Education as if All Life and Death Matters

Political Science of Eco-Educational Vocations

Really? That’s my topic?
Didn’t Paulo Freire already do this one?

Oh, I see..ecosystemic learning and mentoring,
including anthrocentric pedagogical development systems
doing the best they can,
bless our matriotically nurturing hearts,
to figure out our own deep ecosystemic
co-empathic consciousness
of regenerative ego-health
as eco-truth
as bilaterally balancing bouncing beauty.

Educational EcoSystems begin with bicameral balloon listening skills,
balancing our internal fusing and fractal geometric networks
with our octave sounds of light’s rhythmic patterns of flow,
surfing radiant Sun sweeping Earth’s pregnant wet skin.

From surf in and out listening
to noticing in-between spaces
are both 1+1 dipolar appositional,
but also 1×1 nondual co-arising places,
some with bicameral faces
and bodies responding to cooperative
and competing Others.

Pedagogical EcoSystems
scientifically listening communication networks,
deep learning political science
of noticing both cooperative health
and competitive egocentric pathological trends
with runaway climatic absence
of negative-dissonantly-active feedback,
restraint as Anger and Fear Management,
suboptimizing fullOccupiers of Yang Elder Moose+Owl dominance
longing to reweave unraveling of belonging within both
science with religion
as natural-spiritual ecosystemic teleological process function
as YangSun’s PolyNomial Plus
cooperatively co-arising
YinYin notnot EarthEmbryonicFertileSkin
double-bind temporal reverse-bicameral LoseLose egoconsciousness
of InBetween (0)-Empathic Trust
Exegetically Personal Harmonic Balance Knowledge
of ecologic’s internally confirmed and trusted
exegetically regenerative evidence proofing and reproofing cooperative political sciences.

We benefit from anciently permacultural contracts
with Earth’s Nurturing Educational Trees and Plants,
creating a breathable atmosphere
into perpetuity,

Primal Educational Contracts with Earth’s SoilRights of Sacred Skin
breathing in rich nutrients of light’s composting fuels
and forms
and heroic functions,
breathing out frequencies of revolving
healthy ecosystemic biologic embryonic music,
resoundingly harmonic CQI ReGenerative ReCycling ReVolution Standards
of global health and safety,
political truth as economic beauty,
education and defense from undue dissonance.

Prime Pedagogical Listening Contracts with Earth’s Waters,
to hear them,
to feed Her beauty as truth flowers,
confining weeds to healthy polycultural BusinessAsUsual shares,
trading shade for regenerative worms and strings of roots,
ecosystemic Time her matriarchal twining
regenerating cells
of paradigmatic multicultural political scientists
deep-learning/earning enculturing rich systems.

wu wei Golden Ruling kule,
if it means notthis notthat
then adding betweens also means
at least some
of both this way
AND that way,
make each more better, OK.

like terrorism,
is antithetical to both politically wise science
and religious-ecosystemic development stories
of pedagogic sacred listening
and noticing rebirths of Messianic Suns of EarthMothers
of Gods and Goddess nurture-loving fertile values,
to deep learn enculturation’s biologically embryonic history
of nonverbal
nonviolent (normative-BusinessAsUsual as CoOperative),
natural sciences
as told by Mother Nature EarthTribal EgoSelves
deep learning health-culture listening systems.


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