Fundamentalist Compassion

What is dogmatically
unchangingly fundamental to Christianity,
and to all win/win positive faith systems,
is certainly not capitalism’s ZeroSum economic assumptions
in which winner god takes all
from loser satan.

But, what is fundamental compassion’s truth
is profoundly sacred
globally open-systemic theology
of HolySpirit co-passion
eco-compassion could multiculturally become
integrity’s great transitioning potential
healthiest wisdom wealth.

What is ecstatically changing
deep and wide
to learn positive win/win bicameral neuropsychology
is another ecologically co-passionate
systematic re-creation theology.

If you have read
Iain McGilchrist’s
“The Master and his Emissary:
The Divided Brain and the [Un]Making of the Western World”
Julian Jaynes’
“The Origin of Consciousness
in the Breakdown
of the Bicameral Mind”
Edward DeBono’s “[Bi]Lateral Thinking”
Robert Norton and David Benders
“Communication and Consequences:
[Natural/Spiritual] Laws of Interaction”
Rob Brezny’s
“Pronoia is the Antidote to Paranoia”
preferably more simultaneously
than sequentially,

Does your experience while reading feel anything like?…

Euphoric self/other-perpetuating climax
double-boundary refining
binomial self/other co-passioning
courageous and curious discovery

Uncovering within Earth’s natural/spiritual recovery,
explicating/implicating unfolding
ego/ecological balancing
virtuous win/win verbing un-renouned
explicate/implicate circles
of effluent ecofeminist/affluent ego-patriarchal
subjective/historical enculturing objectives
healthiest optimizing wealth.

If so,
did you happen to notice
whether or not, or something in-between,
this integral/holonic perceptual frame
was more cognitive/affective confluent with THC?

If so,
did your mindbody seem to be producing/consuming
a self/other-perpetuating oxytonic flush/rush?

If so,
have your friends/family become more opently curious
about your newish win/win integrity
as contrasted with your earlier unreformed
fundamentally competitive win/lose evolutionary theories
rooted in lose/lose ultimate ego-centric mortal fears
and angers
and devilish mortal self-hatred?

As expressed in cognitive/affective chronically stressed voices
and depression
and emotionally disassociated messages
about left-brain courage
and right-brain curiosity,
Yang awesome strength
and Yin integrity’s potential wonder

To re-consider all the unfolding left-brain facts
of Earth’s unraveling lose/lose trends,
And then push through to win/win ecofeminist matriarchal joy
in polypathic
polynomial paths

As EarthMother’s Way
fills each ego-balancing day
and eco-polyphonic night
with co-polypathic
echoes not-not bilaterally affective
multi-enculturing Right.


More Change More

So, like I said
awhile ago,
I’m reading until totally dead
“Systems Thinking for Social Change.”

With four primal turning and returning seasons
of natural yet spiritual developments
between dusk of where we disenchantedly are,
and dawn of where we would become re-enchanted
cooperatively together.

I cannot see past systemic Stage Zero
Notice resilient integrity
especially by engaging key disabled stakeholders
in our current disenchanting dusk.

The usual dust
stereotypically non-elite,
Stage Zero invites each disabling unity
to re-enchant ecstatic dreams of belonging
restored to hurt sources of hope
yet fractured
purchased way too cheaply,
hearing voices of souls and species endangered
disenchantments inside primal green reforesting
Turtle Island
sacred naked Space
for a stone-soup fire-circle re-commitment celebration.

Green SkyWoman’s revolutionary choir-room
for naming mendacious chirps
and labeling disenchanting bleets,
and hammers,
and thrusts,
and eats,
and tweets
our songs
and danced enchanting journeys
west and east
of any systemically disabled ecstatic species

In MotherEarth’s continuing reforesting project
for healthier DNA wealth
through futures cooperative
global through local systemic resonance.

re-establishing StageZero
outside common RealTime sacred ground
creates inside resonant revisions
of what healthy polypathic regenerators want
to cooperatively achieve.

To less conservatively grasp continuing disenchantments
with where we remain deconstructively stuck
competing for ultra-violet enlightenment
multicultural ecstasy
of polycultural polyphonic blessing
WinWin ZeroZones
of Ego-EcoLogical Resonance.

Here Yang ultra-nonviolent
With Now Yin at least not not green
through aquamarine

Integrity’s stone-soup ancient Paradise Lost,
now new reborn enchantment found
and bound toward NighTime’s ecstatic integrity.