optimally nutritious for self-perpetuation,
regenerative yang/yin dipolarity of time.

While these singers and dancers
disconcert their way of maintaining (0)-investment PlaceHolder
SpaceTime Unitarian-Integral Occupier,
unfocused polypathic attention to eco-conscious ethics
and norms
and cooperative economic-political evolutionary values,
with nature role-playing economies of cooperation v competition,
co-arising nurturant politically polyculturally dense wealth outcomes,
these are all held in Common Language
as invitations to positive individual freedom development
values whose nutritionally regenerative purpose
merge future Bodhisattva ReGenerators,
composed of past,
and disposed toward future healthy love
of ecoconscious balancing
fractal-dialectical light

where red flame of dawn’s Earth warning
meets red Heavens of long dusk-swept past.


Prophets and Messiahs

The difference between bad-old-boy competitively evolving egg whites
and good-girl revolutionary just-us-yolks
is the difference between prophetic intent
and messianic practice,
said Professor Glory
in her Gospel of Permaculture class,
one Friday morning
while sitting on her
crass desk of Primal Theory.

What could this dipolarity possibly mean,
between prophets of reforming doom and brighter co-redeemers,
for science and a more exegetical philosophy?
she apparently asked rhetorically
as surely no pupil would raise a voice or brow
to expansively respond.

Prophet Kuhn’s Problem of Incommensurability
within scientific revolutions,
as contrasted to normal-science evolutions,
runs logically parallel
to Darwin’s problem
that endosymbiosis appears to conclude
that the genetically rich will always get richer,
whether these be biological genes
or paradigmatic memes,
without explaining a more complex phylogenetic recreativity
and interdependence
resulting in great speciating transitions
and scientific revolutions
across multiple paradigms,
bringing what was individuated
into a new,
more permaculturally explicated,
consciousness of evolving ecto-cooperatively synced.

Culturally synergetic trends
across ectosymbiotic revolutions
of cooperative Win-Win evolutionary diastasis,
or, as we like to say in Permaculture,
“climaxing beloved community”
conjoins complexly interdependent
within ecological systems.

one prophet’s competitively incommensurable endo-evolution
of Business As Usual shouting for reform
could also be a cooperative messiah’s meta-commensurable
permacultural exegesis
rooted in a fractal regenerativity of relativity theory,
as Primal Relationship of Left with Right bicameral consciousness.

Right-meta-intuitive with Left-endo-ego-deductive balance
coarises two nondual
endo with ecto symbiotic environmental views
of culture,
deductively-physical with intuitively-metaphysical function,
con-scientific conscience,
consciousness of supporting prophetic evolutions
promising revolutionary cooperative permacultural design
and development
of familial
and tribal
and all ectosymbiotic
political and eco-logical eco-normics.

Prophets predict scientific revolutions
most exegetically and co-redemptively correct,
as in historically accurate about Great Transitions,
after the fact of swelling intuitive/deductive cultural support.

the co-messianic promise of a new cooperative
metaphysical endo/ectosymbiotic evolutionary paradigm
may resolve more ectosymbiotic imbalances
long before competitive BusinessAsUsual Left-brain dominance
realizes he has already lost interest
in further Win-Lose Evolutionary Prophecies.

Permaculturing seasons
with deductive/inductive developmental reasons
long ago RNA-inclusively proved themselves
to be at least as successful endosymbiotically,
reductively within any one paradigm or species,
as ectosymbiotically,
seasonally/transitionally fractal rhythms of eco-consciousness as Time;
a Win-Win Opera in 4 confluent voices
with Polynomial Uracil singing full Yang Summer of ReGenesis
with Not-Not Polynomial Cytosine’s full Yin-Yin Winter DeComposition
while Adenine-Springs forward Yin to Yang consumption
and Guanine-Falls back Yang toward Yin production,
A with G
and U with C
each bi-elliptically
dipolar-fractal (0)-soul centrally
regeneratively revolving diastasis;
bicamerally functional in-form-ation–
not-not cognitive dissonance theory.

Both Left-endo and Right-ecto symbiosis
are important to bicameral co-messiahs
with scientific-intuitive
information processes,
steering toward pandemic

Quoting my colleague Professor C. Eisenstein,
“Are people happier now,
more fulfilled,
for having films
rather than tribal storytellers,
MP3 players
rather than gatherings around the piano?
Are we happier eating mass-produced food
rather than that from a neighbor’s field
or our own garden?
Are we happier?
Has any new need been met?”

Intending this quote rhetorically
concluded with a question,
Professor Glory smiled with pleasure
at the smallest person voice
far in back of her great assembly hall,
“Our new permacultural need
on behalf of all EarthTribe species
is cooperative networking capacity
which might revolve recapacity
to gather around a piano
to become each other’s song
sung in exquisite harmonic octaves,
with four equally balanced voices
co-messianically blending East with prophetic West
and exegetically back again,
reiterating karmic grace.”

Well sung.
Co-arising revolution is to exegetical regenesis
as prophetic evolution is to eisegetical phylogenesis.


Note: Charles Eisenstein quote, p. 81, Sacred Economics, 2011, Evolver. Small voice in the back, Uracil-Unanimous QBit.



Redeeming Time’s Investment

He took his morning seat
to hear the Sage’s sonnet,
“On Punishment”:

“The people are not afraid of death;
Why threaten them with death?
Supposing that the people are afraid of death,
and we can seize and kill the unruly,
Who would dare to do so?
Often it happens that the executioner is killed.
and to take the place of the executioner
Is like handling the hatchet for the master carpenter.
He who handles the hatchet for the master carpenter
Seldom escapes injury to his hands.”
(“The Wisdom of Laotse”, Lin Yutang (ed.), 1948, Modern Library, p. 300)

He drifted off and on and in and out
as gathering dusk redreamed:
Enlightening people are not afraid of losing time;
Why threaten them with loss?
Supposing they learn fear of untimely death,
And would seize and kill unruly incarnations,
Who would be wise enough to do so?

Often it happens that prophets are killed
to take the place of omniscient justice.
Redemption of another’s investment
is like handling the wu-wei hatchet for the master carpenter,
He who handles the master carpenter’s trimming points
pruning just discernment and balancing design
Seldom escapes injury to crucified hands.

Jesus was a master carpenter?
Teaching wu-wei design
and fishermanic skills
in a school of fishy men.
His self-optimizing teaching was redemptively mentored,
as is ours,
graduating from dominating executioners of time’s incarnate investments,
to commence mutual-mentoring global cooperative design.

We take each morning’s messianic seat
to invest our wise redemption.


SuperEcoTeleologic Humor

Our most entertaining wise prophets,

our saints and messianic geniuses

are those who mentor us about what not to do

to sustain abundant life,

what could not possibly truthfully communicate,

what could not become orthodox faith again,

how not to become,

how not to cooperatively come together,

how not to commodify one’s life and relationships to other people,

and other natures,

and why.


Polypathic saints without a globally embracing sense of humor

about what we should not be doing and being,

yet continue becoming despite our organic orthopraxis

and permacultured plans,

are either hypocrites,



or all of the above.


Under our shared Sun,

on our shared Earth,

nothing grows more grace-filled,

or karmically appropriate,

or mindfully compassionate,

more content,

more enlightened and wise,

than optimally sustaining a kind

and mutually grateful sense of humor

about our interdependent selves,


futures and pasts,

our messy shared-Earth home,

a paradise of stand up together comedic opera,

and mutual applause,

however silently smirked

through soft-eyed gold horizon stares.


When Bears and Pigs Fly

Fear and violence and guilty judgment

display synaptically sharp,

competing “Loser!” skittish economies.

Love and active peace sustain buoyance,


robustly revolving away

from red skies of mourning;

cooperatively mutual Win-Win

ecology of evolution.


You want so badly to fly your competing belief kites,

and faith,

for your string to remain confidently taut,

vibrantly humming and singing your self-righteousness,

intrinsic value and merit,

for your eisegesis to transcend up and out

catching our multi-cultural wind,

decomposing old ways of competing

as we bow to your better judgment,

declaring your Orthodox wisdom kite

the Winner!



your kite won’t fly this way,

or hasn’t after all these frustrating

lean growing years of learning your faith

in competing paradigms,

where one must be more right,

the best kite,

but really not just the best,

because you would love to obliterate

all inkiting competition.

Your self-righteous judgment

reads and studies why you must be elite

to lead us losers behind.


Meanwhile, some of us are relearning,



reweaving kites flying best together

like wedges of geese

balanced and resiliently squawking

our glad tidings,

“It’s warmer south,

and colder north,

and vice versa,

depending on which habitual hemisphere

you dominantly favor.”


Together we catch post-millennial wind

to soar our joyously cooperating kites,

a Golden self-regenerative economy of inclusive grace.


If your eisegetical kite won’t fly right,

if your EarthTribe can’t hear or understand

or care about what you have to proclaim,

listen deeper

to find how high

your kite might float

in richer racing flowstreams,

as positive deviant diversity

among mutually mentoring companions,

quacking our coincidental ecologic.


We find each Other’s incarnated contours,



merging one breath,

two resonant heartbeat kites,

then three….


Then rise to fly apart.


Floating back,


sustain mutual listening,

sync-rhythmic vibrant revolution

spiraling up and away,

soaring eastern harmonies,

dancing inkited breeze.


Left-Right well-bowed bicameral sparring confluence

balancing peace

toward mutual gratitude,

centering mindfulness soaring regeneratively up

reducing tipping-tail dissonance and stress,

waving down to smile this namaste.


Leaning left proposes inspiration,

flexing right disposes expiration,

together swelling prime (0) spinal soul,

our permacultural kite-fly system

fractally equivalent encoding,

air-born swimming,

interdependent open systemic balance,

which was our Original Intent,

to reach up toward bicameral balancing flight,

as Left breathes in

Right breathes back out as gift to Earth,

with positively positioning

evolutionary gratitude.


Breathing out what you breathe in,

breathing in what you breath out,

inspiring information,

expiring exformation,

my Yang inhale our Yin exhale,

my Yin exhale our Yang inhale,

balancing (0)-sum ecologic stress,

flying our long-taled nest.