Roots and Blossoms

Earth’s organic systems wonder
if both of these could be true:

Poverty and ignorance breed violence.
Capitalism and patriarchalism feed conflict.

If so,
is the first
or the second
history’s enculturing root system?

And is the Other
our competitively threatening
viral blossom of oppression?

And EarthMother wonders
if natural empowering
is also spiritual enlightening
cooperative Wisdom
inviting humane peace,
less dissonant debate praxis
preferring to invest
in more resilient dialogue practice

In dialogue with Monica Sharma’s “Radical Transformational Leadership: Strategic Action for Change Agents,” p. 13.


Dark Bears : Buzzing RedLight Bees

Honey Bear,
I would like to say goodbye
and would appreciate your reply.

Where are you going?

I am going to sing farewell
before my minute hand wears out.

yet I hoped you might first learn
to dance hello.

Yes, so I too presumed,
yet in epiphanies of dawn’s delight
dancing hello toward Earth’s light
follows learning to sing night’s lullaby
enduring dusks darkening evaporation
of bright transparent regeneration.

I would like to sing farewell
not sure whether we will ever find time
for another healthy hello,
good mourning death’s surprising pass
right through our daily hello-goodbye liturgies
of BusinessAsUsual love.

Just once before either of us further dies
and lies within Earth’s sacred skin,
I would like us to learn to sing farewell
to our dusky love’s evaporating celebration,
multicolored disincarnation,
wildflower struggling together dissonance
within Earth’s MultiTribal Solidarity.

With this pearl of our shared memory
how much brighter next time’s dawn.

Better than whole wheat pancakes
with strawberries
and butter
and maple syrup springs
of wildflower birdsong?

Breaking night time’s fast
with love’s echoing farewell lullaby
warming daylight’s first embryonic memory,
spreading farewell liturgies
like warm butter
throughout love’s remembering twilight day.

You would have your farewell pearl
with breakfast too.

I would sing farewell
not knowing we will have another day
to dance our hellos of gratitude
for love syrup warmly given
transforming sacred memories
of EarthTribe’s struggling mutual light within,
dancing and singing tender humored
and raving raven memories
fading back to our first eyes greeting.

You were redhead magnificent
and bright as nuclear light,
yet not sure you had enough to share
with all my dark bear ways.

And you still growl your raw reviews
about light’s honey lacking as yours and ours
and cubs who have never learned to dance
a dignified hello
much less sing a well-timed farewell lullaby,
softly fading into some other household’s light
of their own healthy making.

Stars have never sung the same
since they first twinkled through your RedLight hungry eyes.

Moon heart glows full color harmonics
to know your quiet delight,
teasing might,
sharing your monopoly of wild investments
in GrandMothers’ flowing afrocultured kinda’ light.
Too seldom has sailed
our full octave light and dualdark racing pilgrimage
through transgenerational childhood brights and fights,
embracing dawns,
effacing darks together.

Honey Bee,
I love to sing farewell struggling harmony
while slow dancing our mutually gratuitous hello-farewell,
folding to unfold eco-memory flying
YangBear/YinBee soul-honeydancing,
Tipping PolyPoints of Light/DualDark MindBody.


Double-Binding ReBirth

The dancer becomes dance
as the singer becomes song’s liturgical story.

The player becomes recreational play
and the worker becomes vocation.

The designer becomes bicameral design
and life becomes co-redemptive landscaping,
as space unfold’s time’s seasonal function,
Yang unfurls Yin-Yin’s bidirectional prime frequency.

Co-redemptive economics unfolds regenerative ecological systems
as coregenerating functional seasons develop informative nutritional abundance,
eco-normative value for natural life systems,
development processes,
creative bicameral processors
of form’s function as space’s well-raced polycultural time.

Winter’s transcendent decomposition
opens to summer’s diastatic fullness,
as Yin-time’s regenerative transactions
invite binomial balance to Yang-space’s permaculturing sustainable designs.

Trinitarian spatial dimensions
over unitarian bitemporal dimension
rationally deduces to more smooth-structured Eulerian function:
dualistic prime-linear space diametric systems
appositional and oppositional temporal-spatial values,
are explicitly and concavely our Universe’s metaphysical
+/(-,-)Zero-soul core prime thermodynamic balance
as Core Vertexial Space OVER Core vortexial dark time,
Polynomial Yang embracing Yin-Yin Game Theorem.


PermaCulture PreOccupations

whether you or another
or your Community of practice and positive intent,
your family, perhaps,

Beloved evolves that alternative future
of our dreams and hearts and fantasy
with ecotherapeutic enculturation
and ecojustice with active peaceful history,
long sustained-maintained eco-RNA value
centrist cultural history.

Beloved evolves both endo- and ecto-symbiotic,
both within my Yang-Ego,
and without, our Yin-Eco RNA-encrypted life-cell
electromagnetic and thermodynamic and gravity waving balance.

Beloved evolves binomially,
in and out,
toward our Omega Point Aquarian Age
of synchronized swimming flight and breath,
freedom from unnecessarily coercive restraints
blocking freedom toward confluent relationship,
in aqua-marine spiraling seasons
of revolutioning synergy;
reconnecting comprehension of RNA’s original conception.

Beloved climax-sustainable,
mutual Communication maintainable,
co-redemption of our recycling-rehabilitating identities.

Beloved co-redeemers optimizing life’s calculated risks
as liturgical dance and prayer of diurnal practice,
seasonal intent,
millennial bicameral balancing purpose and meaning,
polycultural cooperative
revolutioning climax
karmic praxis of life through death in life reborn.

mutual inception and absorption
Community conception and reception,
comprehension of each living system’s optimization
as liturgical dance and prayer with, in, of, for, by, through,
engaging and embracing
both the within and without of each Other,
with co-redemptive ecotherapeutic intent,
values folding and unfolding
in RNA’s natural systemic fractal balance
with binomially harmonic DNA.

economic and ecological
investments and divestments
consumers and producers
yinners within yangers
decomposers of Language and Memory and Logic
incubating regenerators of Synergetics,
positive energetic 4-prime equivalent spacetime information,
full-functioned conceptual Form
Beloved Nature-Balance Value ReCycle Function
multisystemically dimensional and dynamically universal;
Beloved holonic value for this Language of synergetic Love.

Beloved co-redeemers
evolving ecojustice
through cooperative economic prayer
as liturgically orthodox praxis
to sustain future Tao’s
Beloved Co-Redeemers;
Boddhisatva Lovers of therapeutic justice.

Beloved Community of Earth’s Tribes.


Gethsemane’s Climaxing Beloved Garden

Silence is a sea,
while the stream is busy chatter.
The sea will find you,
but you must first arise from the stream.
Rumi (M. Mafi trans.)

Full Life sustains balance with emptying death, purgation,
as summer’s maturation seasonally opposes winter’s hibernation.

Living this human vocation
not necessarily a religious pilgrimage
but sufficient as design and developing our nutritiously perennial garden,
fitting together our self-optimizing familial polyculture,
growing our EarthTribe global permacultural vocation,
transforming our Gethsemane Garden
into Tao’s ecotherapeutic Paradise.

Life grows our Time,
as Time sows Earth’s liturgical rites of passage,

SpaceTime’s gravity Passion:
entombing engraving grace of Transmillennial Tao.

SuperEco Other is our Commons,
shared cooperative space;
human natured enculturating place.

Time explicates physical creation and incarnation.
Space predicates metaphysical ecologic strings
of temporal metaphor
grace place
regenerative biological comprehensive
Universal Intelligent polynomial information–Yang,
spinning regenerative Time’s invisibly shy recycling
revolution-ergodic, ionic positive toward
mutual subsidiarity within all EarthTribes
harmonic gravity–Yin.

This bicameral human natural species
grows Earth’s investment of Time,
mutually mentoring SuperEco spacetime optimization,
our Polycultured Beloved Climax Community,
love and life and peace-harmony optimizing Eden.

Human nature’s DNA
evolves Tao’s Regenerative Character,
engaging fully Here with Now,
Space with Time,
Yang with Yin
balancing potential synergy
AND negentropic binomial gardening wisdom.

What rises
must fall.
What came before
will return within its slow-right Tao Time,
will reconnect comprehension with wonder,
will finish yet also sustain
our Gethsemane Gardening Eden.

Gethsemane Gardens are dying places,
hibernating hypothermic advents
for bipolar balancing harvest
of mindfully cooperative,
inclusive Passion.

Tao balance revolves
informating SuperEco’s Dual-Manifest Destiny;
WellBeingRace toward Passion.

STEM Note:

Darwin’s problem with how creation could originate from an omnipotently benign Progenitor yet end up with the apparent “manifest destiny” of thrival-of-the-fittest is parallel to our physical science dilemma about the law and order of Energy and Mass. The Principles of Thermodynamics predict entropic outcomes within any closed system as an inevitable demise, lack of any gravity, relationship, pattern, predictability, place of any kind, only entropic chaos of nothingness. How could something evolve out of nothing? Our “place-holder” metalinguistic labels for this Original Progenitive Function have included “God,” “Allah,”, “Yahweh,” “Brahman,” “I Am” and the more quixotic non-label, “Tao.”

But, Buckminster Fuller notices a geometric Constant fractal structure in the evolution of natural systems that he recognized as analogically and ecologically, and physiologically, and ethologically, and teleologically, equivalent to prime rational SpaceTime:

3 spatial-linear = 3 times the equivalent quantity and quality of 1 prime temporal-only wave-linear binary-binomial dimension of electromagnetic, mutual-gravity, regenerative Thermodynamic Balance.

Spaceship Earth inevitably follows this SpaceTime Universe’s Open Systemic Dual-Dia-metric Manifest Destiny in which places and people live as time passes and life passes as our time eternalizes, optimizes, permacultures.


When Poets Rule the Nest

Everything that is created
disguises a hidden purpose….
A calligrapher writes out his lines
not just for the exquisiteness of the script
but to also convey a meaning.
Rumi (M. Mafi, trans.)

What is the purpose of poetry,
and therefore the meaning of the poet?
Refined prose?
Beautifully flowing style and structure?
Artistic elegance
or the beauty of its truth?

Is poetic purpose the meaning of its language
or the art of linguistic choices?

Of course it must be both,
symbiotically fertilizing and farming each incubating embryo,
functioning and forming, creating and cultivating, regenerate language,
an expression of intuited deduction,
refinement toward exegetically known and felt soul-truth
through eisegetical analogy
economy of linguistic order, transactions, relationships,
principles of languaged left-brained human nature
dancing prancing functional flow and forms
through right-brained proportional memory encryption
regeneratively intuited octave polycultured memory,
dream-dancing DNA, team-mentoring within each of life’s cells.

What evolves and seeds
plants and pulls
harvests and winnows language,
forms and functions flowing fine flowering frequencies of thought,
understanding and learning?
What comprehends and mentors holistic orthopraxis,
ecotherapy and healing, within and without,
rational and polypathic sanity?

This optimally sustaining
revolutionary bipolar wealth of healthy meaning
for graceful living
and breathing robust prose and language
and healing poetry,
enculturates as metaphysically expressed
through universal laws of language
and cooperative economics of consciousness and mental health,
trans-actively mutual mentoring love,
as words teach us what we think
and thoughts inspire our Way (Tao)
toward optimally inclusive expression.
Meanwhile poetry evolves physically incarnating
through global dancing and singing
in full octave ringing circles
of energy and organic-spiral dynamic mass,
coincident co-arising communion.

Poets conduct dancing lyrics of life through death,
decompositioning regeneration.

Poets prehend self-governance structures
in ways of light more enlightened
than competing partisan pedantry;
which may not be saying much for poets.

Transliterating Laotse on “Rulers”:
Of the best public administrators
The people only have faith,
prehend, that they exist,
or did way back in the day;
The next best they love and praise:
the comprehensively wise polypaths
with CQI regenerative well-being outcomes.
The abusive and tyrannical next they fear;
powerful fools.
And the neglectful next they revile and ridicule;
weak and humorless fools.

When poets do not command the people’s faith,
Some will lose faith in them,
And then they resort to oaths!
But, of the best,
those wisely compassionate cooperative poetic-rulers,
when their outcomes are optimally accomplished,
their full-octaved permacultural design word work done,
The folks all remark,
“We have written and told and danced,
lived and breathed,
colored and cultured it ourselves.”

It is no more or less feasible
to have a mutually subsidiary
and cooperative design and development
sociopathic CEO,
than it is to find a wise and holy
competitive hoarder of wealth and power.

Everything that is created
disguises a hidden purpose.

Creation disguises,
yet implies,
teleology as ecologic.


Sometimes Its Too Dark Inside

We all feel like
dying to get out of here
at least sometimes;
a meeting
a relationship
a job
a car or bus or airplane
a house or apartment
a nation or state
a Party or clan
a faith community or PTA.

This is about the reverse view:
living to get out of there.

How is my competitive praxis
hunting for,
and haunted by,
autistic and/or suicidal images and fascination,
anxiety and psychopathology

when does our cooperative praxis
and intent
hunt most ubiquitously,
omnipresently and generically,
affectively, effectively, and efficiently,
sustainably, optimally, and faithfully,
permaculturally and polypathically,
for love and active peace,
cooperative vocations
equivalent value for equitable natural nutritional merit,
laughter and humor therapy,
rapture and ecstasy,
light and enlightenment,
primally eternal and sacred relationship?

Perhaps when we globally comprehend
that love is to human-nature’s spirit
as medicine is to all nature systems;
that the dynamism of polycultural-polypathic love is to spiritual systems
as the dynamic power of permacultural ecotherapy is to natural systems;
that life is to synergetically cooperative love,
as death is to entropically non-polynomial terror of eisegetical isolation
as the reposed destiny of universal prime relationship,
adventuring toward +/(-)(-)(0) negentropic global evolutionary exposure.

Perhaps when we culturally and religiously
and metrically and scientifically
define Prime Relationship
as (0) Core Vector Beloved Community’s Tao
and Thermodynamic Double-Binding Temporal Principle
of Harmonic-Octave-Frequency Energy-Optimization Balance
and Sustainable Emergent Systemic-Holonic Climax Communion.

Perhaps we learn cognitive dissonance distinction
between thinking of death and fear as “goodbye,”
missed opportunities,
“that’s behind me!”
and simultaneously comprehending dissonance and anger
as “farewell,”
teachable contiguous moments for global and personal well-being,
love and active peace with justice for each and all,
including Self, Other, and Earth.

When we learn to begin each gathering with passing peaceful pipe,
communing our communion,
silencing our background screams,
co-passioning our minds full together with each Other,
in shared faith that before we can no longer see
whites of each Others’ eyes and bleached true souls,
while we share this warmth of Tribal burning bush
DNA-inclusive Wisdom-Presence,
we will each and all walk away from each Other
understanding differences between what we need v. want,
AND we will each and all walk toward our global future
with reconnected commitment to what we each and all NEED
to sustain our permaculturing lives and loves,
our racial polyculturing regenetic ribbon rhapsody,
our ecosystemic well-being,
our ecotherapeutic homes and communities
and vocations,
and economic trans-actional systems
and networks of positively slow-trending information,
and eco-logical scientific revolution of religion,
of nature-spirit paradigms,
Universal Natural Systemic Wisdom-Tao of Design and Development
with optimal Continuous Quality Improvement standards
and normative-therapeutic Prime Principle
of P=NP Equivalence
= Yang + Yin
= (0) Core Tao Beloved Organic Balance.

“To return to the root is Repose;
It is called going back to one’s Destiny.”

Destiny is both new birth cry for air’s incoming flight
and final breath extended,
coincidentally incarnational,
incubating speciating Space with timely Time.



What Goes Forward…

Most things that happen in this world

are a chain around one person’s ankles,

yet a sweet release for another.

Rumi (M. Mafi, trans.)


Most things that happen are WinFreedom

and LoseFreedom transactions,

but not all.

The exceptions prove Win-Win’s SuperEcologic Rule.


Some fractal/crystal transparadigmatic

comprehensive moments

become all-inclusive revolutionary freedom

and peace fulfillment moments.

For a Boddhisatva blessed (and perhaps messianically cursed) few

moments stretch to days,

days stretch to months, then years,

years fold into decades,

decades comprehensively and summarily fold

through life and death incarnating threshold stages,

stages string through infinite DNA Codex Memory

of spaciated-temporal-affective past enculturing events,

which, cumulatively across Elders past through time’s Original Intent,

define +Polynomial Optimized Information

as equal, no more or less, to

the lovely dipolar Yin (-)(-) Polynomial Beauty Spot,

spotting future QBit correlational trends

resolving optimization fractal

3-spatial/1-(+/-)BinaryZeroistic Eulerian function QBit time


NOW’s threshold equivalently poised toward infinite positive past equals infinite future

in reverse double-negative temporal linear order.


As this adds up to (0) summed new-old permacultured economic theory,

yin definition, when progenitively squared linear-dipolar

predicts and reverse-equates

Yang-cubed three-trigonometric-static spatial dimensions,

a useful calculating tool for metric entities,

yet more primally,


and coincidentally effective design for relativity’s relationship functions

of use for developing Beloved Climax Communities.


Where was this comprehensive rant,

metric cant,

double-binding Energy as Yin-cubed

and c-squared + c Eulerizes landing?

In Golden Ratio as SpaceTime’s Well-Lit (0)-Sum Commons,

Einstein’s assumptive 4-equi-dimensional understory for Universal Relativity,

seeding Positive Energy QBits

flying speed of intuitive enlightenment,

square-rooting +/(-)(-)0-Soul Core Summed

Ecologic Wide-Open Self-Perpetuating Systems Theory

and a whole lotta love and laughter

when we comprehend why double negatives

always regenerate positive

convexly radiant Yang/Yin Balanced Energy and Form

and Information.


If some of us are free and powerful enough to have way too much stuff and,


production strength and assets,

if some control and own more than our fair share of Earth’s natural systems,

and Earth’s organic living produce,

born of passive solar pay-it-forward long-term sustainable investments,

including all species and ecological paradigms within human language and story,

logos and mythos,

and Earth’s economically trans-actionally enculturing nutrient stream ecojustice,

and Earth’s ecotherapeutic multisystemic mutual-messianic orthopraxis

of permacultural design optimization standards

and thermodynamic and electromagnetic balance,

now expanding from Earth toward Solar Systemic eco-normics,

and Universe’s mutually gravitational,


interdependent-holonically ordered

neural positive enlightenment,

this monopolistic lack of balance is not because God has graced

these naturally evolving resources disproportionately upon The Few Select,

while too many Also-Rans have bad karma marginalization,

infant mortality rates,

and sundry other catastrophic

climatically disproportionate health and well-being issues.

If The Few rule competitively playing Win-Lose Games

controlling strong-suited hands and bands of freedom

while others increasingly question our less-than-mutually parasitic role as puppets,

this is not because God has disgraced us filthy poor and diseased and deviant and dissonant rablish sinners.


Rather, we have brought this upon ourselves,

with the considerable hell of Left-brained deductive and languaged Master-dominance,

over RightOldHemispheric fractal-synaptic,

intuitively gravitational,

double-binding HERE/NOW

perfect pitching, tipping

temporal judgment toward Self and Other and Earth Balance,

nurturing harmony,

diastolic peace co-prehensively reaching

for warmth of Spring’s nutritious watered soil,

regenerating (0) Core Vortexed

in +/(-)Tao’s (0)-Soul

core ecologic composting seeds of QBits,

our coincidentally temporally optimizing harvest

of information strings and stories and theories.


QBits are informed by cultural-historical regenerative Truth,

or exformed by dissonant ecological and economic Consequences.


We are collectively over-populating and under-nourishing our future

and Earth’s future life systems

through ego-identified anthrodissonant inhumane dis-nature dissonance,

pretending we believe Win-Lose sub-optimization relational

and logistic unnatural design sad-strategies

could ever effectively sustain future well-being

of both Id and SuperEco

when WinWin Cooperative Ecological Systems

define my “Self”,

my “Other”,

our home,


Universal Co-Synergetic Intelligence,

as our Zero-Centric enthymematic probability of successful communication

within and between Beloved Climax Communities

within all languages

about all paradigms

throughout all revolving




Cooperatively domained economic cultural praxis

reflects WinWin Game Theory,

as the reverse-negative temporal-sequential image

and hierarchical tree of competitive

LoseLose logistical and statistical theory,

assuming binary-balanced outcomes apply.

When only one “winner” monopolizes Earth,

then the “winner” loses capacity to continue playing

our reiterative binomially interactive Game.

When the Game EarthSelf has failed prime relationship capacity,

then all players lose future regenerative play.

WinWin positively promises appositional sustenance,

recreational regeneration,

which is more than procreation

or even really optimal sex;

well, OK, maybe not,

but what religious leaders label “Beloved Community,”

permacultural designers call “Climax Community.”

Really, need we say more on this SuperEco enlightening topic?

Id and Ego and SuperEco together

prophesy freedom from mortal fears and freedom for peace-filled love,

and vital economic energy.


If psychological enculturation had started with Id as Yin,

with Ego as EcoLogic Comprehensive Intelligence System,

with SuperEgo as Yang Super-Eco,

perhaps polycultural positive psychologists

would endlessly and metasystematically theraprize,

or maybe not so much,

or maybe justice midway balanced much

for mutually cooperating our ecologic future.


We are each and all already free

to incarnate within Earth’s solar gift systemic convex atmosphere,

including Elders stringing our nutrient regeneration,

informating Square-Rooting Open Negentropic ReGenetic Systems

of flight in Self-BelovedOther neural synergizing

dreamy diastatic full-moon enlightenment,

blissful HERE greets NOW meets HERE.

Evolution’s self-stimulating sweet spot,

revolving climaxing communication

beyond words constricting

freedom feeling peace

full harvest of global and personal climatic justice.


All moments that unfold in this world

are an interdependent chain around time’s dancing ankle,

an ego-optimizing metasystemic space of freedom

for each cherished Self+EcoOther.









Earth’s Breath

Ego hears SuperEco’s universal exhalation,

natural explication.


Id-entity actively self-purges with each inhalation,

even through dissonant death’s hypothermic double-hinged boundary,

then emerges from inhaling information

to exhaling decomposition,

death and dissonance transcendent

polycultural Beloved Community Regenesis,

iconically liturgical within each human natured breath.


We are wise to be afraid of fear;

fear steals breath and kills as surely as evil is the absence of good.

Transforming fear of fear into human natured humor

heals crippling cultures of dismay.

Joy and laughter breathe more easily,

more gratefully,

more gracefully.


Love, absence of fear, measured time in breaths

and calculated historic space and cultural place by pace of race

long before human nature divorced Earth’s nature,

before bicamerally evolving brains divorced Left-Ego Self

from SuperEco Earth’s natural midway (0)-summed balance,

economic ecological function,

flowing information trends

and tipping points of grateful notice.


What we absorb from light and heat and breath,

from Einstein and Fuller and Bohm and de Chardin and Jaynes and Kuhn and Polanyi and Norton and Euler and Perelman and Thurston,

from Taoism and Panentheism and Cosmic-Mystic-Wisdom Christianity and Boddhisatvas,

is ours to share.

No more my property or yours

than I could ever own you

or you me.

We are coincidentally mutual mentors

or nature/spirit polycultural systems,

redeeming our cooperative investments in Beloved Climax Communities

and days and paradigms and breaths and fully diastatic heart-beats,

while also reaping karmic rewards for over-investing in Win-Lose

value-commodified competition

and extraction of SuperEco’s time-invested resources.


Whether totalitarian monocultural weedpatch socioeconomic culture

is what I breath in or out

or, more likely, some of both,

whether cognitive and emotional monopolistic dissonance

is my own

or my family’s or my neighbor’s,

whether decay and dismay and death-life-death cycles are personally identified

of comprehended as inclusively DNA/RNA-rooted back through regenerative time

to Elder species cousins and trees and sea and stardust plasmatic folds unfolding,

when I comprehend coincidental breathing

as EcoTherapeutic Praxis,

then I can feel and see and know and love and be with Earth as mutual mentor

unfolding, breathing in each moment I breath out,

we mentor with and as and through each other,

coincidental id-entity.


We are learning to organically compost our cultural flowers with our weeds,

ignoring our violent autocrats

by noticing our peace-filling absence of fear,

refusing to compete for their malignant attention

and maintenance of power,

inviting them to shared discernment silence,

echoing across our tribes and nations,

networked binary mirrors,

interdependent bicameral reiterations

of decomposing analysis

building permaculture designed Memory Trees of Reverse-Hierarchy,

mutual subsidiarity merging toward inclusive Win-Win outcomes,

Synergetic Root Systems for Climax Forests

optimally sustaining and maintaining life’s full-octaved harmony.


Explication, or universal exhalation, is Buckminster Fuller’s precession, dynamically, but also his more statically conceived convex fractal-crystal metaphysical (0) Core Vector. This Prime Vector, influenced by Euler’s math-as-relationship-function, is 4-prime equivalent spacetime, dynamically revolving torus-internal, concave-face, when optimally P=NP balanced.

Exhalation, precession toward diastatic fullness, is also analogically confluent with David Bohm’s Explicate Ordered sense-able, and therefore language-code-able Physical Universe.


Decomposition, or inhalation, is culturally centered in, and historically originates from:

Fuller’s TrimTab, tipping point, discernment and design process toward our sustainable diastatic synergetic harmony,

and Teilhard de Chardin’s Omega Point,

Bohm’s Implicate Order as Dark Prime Relationship Metasystemic String (0) soul Vortex Theorem of information and language development,

Julian Jaynes’ balanced bicameral deductive Left-hemisphere ethologically emerging from inductive Right-hemispheric information old-brain processing, ecologically evolving, human HereYangSpatial/NowYinTemporal-Aptic nature.


P = Positive Polynomial = +1 eletromagnetic QBit radiant e-function

NP = (-)(-) Polynomial = +/-(0)-Core Vector/Vortex QBit self-binding gravitational,

regeneratively binomial,

thermodynamically balancing

Implicate Universal Order of P=NP.



EarthTribe Pilgrimage

I am content to walk alone,

but to walk in company with others

adds vigor and passion to the journey.



Good Taoists,

although I am not sure I actually know any,

define their inclusively subordinate clauses,

and sentences,

and contracts,

and lives,

their eternally and mutually satisfactory gratitude,



camouflage their cooperative ecological praxis

confluent outcomes of cultural scientific research

within human natural systems

analogically synthesizing principles of Earth’s nature,

Her flow and function

Her decay and dysfunction;

like post-millennial PermaCulturalists.


But, Persians and Western Cultures

prefer more compassionate vigor in our strut through

this live-system we inherited from Elders past,

comparatively short-sighted about our global future.


All children are scientific researchers of balance,


flow and rhythm.

capacity and lack thereof,

sufficiency and synergy,

and lack thereof.

Human children also evolve as recreative artists

of color, shape, paradigms, stories,

rhythms of patterned confluence,

and denigrated dissonance.


We can,

Taoist or not,

child or not,

use dissonance to show us our way

toward confluence.

We are each free to survive,

sometimes thrive,

in this Tao way,

within double-boundaries of systemic spacetime

and imagination, rooted in regenetic memory.


Imaginations grow intuitively fueled,




with polysystemic comprehension of Prime Relationship

P=NP, binomial thermodynamic balance,

as +1 = (-)0, binary ecological

and cooperative economic dominant cultural balance,

with inclusive competitive subsidiarity

to optimize Earth Day’s slow-growth atmosphere

as one EarthTribe Community,

both compassionate,

and, hopefully, still content

with being somewhat less alone,

hiding behind all that camouflage.