Surprising Demise

Oh what I would long to see
and breathe
and free

This polypathic wisdom
of a root and branched
systemic tree

Yintegral root systems
breeding Me
while YangSun branches
reach up and out
nutritionally feeding We

Polyphonic remembering
systematic Theology
of naturally spiritual experiences,
humanity experiments
in win/win Ecology

Both non-verbally felt internally
as healthy win/win
despite unwealthy respite
lost in lose/lose metaphysicality

Thought through verbal reflections
on fraught externality,

ego/eco-organic organizationality,
bilateral dipolar integrity

NonZero Souls Summarily
Whole ego/eco-systemic bicamerality

Emergently left-brain verbal dominantly
Yang solidifying v Yin flowing plasticity

Resisting overpowering generations
of straight white patriarching
capitalist win/lose competitions
rabidly degenerating

Into a lose/lose DeathCuture, ecopolitical
Rabidly pursuing viral apocalyptic climates
unraveling a global pandemic

automatic military devolutionary industrializing
predative post-millennial disaster mongering

the opposite
of Making Nationalistic
Supremely white racists Great Again

Against Liberal Lovers
of healthy eco-messiah feminists,
non-violent communicating bodhisattvists
exploiting only Ego/Eco-Originalists
within win/win ultra-nonviolet consciousness.

Oh what I would long to see
and breathe
and free

This polypathic wisdom
of a root and branched
surprisingly simpler
systemic tree.


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