Cooperative Capital Investment

If you want to not only defend and secure your mental health and happiness,
but also optimize their positive capital flow-power;

If you can find sufficient motivation for one change,
and only one nature/spirit change,
then continue to assume your Right hand dominant mind
is might makes capital-invested ego-happiness right,
work on equivalently presuming Left hand Yintegral sacred ecosystemic mind
is also right flows eco-healthy co-mentoring opportunities
for growing cooperatively incarnating abundance of healthy(R)happy-wealth(L).

These two, appositionally united,
rather than merely dissonant, chaotic, mis-communicating
between LeftBrain ego-dominant economic survivalism
and RightBrain eco-recessive politically organic regenerative health,
recreate embryonically-nurtured ego-force of eco-flow,
Yang/Yin ego-form of Earth-ecological-function,
mindbody forms with ecopolitically strong healthy functions,
LeftEgo/Right-DNA/RNA Solidarity
balancing biosystems
of past and for future timelessly self/other optimizing cooperative

On the other hand,
if conserving and defending your own regenerative health abundance
is of no interest,
then, never mind.
Keep on with the LeftBrain Business as Competitively Usual.
Just know that you are irrationally choosing to continue playing your economics and politics and mental health
using a pre-millennial WinLose misunderstood model of evolution
when you have available
a post-millennial WinWin ego/ecoconscious model
for continuing to defend and secure polypathic revolutions.

No pressure.
Your decision.
But you will never feel you have honestly,
with total investment integrity, decided one way or the other
until you choose WinLeftEgo/WinRight EcoPolitical CoOperative-Flow Balance.


We Reincarnate What We Digest

Eugenics is about monoculturing supremacist delusions
of and for AnthroCentric Perfection.
Eumemics is about multiculturing nutritional inclusions
of and for Matriarchal-Iconic EarthTribe’s nature-spirit Yintegration.

If we wish to begin facilitating regenerative evolution
and discouraging degenerative terrorists and fundamentalists,
it helps to keep in mind:
Just as contesting the spread of new ideas is the majority of our more conflicted history,
so too, cooperating with the matriarchal spread of nurturing ideas
is in large part what domestic ecopolitical enculturation has been about;
not the stuff of War
so much as the non-stuff of nurturing cooperative domestic Peace.

Ecologically historical phylogeny
follows co-arising humane patriarchal-matriarchal maturation
through ultra-violet
GoldenAge Transmillennialism,
where regeneration/degenerative tensegrity
is to climate health phylogeny
of Convex-Yang
as multicultural/monocultural balance
graces landscape issue development
of Concave-Yin.

Eumemic design of healthy phylogenic development
is another term for incarnational design,
which is another term for permacultural design.
While the Greeks thought Anthros were good imitations of Gods and Goddesses,
PostMillennial ReGenerators both-and add incarnation
to premillennial imitation of sacred Yintegral health-flow.
Eumemics is not only about imitating nature’s regenerative health,
but also about becoming atoned and co-redemptive incarnations
of Earth’s bodhisattva wealth of nutritional values;
imitation of nature deductive LeftBrain
confluent with Yintegral incarnation of sacred inductive flow, RightBrain.

Genetic learning incarnates Negative and/or Positive memetic multicultural meaning
on behalf of furthering (0)-sum health-wealth values,
norms confluent with Positive equals double-bind appositional equivalency
of double-negative “not-not” mutual-immunity.

When cognitive-affective dissonance
disguises interdependent health/pathology,
cooperative/competitive nondual co-arising realities,
eumemic intent to be helpful,
to make consistently good and healthy choices
throughout all our economic and political relationships,
is at risk of WinLose entropic outcomes
rather than WinWin harmonically maturing Yintegral regenerative increase.

Kind of like
Why jump to the conclusion of imitating past War patterns and cries
when yet remains this cooperative possibility of incarnating more active love?

Growing up our positive eumemic phylogenic potential,
is LeftBrain learning to give preferential options
to hunting and gathering the more multiculturally resonant conversation,
as this is our avenue toward stronger matriarchal-patriarchal harmonic balance
toward more polypathic regenerativity
and away from further degenerative ego-anthro +1-Left,
rather than notnot Earth’s DNA/RNA ElderRight (0)-Centrism.

+1 LeftYang dominant imbalance of Positively Megalomaniacal Psychology
creates bipolar recessive Negative Psychology of WinLose double-binds,
cognitive either/or notnot 1 ego-dissonance,
chronic depression,
Anger/Fear Management Therapy Technologies,
conspiracy terrors and supremacy terrorists;
regenerative complexity of co-empathic ecopolitical trust
but also monoculturally degenerating dissonant chaos of mutual immunity,
active distrust.

In the choice and development of religious and/or spiritual beliefs,
we are looking for regeneratively complex faith systems,
which are moving in a multiculturally enriching-refining direction
of increasing syncretic harmony,
and we are avoiding more monoculturally patriarchal,
fundamentalist self-and-other condemning of human eumemic health,
as already well within our collective transmillennial fold
of Earth’s nature-spirit
ecosystemic balance of polypathically health-inclusive eco-consciousness.

When choosing our postmillennial economic and political leadership candidates,
we look for the more Earth-regenerative multiculturing platform,
the more inclusively cooperative economic policies,
and not the old school WinLose Business of Negative Eugenics.

When you choose your obituary script,
do you think it will read better
due to mutually respectful ego-limitation choices
and due to feeding yourself and others
matriarchal time’s nurturing wealth-abundant co-investments?

So why not focus on your vast fun potential
for nurturing eumemic nutritional eco-wealthy richness
which will leave you no down-time for the eugenic hubris
of ego-inflation?


Holistic Arts and Sciences

Memetic Arts and Sciences
are fractal-octave nutrition rooted
in integrative sensory-neural nurturing enculturations
of enthymematic embryonic communication trust climates
regenerative of health-logos of Positive Psychology,
rather than problems with anger and fear and collective paranoia,
and ecotherapeutic politics
as inherently ecological slow-multicultural-growth empowerment,
balancing health v pathology
of cognitive-affective

Memetically octave-holistic arts and medicines
are also reweaving (0) zen-taoist cooperative ecopolitical optimization
toward climate health,
and away from further LeftYangBrain dominant climate pathology.

Holons produce 4D prime-equivalent fractals
of sensory resonant WinWin healthy-evolution prime-time
within organic ecosystemic
Interdependent-opportunity/Empty-risk events,
as invisible to LeftBrain intelligence
as the sea is to a healthy well-fed grace-filled fish.


Fuller’s Ecological Memory Bank

I remember my mindbody would tense
then relax into confusion
while non-consiliently reading Bucky Fuller’s “Synergetics 2.”

I also remember,
and too often reweave,
Fuller’s stream of thought ecoconsciousness
as I read Beck and Cowan on the well-timed subject
of improving/transitioning temporal climates,
cultural memes with both healthy and pathological faces.

I began adding to ‘meme’
other words that felt familiar
like time and Tao and climates
balancing both interdependent integrative left brain
and right brain nondual co-arising empty-notnot zen sets and organic networks
of seasonally nutritious rich resonant time.
Tao became time became rememory climates reweaving each time Beck and Cowan used this (0)-soul placeholder noun/verb
in our octave-evolving theory of Earth’s anthro-history.

Fuller spoke not of memes but memory banks of speciating
cooperatively intelligent time.

“Children conduct their spontaneous explorations
and experiments
with naive perceptivity.
They have an innate urge
first subjectively
to sort out,
find order in,
integratively comprehend,
and synergetically memory-bank their experience harvests
as intertransformability system sets
[transubstantiating nutritional-digestive

they eagerly seek to demonstrate and redemonstrate
these [cause-effect robust interdependent-organic-ecological] sets
as manifest of their comprehension and mastery
of the synergetic realizability of the [Earth’s] system’s
[nurturing] physical principles.
Consequently children [of any species] are the only rigorously pure physical
[ecological v toxological] scientists.
They accept only sensorially apprehensible,
experimentally redemonstrable physical
[health v negatively deviant] evidence
[of feelings with their belief systems about our feeling-belief exegesis].”

This brings a much more pronoiac [less paranoid pathology] climate
to the perennial wisdom that we must each be reborn again as children.
In other words,
especially our political and economic leaders,
but no parent of any species is exempt,
we are born to be for health and against toxicity,
for becoming more ecopolitically cooperative
as multiculturally polypathic memory banks of ecological wisdom.

It is not nice to fool with Mother Nature.

A bird now
is worth the two that you future see
with the one you shadow remember
shyly waiting in that bushy ecoconscious memory.

We want ourselves
but also our economic and political leaders,
all creatures with diverse resources and powers
to influence, with our active cooperation,
our internal and external climates,
to remember, notice, focus
where our personal and our public health meet,
co-arise nondually for WinWin ecopolitics.

Those who have become too enamored
with our overly-Yanged competitive reaction to Earth’s natural limitations,
it is past time to turn around,
visit with healthier alternative directions,
more cooperatively rooted in nutritional sensory outcomes
for health,
and truly prosperous abundance
of regenerative WinWin wealth.

Those who are more enamored of RightBrain arts and crafts,
with a tendency to remain linguistically stuck talking about Turquoise jewelry and wise wealth,
that’s all find and good
beautiful and true,
but we will never overcome LeftBrain dominance
without learning to play more nutritionally-strategically
on behalf of ecopolitical LeftRight bicameral cooperation.
LeftBrain can understand and appreciate the inclusive multicultural difference
between WinLose evolutionary assumptions
and WinWin synergetic revolutionary evidence of enculturing history,
to date.

Turquoise spiralist revolutionaries
can use our polypathic Left Brains to laterally deduce and declare
ultra-violet thru red with blue Right Brain created nematic nurturing feelings
of (0)-centric co-gravities
within fractal climate regenerative seasons,
organic structures revolving Earth’s Time,
etching exegetical DNA/RNA 4D Prime Relational SpaceTime thermodynamic balance
across dipolar co-arising hearted bilateral bodies
with enspirited bicameral minds.

I notice my mindbody spiraling cooperative revolutions
while rereading memes as bicameral memories
banking then networking Fuller’s Timeless Synergetics 2 ecopolitics.


Maps and Organic SpaceTime Territories

Positive mental map messages
contain no more or less effective information
than appositional negatives notnot.
Both language map
and spacetime’s notnot body referents
ecosystems of organic binomial life
loving and leaving days and time and lives
changing our collective DNA map
as mind experiences and dreams and imagines
our better richer sacred liturgy
fending off worse notnot quite balanced resonant rituals
unfolding Earth’s regeneration story.

Organic messengers passed down through all of Noah’s Ark
flowing in and through our ocean rivers
of fertile blood and brains,
with ionic balancing neural root systems
reweaving everything as also notnot anything,
every organic being,
every place on and in this referent Earth
ours to love as re-dis-cover.


Metaphysics of Poetry

All language evokes poetry
to those with ears to hear it.
And yet,
All stinky farts are blare of trumpet
to those without noses to smell it.

Nouns are verbs waiting to sound dynamic
to those with ears to love them,
nouning, prenouning, verbing, renouning
contentment or contentiousness
between these known and reknown labels,
metaphysical evolution of poetic language.

Verbs are fractile,
mutually holon-icalling,
four temporal dimensional unfolding,
to those with bicameral minds to watch them

Fold, such as “light”
UnFold, such as “not lighting”
PreFold, such as “en-lightening”
ReFold, such as universal enlightening diastatic reiteration,
or not so much,
as compared to “Light”, back in former moment
of MetaLanguage eco-systemic temporal memory.

Verbs are fractile-holonic
just as ecological paths
follow Earth’s economic goals
to eco-politically plan
a ReCycling P=N(NP) EcoPolynomial
InForMating BiCameral Processing and Storage
CoOperator InfraStructure,
QByte octave/di-fractal-polar= (0)-interest soul,
where “interest” is integrative, inductive +/(-,-),
Win-Win binary gaming systemic,
to and for those who have mindbodies
investing perhaps too much competitive v. cooperative
RealTime flow on-line

Probably writing poetry,
or humor
or speaking with ecotherapeutic intent,
for both our Interior Landscapes,
and/or our RealTime Exterior Special Case Natural Landscapes,
sometimes including frequencies and functions
of organically synergetic/dissonant families,
upstairs/downstairs going through their day
with/without you.

All hope is eisegetical faith,
corroborated only by those who exegetically LOVE!
to share
our contented,
peacefully rational,
polynomially eco-logical
in-formation as bicamerally (-,-) temporal-lobe exformating
balanced octave prime relationship functional
with double-fractal harmonic
regenerative systemic
PermaCultural (0)-soul Memory.

All poetry evokes language
to those with eyes to see it revolving
eco-logically reiterative cycles
of internal seasons with external reasons
as external seasons with internal reasons,
bicameral metaphysics of language
and rationality
as poetically informating evolution.

And yet,
there are those stinky farts to reconsider…


QuintEssential PlaceHolders

Ch’ang as “Constant”
natural law of growth and decay
yanging and yinning,
logically necessary alternation of opposites
universally permacultural law: exterior nature as inner conscience communicant
Interior Landscape of eco-Ch’ang ego’s Exterior Landscape operatives
eco-self as “true nature”
exegetical identity of co-passioned operation
natural 0-dimensional Core identity “soul” functioning bicamerally
expressed as Exterior natural landscape–Left (ego) deductive convex
WITH Interior natural landscape–Right (eco) intuitive concaving implied,
predicated, predicting, Fuller’s precessive
ordaining ordination,
TwoTime Being quintessential and mutual Placeholders
for One holy-fractal Universe.

Placeholders: SpaceTime Quintessentials:
death: life
winter: summer
Uracil: Guanine
Zero: Fractal
0: 3
1: 4
fractal: octave
0-dimension: 3-dimension
time: space
light: place
transparency: full spectrum octave
Tao: Yang/Yin-squared
Hydrogen: atomic 120
aptic: synaptic
enthymematic: reiterative
monomial: polynomial
monoculture: polyculture
boundary: unity
dissonance: confluence
chaos: integrity
intent: habit
humor: gravitas
tipping point: closing curtain
cell: organism
set: universe
icon: culture
communication string: community
subject: objectives
meme: transactional network
QBit: Reverse Hierarchical Win-Win Climax
Double-Dark “C”: Enlightening Bionically Regenerative “L”
Not-Not Monomial: Positive Polynomial Bilateral Co-Relationship

primal placeholders
concaving within this fractal
spacetime dimensional Earth-Universal Con-Science.

Ordained ordination
as co-redemptive coordination
as co-operative ecological eco-normics.

Ordained by Host embryos:
Time, progenitor of trinitarian dimensioned space,
RNA, progenitor of DNA bicameral places
forms with hopeful polycultural economic functions,
communication strings of permacultural memory
forming futures,
decomposing past regenerations.