Neglecting Top and Bottom Lines

I worry we co-invest in big private and public corporate assault
on Earth,
on environmentalism,
on longer-term ecologic.

Really, honey?
That’s too bad.
Why not also see long-term assault
as the unintended outcome of short-term neglect
of cooperative care-giving,
healthy nurturing behavior,
Golden Rule economic and ecological behavior,
like we learned in Sunday School?

Well, yes, I guess I can see that.
And yet, responsibility for neglect
is not the accountability for injustice I seek
for assault on climate health,
landscapes of regenerative, rather than degenerative, potential,
resonant slow-growth multicultural fertility,
organic resilience,
full color octaves of strong-hued eloquence,
resonance for future Earth reweaving regenerators.

I wonder if it helps
to remember that assault derives from learned fear-mongering critical-event behavior,
while neglect speaks to more chronic ecosystems of over-investment
in short-term corporate ego-inflation,
rather than short-thru-long-term ego-eco bicameral economic regenerative balance?

WinWin regenerativity is big corporate’s WinLose assault for survival target.

I think you give them too much evil conspiracy credit
and not enough human neglect of ecological long-term mindfulness credit.
When positive growth trends
are measured only in producing accumulation of wealth
for investors, both taxpayers and shareholders,
without any thought to quantities of resources consumed
in exchange for this investment,
then this further feeds short-term neglect of long-term investment in care-giving and receiving
and cooperative co-arising long-term mindfulness.

You are reminding me
of all the corporations I have ever known
with 4-generation Mission Statements
about their corporate Original Intent,
yet, at best, 4-quarter profit-making projections,
positive outcome budgetary wish lists.

And then, too,
we have the 4-generation campaign promises
derived from public corporation officials’ ReGenerative Constitutional Intent,
yet, at best, a 6-year re-election cycle,
and more likely 4-year,
or even just 2.

Yes, we do seem to have a degenerative tension
between the post-revolutionary Constitution’s Original Intent
to keep this democratizing revolution going,
for cooperating with the healthy wealth of Earth
and our nation-state neighbors,
as diplomatically and economically possible,
and within our own multiculturing liberties and justices,
mercies and re-acclimating
redefinitions of peace as restraining tolerance
for those terrorizing differences we could never nutritionally celebrate,
tearing families from their homes,
children from their terrorizing/terrorized parents,
young adults from their malnourished
Business As Competitively Usual
neighborhood environments.

Democratizing intended Constitutions
speak of co-arising health-wealth,
where one could not become,
much less sustain,
without the other;
where co-investment in politics of democratic growth,
mutual acclimation,
creolization of Elite with NonElite enculturation,
are drawn within the loops and pointing dots
of periods and episodic commas
and objectives for Earth’s co-arising health
and fertile wealthy prosperity,
as rich iconic compost
and cooperative economic climates,
regenerate healthy political landscapes
less likely to neglect ecological values
when drawing economic corporate wisdom’s co-operative
co-gravitating original and bottom lines.


Tao Calendar

Where did we come from?

asked winter, of gratitude.

Who and what are we becoming and belonging?

asked spring, of hope.

Where are we going?

asked summer, of faith.

How did we get here, again?

asks fall, with incarnating grace,

winnowing harvest’s climatic outcomes,

regenerative, redeem-and-balance, economic mind.


Each life,

and all life,

is a coincidental ReGenesis Project.

How are yours coming along?