Earth’s Final Revolutionary Answer

A society
humane species
or more likely under-valuing,
how to regeneratively suffer loss
may never have learned to face our universal fear of death
as a badge of permaculturing respect,
dignity through suffering sacred absence
where once we knew nondual co-arising relational life
together incarnate.

In response to loss of love’s opportunity for further cultivation,
incarnation of life’s positives and double-negative equivalencies
of loss to lose ego death’s ubiquitous omnipotence,
we could reverse our Interior and Exterior Climate feedback loops,
turn down our YangLeft competition
another half a notnot notch,
where loss to EgoDeath equals WinWin
for society
for internal and external cultural climates
for reconnecting timeless Earth’s revolving tribal love
to death’s dualdark TransParent BiLateral CoGravitational Primal Time
of EcoConsciousness
as SelfAwareness of Light’s CoArising NonDual ReVolution.

An absence of integrative dignified death culture,
mourning process for love’s loss,
reflects a lack of humor
for Earth’s lively lovely enculturation
of regenerative health and beauty,
Tao (0)-Balanced Left/Rightness,
where Tao begets co-gravitating dualdark exformation,
dipolar light = CommonsSquared = PrimeEulerianUnitarian-Integral Function.

Failure to celebrate life
emerging as light’s co-investment in love,
merging normatively equivalent to denying death’s dark ultimatum,
represses light’s co-arising dualdark CoPresence.

each AnthroNature,
emerges bicamerally embryonic from warm-heated light,
as each SuperEco/Ego
each Earth(0)-Balanced DNA/RNA fueled cell
speaking intergenerational fertility,
memories of eternally timeless love unfolding,
refolding climates
toward prefolding Post-BiCameral Earth (0)-centric DiPolar

Each Ego loss
a sacred loss from Earth’s pay-it-forward evolutionary economy;
each Earth gain
a win for confluent cooperative EarthTribe future love,
healthier global culture
sharing a natural-religious sensory awareness
of ironic double-negative nondual WinWin humor,
ProGenitors joining our DNA-designed celebration of life
as notnot death’s grand eulogy
for Internal/External Climate TaoBalance.

We each live on in loving light
or not so much,
depending somewhat on the dignity we hold
for each other’s natural right to live and die gracefully,
with freedom
with gratitude for this climatic great transition,
toward our cooperative beloved climaxing
(0)Mega Point.

Cultural wounds of enslaving others
stretch a profound investment in basic integrity
of nature’s evolutionary intent,
feeds on evolution as competitive survival of the mightiest wealth,
rather than revolutionary health as cooperative thrival
of our self-optimizing EarthBalanced PostMillennial ReGeneration.

Springing strong-rooted sense of cooperative humor,
co-arising nondually throughout each love-filled feisty day and embracing night
of generation’s future
living toward climatic religioning conscientific balance
of Tao’s bilateral bicameral Time,
in which incarnation explicates restraint on Ego’s imagined freedoms
of ownership and power
as disincarnation implicates freedom of Earth’s diastatic,
nutritiously universal EcoConsciousness
of co-arising, co-present light
revolving day into dualdark night
of Queen Shabbat
as GrandMother Moon’s warm polycultural light.

It is this dream of death
inviting future’s incarnate life,
regenerating Earth’s Tribal Balance,
that understories each moment’s daytime active life,
backdrop aria
bookending love’s grand climatic opera;
ReGeneration Story.

What our global political and economic climate could most invest,
in this PostMillennial Moment,
is integral religious sense of Allah’s zen-scientific humor,
and lack of terrifying intent.

May truth in each repose
bring eternally diastatic bliss,
evolving rich nutrition
for future smiling contented
political and economic peace
with justice for this replete Universal PolyCulture,
EarthTribal ReGenerations,
Internal as External (0)Soul ReIncarnations of Time’s Eternal Light;
Active Love
CoOperative DiPolar CoArising Networks
of DualDark DiaStatic Potentiality
(O)Virginal WinWin EcoLogical Integrity’s Intent.


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