TransRacial Family Wonderings

I wonder what makes you tick.

That quick shadow of a lopsided smile.
When you slap the wall as you step by.
Are these tics
that make you tick somehow?

I know what ticks you off.
Disrespecting your sacred right to become you.
Yet I doubt a Mercedes convertible
would actually respect your healthiest you.

I know what ticks me off about you.
Your relentless denial of anger
and fear
and sadness.
Your unwillingness to forgive yourself
for incarnating merely mortal human nature.

But, what about your unwillingness to forgive our human race
toward racism?
With you born into enslaved heritage,
a long supply of victim roles,
every time anyone sees you,
frames you,
labels you,
historical entrapment of bodies,
by other human mindbodies
contextualizing cultural enslavement of victim-minds,
tics of anger and fear
deep politicized and economized
into creases of dark v. light exterior display.

Does this also tick me off about you?
Do I reasonably expect you,
or anyone,
to forgive an entire species of life
for an oppressive monoculturally supremacist history
of human racial enculturation?

I know what ticks you off about me,
My willingness to forgive myself
for my anthro-dominant tics,
habits of language and culture,
disformation of EarthTribal love
and healthy multicultural commitment,
economic solidarity of politically cooperative mutuality.

to forgive myself of anthro-dominant blindness
seems nondually inseparable
from forgiving us for the absurdity and hypocrisy of racism
and its anti-ecological conclusion of enslaving politically struggling life
by claiming economic ownership of Earth’s Natural/Spiritual Commons.

Ticking on,
rather than ticking off,
reconnects human nature within all EarthTribe RNA/DNA nature.
Distinctions of exterior mindbody polymorphic landscapes
retain polycultural healthfulness,
while our more universally monocultural interior DNA landscapes
of interdependent WinWin ReGeneration Stories
seem to unfold more importantly
more sanely
more rationally
more beautifully and truthfully,
about Golden Rule Solidarity
with political and economic power
to regenerate climatic racing health
with all EarthTribe’s uniting revolution.

What tics me off about me
is failure of multicultural curiosity,
absence of sufficient love
to optimize each relationship and each transaction’s cooperative opportunity
to resonate more deeply,
more ecologically,
more co-arising tribally,
co-habitors of Sun-fueled Earth’s richly diverse,
and much-beloved, community of health,
profoundly mutual regenerative enculturation,
deep listening mutuality of trust-growing education,
Earth-functional in formation,
like evolution of heated organic composting networks
feeding time’s further love revolution.

All that said,
what I know too less about
is what ticks you on.
Probably the about face
of hypocrisy
and ignorance
and greed
and terror
and anthro-centrist racism
that tick you off.

Shadows of lopsided sad smiles.
Slapping walls as we push through.




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