Green Repent

Birthing genesis back to We
Falling out as from freedom’s favorite tree
Rebirthing Earth wombs warm content
Extending out where gospel time grows bent

Through Creation’s prism for network Time
To originally fall from divine sublime
Into rising place of uncultured wandering
Back to exodus from which we came
Regenesis longing free fall belonging

Death lies squandering
Last of climate originating Falls
Tolerating winter
To rebirth genesis
Back to Spring
Summering in a sycamore tree
Rebirthing Earth watching warm co-investment
Passions growing out
Where green revival Time flows rebent

Repent warm womb falling
Into unspent wandering to rise.




Advent of Love’s Adventure

When and where
ecological sisterhooded wisdom dies

So too theological Win-Lose compromise
between nature’s humanity
brothered, yet sometimes bothered,
with spirited patriarchal divinity,
secular Western CoOperating Truths
inhaling sacred Eastern Beauty.

Subjective ego ecstasy
Win-Win with and Win-Lose against
Earth’s objective historical ancestry,

RightMind sacred animated Memory
of imaged future DNA organic systemology
as imagined alternative past trajectory
of healthy wealth
and degenerative pathology.

Why and how anxiety
breeds climate deity
of fear
only where peace could justify lush Win-Win sobriety,
ecstatic affinity
confidently absorbing silent cold Lose-Lose infinity

When and where
sisterhooded matriarchal-patriarchal
ElderWisdom dies to lose all
of the Above-Below All-Fall…

Are we Here yet?
Not now?

Are we Here
yet not Now?

Are we Here
double-binding Now?

Because we know so
or feel something changing
and Both?


Autumn’s Failing Consciousness

New England’s post election trees
shed a few teary waving leaves.
Morning sky tries to shine resilience
yet lingers in ominous grey overcast
of silent waiting through despair.

In Michigan and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania
tens of thousands of mothers
who cherish their daughters
are beating themselves up about yesterday;
longing for a do-over
to avoid confidence in false predictions
of safely voting their libertarian ecoconsciousness,
or too quietly staying home
to rake falling fertile leaves.

Failing leaves feel their personal mortality,
too old, over-extended, to survive another bitter winter
of ex-patriation
while maternal nurturing root systems survive through hibernation,
deeply embedding in Earth’s nutritional compost
of yeasty faith,
waiting for another Advent ecopolitical Season.

Not a branch,
not even a twig stirs from frosty lethargy
wondering Why?
Why would we decide slavery must be illegal
because immoral
yet sexual and capital and incorporated predation
remains legally and morally ambiguous,
as if wealth of male supremacist nobility
were God’s full harvest of regenerative moral gifts,
excusing by betraying grace
this fortunate entitlement
of LeftBrain enduring cockiness
to welcome this winter’s misery,
Earth’s hiatus from integrally nurturing ecology.

Hiding even the sun’s radiant morning glory
from disunited piles of leaving ballots
already preparing to fertilize richer soils
in four more autumnal climate years.


Tao Calendar

Where did we come from?

asked winter, of gratitude.

Who and what are we becoming and belonging?

asked spring, of hope.

Where are we going?

asked summer, of faith.

How did we get here, again?

asks fall, with incarnating grace,

winnowing harvest’s climatic outcomes,

regenerative, redeem-and-balance, economic mind.


Each life,

and all life,

is a coincidental ReGenesis Project.

How are yours coming along?


Naked Tree Roots

During summer leaves fill in each tree’s outline,

a green cloud of camouflage identity,

within a fluttering sea of interdependent flowing, blowing leaves,

breathing in and out,

pulling up sap from well-composted roots of fertile wealth,

pushing out oxygen–hydrogen bath for air.


But, in the fall, calico coats float to the ground,

leaving naked each tree’s individual trunk,

pointing graceful branched individuality toward its own bimorphically latticed progenitor,

its hidden root system

who’s purpose disappears without comprehending beauty,


the majestic dignity of each tree’s syncretic meaning in our planet’s atmosphere,

lungs for Mother Earth.

Yet this Tree of Life’s understory grows down and in toward Earth’s warm womb,

as if reaching for a dark-limned sky,

roots toward past searching strings of information down, down, out, back to our dawn of light,

and space,

and this bicameral self-perpetuating tree iconic Universe.


In Fall of abundantly fertile grace,

this vision opens for all to see,

each naked tree reverse-rooted,

growing up,

still reaching toward light of sun,

Yin-Mother Earth concavely pushes up

wrapped within each root to become hard formed,

to receive Father Sky’s teasing caress,

to shamelessly embrace all who breathe.


As Earth’s blanket of summer’s Yang-fullness subsides,

leaves fall,

and Yin-limned standing shadows inform,

interdependently erect,

roots intertwined,

polyculturing yolk embedded,

while a visceral gray army of forested Elders wave

creaking and groaning during winter’s stark-naked cold breeze,


shriveling seeds hibernating dreams of warmth dawn spring.


Our permacultured purpose lavishly exposed with redundant Tree of Life icons,

graced roots pushing up karmic development,

evolving and resolving seasonally,

each one a zero-sum development from seed-skin,

covering internal format-rooted precisely the same within each species,

diversifying across our polycultured global forest floor and sea.


If humane nature chooses to rejoin the natural balance of Elder trees,

then we may realize this explicated polynomial positive Information,


does indeed equal

implicated negative (Yin-concave) metaphysically intuited mythic narrative string.

DNA-encoded limitations inhibit irrational boundary issues,

we respond to chronic dissonance between Left-Right hemispheric sensory receptors autistically,

frequency code prime relationship standards confused,

thirsty for thermodynamic 4-dimension based,

prime temporal progenitive,

Hilbert spacetime valued form and function,

an explicating convex skin covering magnetic polar


through heart, lungs, mind,

this autonomic information system enthymematically shies,

intuited within and before each hunch

rooted in balanced resonance,


patterns of fit with biometrically analogous experience.


Our sideways “8” eternity symbol

iconic of our Left and Right universes for optimizing life,

bicameral icon eyes grow equi-dimensional.

Production of trees and forests,

seas and polycultural systems

explain the meaning of nature’s phenomenally rooted regenerative system.


YangTree: Hi. Positive polynomial up here. What’s your name?

YinTree: Not-Polynomial Negatively in-grown rooting system?

Yang: Of course, so sorry to extrude,

but who are you, I could notice, speaking positively?

Yin: Not You, yet including your resonant memory string of EarthSelves used to be,

and Self becoming once again,

crossing regenerative Spring’s permaculture threshold.