Sacred Discourse

The OldSchool patriarchal Pentateuch
precedes the polycultural HolyNew Paraclete.

This Pentateuch
begins with the beginning
of theo-TribalEgo cultural correlations;
Genesis begets Exodus,
the ChosenTribe’s emigration
into sacred Promised Land

Of special transparency
and divine vulnerability
for a religious Priesthood
found in Leviticus.

Levite Priests
Jesus recognized
and dismembered as Pharisees
and Sadducees,
their scribes
and self-delighted accountants

Tediously enumerating
the fourth Book of Numbers

The fifth and PentUp final exodus
prefacing a new climate
and polyculture of regenesis,
predicted throughout the Old Testament
pre-framing the New Testament
begins much later with Matthew
and John’s preamble
of the sacred DeuteroDiscourse Word

These four
internally speaking in three dimensional quantities of Power
pulled transcendently together
by bilateral qualities of time’s timeless Light.

backing up into the exodus
of the DiscursiveDeutero Pentateuch,
this fifth Book
redundantly discourses

What is our deliberative duty
to a Straight White Patriarchal YHWH?

Was Jesus right
to give priority to discourses
of EarthDaddy’s liberal love
foretelling a future PolyCultural Communion,
Win/Win Paradise?
Land of OatMilk
and Green Cooperative produced
organic Honey?

Or are we too
a stiff necked
win/lose debating
zero-sum devolutionary
supremacist People?

Do we doubt,
continue to debate,
Jesus’ personal spiritual experience
of sacred EarthNature?

Do we continue with Old Deuteronomy
of FortressEarth
effacing and denying Global Climate Pathology?

Do we continue
conserving Patriarchal Capital Elitism?

Do we further thicken
straight White fortresses
for the highest privileged Levites
and best war-mongering Accountants?

Greedy to sell more weapons for conserving hate
on the front porch of YHWH’s Earth Paradise Temple,
rather than deliberately inviting
nonviolent communication tools
of liberating perennial climate love?

Do we choose hurting
and win/lose zero-sum punishing,
or healing
and win/win
of cooperative discourse?

Do we choose
possible straight white species survival
or probable Whole
gospel of good health thrival?


Family Memory Daze

My family
remembered now
and in our projected
integral future,
in this eco-political body
of spirited
natural Earth,

and dying,
and degenerating,
and diseasing,
and pathological,
good humored
and bad hearted,

Unconsciously contemplating,
cooperative memorable days
and deep matriotic nights.


WeToo Bucket Lists

My list of domestic chores
I no longer wish to know and do
grows longer with each advancing year.

And, because I live with no one
capable and willing to work with me,
side by side,
or even in alternating shifts
and loads
and harvests
and plantings,
it is difficult to grow experientially sure
my motivation has faded entirely,
whether with at least one Other,
or by myself
with only nonhuman fully-abled natures
for song and dance accompaniment.

But, what of my non-domestic bucket list?
That larger stage of ecofeminist transformation,
ecovillage healthy wealth invitation,
sanctuary, green and/or multi-colored celebration
for compassionately resilient
and nutritional communication,
active hope,
sacred trust vocation
and of
and within Earth’s warmly integral home
and Great Transitional hearted heart potential.

No bucket I could imagine
would fill all these polypathic double-binding destinations
becoming wealthy here
and trans-regenerationally healthy throughout time
communioned here as now
to my remembering mind

And further fortune future-hunting heart
fulfilling our whole EarthBucket
with passion’s perpetually young
embodied co-investments
transcending past wealth
through immanent
imminent future inclusive health.


The Positive Energy TeaBag

Impression is for now.
Trust is for the future.

ego-compressing precession,
is for breathing out ego-now and eco-here listening;
compassionate co-arising recession,
is for breathing in the future.

of a Yogi Positive Energy tea-bag
as read,
and preferably incarnated,
by Jonathon Wilcox,
breathing in impressions
breathing out democratic building trust.


What Time Can Heal

What does consciousness do?
Integrates here and disintegrates now
space as in/exforming time,
ego as constrained eco-logical DNA enraptured
mutual health relationships.

What does time do?
Perceptions bilaterally integrate
our grateful identity
with our multicultural futures
and disintegrates our fear and anger
mistrusting monocultural detouring pasts
And forgives offenses against restoring health
And pardons lost opportunities for healing futures
And spaciates two-dimensional historic pathways
Stories imaged into three-dimensional polypathic healing opportunities
for experiential RealTime Revolutions.

What does RealTime EarthTribe global space do?
Revolves restorations of seasonal climate health
and some pathology,
Evolves gratitude for healing cooperatives,
more than stressful competitives,
daily spacetime HereNow
4D RealTime
healing within bilateral polypathic integrity
EcoTheoLogical potential grace
of healthy wealth.


Uniting Republics of Domesticity

It took us too long,
but eventually
we noticed Republican women
and Democrats both women and men
often preferred to spend about twice as much on domestic education
and defensively proactive mutual health care assurance
as compared to international defensive co-investment,
too often reduced to the militaristic over-industrialized budget.

And, of that international relations budget,
about two-thirds for growing cultures of healthy peace warriors
and maybe up to one-third on policing criminal offense
with cooperative co-investment intent.

the domestic and educational security matriarchs
formed cooperative ecopolitical networks
for governing inside these fifty States,
while the more WinWin patriarchs
tried to mutually dominate
a more Left-Right Brain and Mind and Incarnate Body
of harmonic global co-investment networks.

Both internal and external cooperatives
rooted in Lovelock and Margulis double-binding
chemistry as also synergetic microbiology
producing Gaia Hypotheses of CoRevolution,
flowering in Golden Rules Revised:

Do not not ecopolitically flex and do
as you would have your great grandchildren remember like you,
with kindness,
grace of awesome love,
continued abundant co-investment
in regenerational strings of polypathic mutual promise,
positively imagined in our retrospective matriarchal-patriarchal future,
multicultures of health-balancing wealth.


A Few Years Back and Flowing Forth

A few years back,
in the prior millennium,
1993 to be more precise
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
born without a stage name
had his book entitled “The Evolving Self” published,
by which he meant The ReGeneratively Nutritious Flowing Self,
but he was probably shy of too-long, user-unfriendly, titles,
so we have this more evolutionary psychology
which is also about economic and politically cooperative investment
as recommended by mental health professionals,
not that they necessarily are all that ecopolitically correct themselves
when it comes to public health priorities,
but health science trends have been favoring ecologically helpful,
rather than condemning to starvation and thirst and chemical poisoning, medicine
for challenged landscapes and climates for awhile now.
Couldn’t say exactly,
but, you know,
a few years back.

So University of Chicago Psychologist Dr. Csikszentmihalyi,
as, presumably, many other health advocates,
worrying about all Earth’s many pathologies,
ended the prior millennium’s story of self-evolution,
self-and-other redemption,
with some questions
here posed to CEO of Earth’s ReGenerative Times,
a richly-hued and deeply nutritious paper
too often ignored by her health professional acolytes.

Csikszentmihalyi: What are your thoughts,
your nutritionally evolving trends,
toward forging a ReGenerative Futures Fellowship?

CEO: My health and nutrition trends are your thoughts
toward our co-operative future.

Csikszentmihalyi: What kind of information about your ecopolitical environment
would be most useful for you to have first?
How could you get it?

CEO: I was born through histories of DNA nutritional information
about what feeds and what poisons our ecopolitical environment.

Cooperative power could better optimize
with stronger Left/ElderRight ecobalance,
so either/or deductive thinking
could also incorporate both/and polypathing ambivalent feelings,
so LeftBrain’s self-deluding fascination with reified oppositionals
could become re-embedded
within ecological history’s nondual co-arising appositionals.

So, first information regarding regenerative light as nutrition we already have.
We could better comprehend this syncretic information
with a massive enculturation of bicamerally balancing ecopolitical landscapes
and subclimates.

Csikszentmihalyi: At present, what are the major obstacles that prevent regenerative health from developing in your community?

CEO: Right hand up,
swearing on a Bible,
to patriotic God
to never tell a decompositional lie,
my biggest pathology is too much LeftBrain dominance
not only in my day to day ecopolitical choices
and value-judgments
and priorities for helpful organic co-operative therapies
but also through our AnthroElder language-listening skill development
of and for nature/spirit dynamic creative redemption stories.
Our self-optimizing future fellowship potential
told through folk-tales deeply influenced by, and enhancing, cocktails,
or, even better, more organically-centering substances.

Czikszentmihalyi: Are the problems mainly economic, political, or moral?

CEO: Yes.
Those three together,
rather than holding them less fruitfully apart.

Czikszentmihalyi: Do they involve lack of vision or creativity?

CEO: Absence of recreative vision
is imagination uninformed by evolutionary sciences,
bereft of Left-historic power greets Right-Her nutritional enculturation
as EarthTribe’s economic story of equivalent investment.
LeftBrain is historically-experientially orthodox,
and thereby longs for RightBrain’s more fertile,
eisegetically empathic,
nutritional feelings about ecopolitical health v pathology.

Czikszentmihalyi: Have you ever been involved in grass-roots action? If so,
what did it accomplish?

CEO: To date,
we continue unfolding embryonically cooperative,
organically-fractal (0)-sum ecopolitically fertile DNA
as what you might think of as ‘grass-roots.’
Then again,
you may be thinking of DNA’s
wider RNA extended families with grass-root systems.

What you see
is what you get
regarding what we have accomplished
for cooperative struggling with
v. too competitively struggling against
Earth’s Originally Intended grass-roots nutritional ecopolitical actions
and reactions,
and networks of multicultural health
in tension with monocultural pathologies.
ReGenerative Times doesn’t need more freedom to say whatever condemning slanderous story we might think of,
and we do need more freedom from
LeftBrain’s monoculturing supremacist
egocentric pathologies,
which are,
by definition,
not ecopolitically correct balanced nutrition
for either public or private health concerns,
including issues about not enough cooperative economic health.

Czikszentmihalyi: Are you comfortable with the idea
that the shape of the future
depends on how you invest your psychic energy now?

CEO: Well, the Taoist word for comfortable is contentment,
which the Buddhists, and maybe even Abraham et. al.,
seem to define as absence of suffering,
resonantly co-redemptive health rather than dissonant pathology.

Contentment is our psychically positive-balanced
ecopolitically cooperative powers-with and through co-empathic trust.
So trust in what is healthy, and good nutrition, and safe and secure,
and warmly ecotherapeutic
for future regenerators of Earth’s landscapes and climates
would seem to be our ReGenerative Times way to
truth with beauty invest.

Czikszentmihalyi: What consequences do you draw from this fact?

CEO: To optimize our regenerative health,
we look for absence of cognitive-affective dissonance
born in WinLose assumptions
that ecopolitics and ecologic are not always positively played WinWin,
through mutually held co-empathic trust
absorbing past mistrusting anti-polypathologies.

If I may summarize,
economic landscapes of cooperative nutrition
recreate climates of health-producing Earth Rights politics,
appositionally co-arising greater awareness
of Earth-Devolving Wrongs
as politically and economically incorrect,
sacrificing abundant health.


Excerpts from Synergetic Symposia

I recall one of those rare college visits with Uncle Ollie. Actually, as I recall, I had just finished my undergraduate years in Vermont, and was on my way south and west on an internship pilgrimage, to see what and whom might feel right for me.

We had been discussing political science as analogically equivalent with permaculture design. He thought the only substantial difference between what each had promise of becoming was whether we were discussing network relationships between DNA-biosystems only, or interrelationships of DNA with Elder RNA.

We pause, drawn into our silence together. Then he asks me how I see him. “Who am I to you?”

I can’t think how to respond, other than as Uncle Ollie. He doesn’t seem to fit into any category that comes to mind. I can see Mummins, which was a term that began together behind her back, but then came out of its closet, usually to her amused, more playful, response. I could see Mummins in Uncle Ollie, but something more ambivalent too, defying my capacity to label.

In my silence he offered, “I see myself as an intelligent old man-woman who is curious, but also timid, about death as the absence of egocentric memory and identity.”

“I see an old man doing his best to invest his remaining healthy time in Earth’s remaining healthy time. Urging co-investment in our EarthTribe’s remaining healthy time. So, yes, I try for expanding my compassion into ecologically, politically, economically cooperative healthy development, Exterior community landscape Plan A, meeting and greeting and doing my best Plan B Interior personal landscape, until Plan B becomes nothing more or less than a mirror of Plan A.”

“Other than the old man part. I see you this same way, doing your best to adapt your relationships (political) and your transactions (economic) to your ecological exegesis of DNA’s natural ecosystemic story, logos, mythos, permacultural designs, social-political science.”

That was when I first realized that I see Uncle O-Liver as an old wise transgenderish polypathic listening and loving icon of deep ecological learning history. History about which I too have always found mysterious and perhaps even a sacred side of Earth’s ecosystemic Regenerative = HumanelyCooperative Design.

Strange. He asks me how I see him to show me how he sees me. Or maybe not. Perhaps he really does invite some feedback from my PostMillennial future. I hope so. That’s most certainly what he has coming, as do we all, I guess.

0-Liver’s lifestyle was far too ambiguous to say he was a Democrat or a Republican, or even a Libertarian or Green, although those latter two, together, may have been closer to his view that Earth’s evolutionary evidence points to a political science of active love-synergy as CoOperatism, like economic and political socialism, except using our global networking capacity to reverse power hierarchies toward cooperative decision-making authority at the lowest level of ecosystemic responsibility for each other, and ourselves, of course.  And, even responsibility for each other as mutually subsidiary-cooperative sharers in Earth’s Plan A ReGenerative economy and politically deep ecology of health and eco-therapeutic safety.

“You know, health, happiness, prosperity for all of Earth’s ReGenerating Tribes and ecosystems? The stuff of which our Elders established constitutions of cooperative economic and political intent?”

It was neither his intent or desire to start yet another political “non-party” as he called them. Across the board, combining all paradigms, areas of expertise and deductive specialization, across all this vast metaphysical complexity of languages and dialects, he argued for a Commons of Health-As-Wealth Value, often rather too passionately for the comfort of his academic colleagues.  “We already have all the information, precedent, evidence for cooperatively sustainable evolution through ecological balance we could ever hope to achieve, using (0)-sum and –centric Fullerian Synergetics.”

During his one and only debate as U.S. Senate candidate, the incumbent asked him, “Isn’t this zeroistic cooperativism you attribute to Buckminster Fuller’s political philosophy actually just a cover for your own Taoist hidden agenda?”

“Well, yes and no,” Uncle Ollie responds. “Yes, if anyone residing in Connecticut remains unaware of my own Taoist way of exegeting history and cultural evolution. But, no, for those who see Fullerian Synergism as ecologically equivalent with Taoist nondual dipolar Zeroism.”

Apparently, he scored alright with that response, perhaps a bit too ahead of his time. But, not so far ahead that everyone assumed he was as insane as Donald Trump, but in the opposite direction.

Anyway, I don’t think CoOperativism or nondual Taoist ZenZeroism, or even Fullerian Synergy lost that election, but it wasn’t yet enough to win it either.

Now, of course, these basic principals of thermodynamic permacultural design are facilitated and reinforced throughout our deep ecology learning systems, on line, in homeschools, and in what’s left of the premillennial Education-As-If-All-Earth’s-Lives-Matter preschools through universities.

One could hardly become a political scientist today, or a public policy designer, much less a popularly elected public office-holder outside a personal and professional commitment to DNA with Elder RNA co-intelligent design of healthy bio- and ecosystems.

History, according to 0-Liver Glory, begins with the “Word.” Influenced by Christian wisdom literature, but with his/her own twist. That is, yes, history is our story of  relationship but not just any relationship. Rather, history is the story of relationships between analogies, exegesis of eisegetical ecologies, of sound and dialectical events, of symbol and reenactment.

Analogy, then, precedes logic, or rationality. Pre-linguistic history was attraction of relationships to what felt good, what appeared beautiful, graceful, to what sounded confluent, melodious, harmonic. So, wisdom’s connection to beauty and goodness is primordial to wisdom’s connection to Truth, and even metric systems.

Although he agreed with Pythagoreans that older than linguistic history was the evolutionary emergence of culture, the earliest story-telling and legend-building of collective memory was probably kinetic communication, forms of dance, embellished with humming, chanting, singing, signing symbols that evolved into rituals. From rituals to sacraments. From sacraments to metric symbols. From metrics, including geometrics, symbols evolved toward linguistically-rooted icons.

Immortality of cultural history emerges through co-creative intimacy, confluence as well as dissonance. Tribal fame becomes synergetic accessibility and vulnerability within each moment’s integrative opportunity to share meaning and purpose.


Comments always invited, and appreciated.


Gratitude for Truth as Beauty

Why is it that gratitude
as response to truth with beauty
seems universally consensual as Positive Psychology,
mental health,
appropriate respect for life’s naturally secular graces,
and yet ego’s truth as Earth’s creative beauty
remains so unexplored,
anemically practiced,
hoped for
and, under a daily BusinessAsUsual radar,
not really even necessarily intended?

Always noticing bridesmaid,
hoping for such beloved gratitude,
yet seldom celebrated
as time’s co-arising truth with beauty bride.

As I gratefully choose to see my EgoAnthro life,
our human cooperative lives grow eco-centered
thru Right hemispheric balanced harmonic primal function
as ego-centric Left hemispheric deductive languaged
regenerative long-term health outcome InFormation
from and thru inherited RNA fractal dialects
of Elder time’s past bio- thru eco-systemic light-dark seasons,
revolutions of Earth’s healthy developing nutritional evolutions.

Just so is Earth’s leaded ironic value
in prescient alchemistry pursuit of human nature’s Golden Rules,
ReGenerations, Resonance, Resolutions,
Radiance, Radical Zeroism of TaoTime CoPresence;
recessive, concave, yin-implicate ordering flows
regenerating RNA/DNA beauty thru truth
CoOperative Association,
Mutual Acquisition,
Autonomic dipolar Apposition
co-arising political relationships
within ecosystems
with economically nutritional v. pathological WinLose transactions
within eco’s RightBrained logic,
absence of cognitive-affective dissonance,
confluent dialectical ease thru disease,
dipolar bicameral lens
discerning regenerate development of EarthTribe health optimization trends
of Golden Ratioed 4D Bayesian SpaceTime complexity trends
of binomially shadowing information:
Where naturally interactive ecosystems notice health sustaining economic trends,
human biosystems find gratuitous faith
in co-investing mutually grateful political wealth.

To prove P is notnot to P
is not mine alone, you see,
but our universal group game theory zeroism projection
of YangYin dipolar mediocrity,
bilaterality of TaoTime’s 0-sum eco-normativity,
of dynamic grateful exterior
over interior landscaped binomial ecosystemic EarthTribes
stringing temporal creation stories
back thru BlackHole stretching dual dark TransParentcy,
cosmology of yin dialects
multiculturally surfing RNA syntaxed fertile restorations,
Earth’s great and small transitionally reiterative rhetorical events,
polycultural healthy climate outcomes
incarnating polypathic wealth-nurturing cooperatives
of endo- as ecto-symbiotic ubiquity
of RNA/DNA-structures Bucky Fullerite designing stretching fractals,
four seasonal dialects of resonant communication,
between YangOut as Janus face of Yin-InFormation’s bilateral tempered balance.

Perhaps yin without yang is nihilistic chaos.
But, yin without yang would be like white without black,
absence without pregnant fractal-fertile polypathic possibility,
where three spatial language dimensions
are each prime linear appositional as dipolar primetime,
noticing a folding-revolving appositional function,
hoping for a reiterative graceful refold,
prescient of faith in unfold’s future primal regenerativity
to actively loving future DNA health trends already co-present
prefolds of enculturing incarnate history
permaculturally systemic
within our own endosymbiotic DNA/RNA resonant health
as confluent harmonic frequencies of rich deep gratitude.

Perhaps Yang without Yin
is Allah without Earth
with all Her multiculturing dialectical Tribes
of InFormation
stringing regenerative tissues as issues
from one dominant-recessive generation
thru God of Evolving Time’s ecobalancing futures
in truly co-invested political cooperatives.

Why is it that gratitude in response to truth with reiteratively resonant beauty
seems universally ecoconscious,
true bridesmaids
celebrating beauty co-messianic brides give away?