QuintEssential PlaceHolders

Ch’ang as “Constant”
natural law of growth and decay
yanging and yinning,
logically necessary alternation of opposites
universally permacultural law: exterior nature as inner conscience communicant
Interior Landscape of eco-Ch’ang ego’s Exterior Landscape operatives
eco-self as “true nature”
exegetical identity of co-passioned operation
natural 0-dimensional Core identity “soul” functioning bicamerally
expressed as Exterior natural landscape–Left (ego) deductive convex
WITH Interior natural landscape–Right (eco) intuitive concaving implied,
predicated, predicting, Fuller’s precessive
ordaining ordination,
TwoTime Being quintessential and mutual Placeholders
for One holy-fractal Universe.

Placeholders: SpaceTime Quintessentials:
death: life
winter: summer
Uracil: Guanine
Zero: Fractal
0: 3
1: 4
fractal: octave
0-dimension: 3-dimension
time: space
light: place
transparency: full spectrum octave
Tao: Yang/Yin-squared
Hydrogen: atomic 120
aptic: synaptic
enthymematic: reiterative
monomial: polynomial
monoculture: polyculture
boundary: unity
dissonance: confluence
chaos: integrity
intent: habit
humor: gravitas
tipping point: closing curtain
cell: organism
set: universe
icon: culture
communication string: community
subject: objectives
meme: transactional network
QBit: Reverse Hierarchical Win-Win Climax
Double-Dark “C”: Enlightening Bionically Regenerative “L”
Not-Not Monomial: Positive Polynomial Bilateral Co-Relationship

primal placeholders
concaving within this fractal
spacetime dimensional Earth-Universal Con-Science.

Ordained ordination
as co-redemptive coordination
as co-operative ecological eco-normics.

Ordained by Host embryos:
Time, progenitor of trinitarian dimensioned space,
RNA, progenitor of DNA bicameral places
forms with hopeful polycultural economic functions,
communication strings of permacultural memory
forming futures,
decomposing past regenerations.


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