A Star ReBearing Gifts

Red sky
inside ears
poised toward greening
non-violet ultra recommunions,

So, also
noncommunion ZeroZones
of red
against green,

non-violent mediation,

red sky fades
inside green/blue
yintegral yang
speaking “green regained”

So too
sensed newborn
ancient eco-messianic solstice
non-violent celebrations;

red sky
light fades
inside ringing joyful ears
poised toward regreening
non-violet ultra
ecofeminist Earth
Green ReStoring Justice

In solidarity with
RedSky Sacred Rights
to worship
everyday compassionate princes
and feminist princesses
of and for green/red

Red sky fading
non-violently communicating
healthy democratic
Eco/Ego CoAligning Peace,

Red sky
inside ears
poised toward greening
non-violet ultra recommunion
solstice redivining…


DiSpiritual Aches and Pains

I have questions
about spiritual problems
with natural causes.

These questions
assume a metaphorical double-bind
co-passion in-between
Left with Right hemispheres
in Nature with Spirit bilateral dialogue

Informed, I hope,
by win/win historic experiential roots:

What has “nature v spirit” tension meant
in my life?

What have been my win/win
lose/lose experiences
with natural Earth?

How has my relationship with nature
been a solitary
and/or communal

What are my poems,
about nature
that feel meaningful?

How do these communications
separate humanity
from nature
and/or include human beings
becoming compassioned within nature?

In my learned theology
are we spirits
or saints
or souls
or divinely inspired supernatural creatures
wanting to be raptured away from natural Earth?

Is Earth both an exterior natural
and interior spiritual potential
integral Paradise,
an EarthTribally cooperative Garden,
growing both spirit nurturing healthy truth
and nature healing wealthy beauty,
democratic health/wealth trust,
secular/sacred energy
synergetically balancing democracy?

Do I sometimes feel hopeless,
and do I long to be able to feel warmth,
and belonging from Earth HerSelf?

Am I often confused and bewildered?
Do I wish I remembered
or knew
what eco/theo-logically harmonic clarity
might feel like?

Do I feel a distrust so deep
that I would need a win/win trust transplant,
a replanting revolution,
in order to ever feel faith
in anything again;
including my own ego/eco-identity?

Do I need acknowledgement of my original mortal life-line,
from win/lose natural beginnings
ending in inevitable loseEgo and loseEarth?
Was mortal self-identity
like a spirit v nature bomb
that destroyed my original win/win promise
born of Earth
and all of win/win rapturous humanity
in each timeless moment
of human nature’s spirited experience?

Do I need absolute guarantees
of win/win protection,
compassioning simplicity,
and restorative peace
reweaving short-term
through long-term

After engaging this list of self-medications,
does climate resonance,
internally spiritual
and externally natural,
feel lose/lose further apart
or win/win
more cooperatively ego/eco-therapeutic?



Most questions above are adapted from two sources:

Justice On Earth Discussion Guide, by Gail Forsyth-Vail and Susan Lawrence, p. 14


Your Resonant Self, by Dr. Sarah Peyton, p. 177


NonViolent Communion

A positive,
though obscure and academic
and also too multi-syllabic
way to say “non-violent communication”
which is rather like saying “non-oxymoronic”
because we are left wondering more precisely
what these terms could less aggressively not include,
is “enthymematic communication.”

Enthymematic messages
always carry positive
Left with RightBrain balancing,
co-empathic co-passionate rooted
inside mood matches outside receiver’s verbal/non-verbal climate

Of multicultural polypathic resonance,
solidarity with eco-receiver’s
personal/political WinWin trends,
multigenerational historic/herstoried Yang/Yin
Left liberally embodied
with ElderRight conservationally minded
DNA health/wealth traits.

So, you can see why “non-violent communication”
doesn’t quite seem to capture it’s full revolutionary
restorative justice potential
within compassionate green peace
nature-spirit non-sectarian
transubstantiating secular/sacred communions
for deep learning universal/unitarian
100% Zero ZenZone integrity

Of bicameral positive psychology
RealTime healthy energy democracy
for green EarthTribe non-manic sanctuary
cooperatively-owned communication potential,
voiced enthymematically
by all chirping and tweeting and surfing and swaying
and jumping and swimming
and dancing and singing
cooperative communion to-gatherers.


Interviewing Fr. Time

We don’t have a lot of time,
or, well, I guess you do,
but I don’t,
so let’s plunge right into the first big question:
Which came first, form or function?

False dichotomy. No such thing as a totally dysfunctional form,
and no such thing as changing function without some form
distinguished against a static background, or understory.

OK, that was quick!

Not really,
it just seems that way to you.

what about space and time,
which came first?

Same question.
Same answer.
Space adds formed place
to time’s potentiating and exforming function.

so linguistic paradox meets coincidental evolution,
I guess.

About time.

So you say.
And, yang and yin?

Same question.
Yang empowers Time’s form
while Yin unfolds as bilateral yin-yin bipolarity,
all binomial time frequencies,
synergetic trend strings and cycles,
bi-elliptical mutually irradiant,
revolving gravity waves;
like not-not injunctions
and mutual mentors of coredemptive natural intelligence
as accessible as the nearest regenerating cell,
subconscious non-languaged awareness
of synergetic communication and community,
emerging from an eternally unfolding
enthymematic diastolic holding place
of polycultural multisystemic love,
mutual subsidiary solidarity
and coredemptive navigation from past stimuli,
pulling, inviting, seducing
toward future’s ecojust karmic response,
ecological reconnection from past to future in each present time,
re-genesis of The Tree of Coincidental Death and Life,
fear of shortness of time’s revelation, revolution,
between death and life
and yet further death and purgation
toward further freedom and facility and harmonic diversity
of both species and song,
until we sometimes overheat our climatic landscapes
with less than fully optimized permacultural function.

Was that good for you?
I don’t know how many nested climaxes you intended to create there,
but, anyway,
what about dark and light,
black and white,
dispossession and possession of transparency?

Same question.
Black is white light’s full octaved closed-set form
as light is emergent black’s informating octave-ergodic function.

So is that like a color wheel observation
or some kind of cosmologically universal statement?

The ultra-violet spectrum completes time’s full octave frequencies,
your human natured atomic picture frame
of a double-torus shaping universe,
the outline of a tree
including the tree’s equivalent subterranean understory,
and undervalued root system.
Undervalued by egocentric left-brain dominant culture,
not by right-left bicameral balancers
and hormonizers
and permaculturalists,
all the way back to Laotse
then on back to shamans noticing naturally seasoned
cycling and recycling systems of birth and decomposition
and then new birth again.

You did it again,
that thing
when you sound like you’re channeling Bucky Fuller
and you start talking about one thing
and then pulling words about some other irrelevant thing,
turning analogical coincidence
into ecological correlates.

I suppose that’s how language evolved
to iconically place-hold neural memory patterns
of synaptic crisis and aptically benign norms,
structured as DNA fractals,
cycling octave holonic frequency functions.

I’ll take a pass on ever pretending
connections between DNA’s structure
language syntax.
How about the chicken and egg?
Which came first?

What’s the difference?

I don’t know.
It’s one of those questions philosophers like to ask.

I mean, what’s the difference between a chicken
and its egg?

Well, one has feathers and wings
and sometimes lays an egg
and the other is sort of oval
and smooth hard-shelled,
and gooey inside.

This chicken you are asking about,
did it lay the egg
you are asking about,
did this chicken emerge from the egg
you are asking about?
Or, maybe both,
at different stages of chicken with egg development?
If so,
then I guess they too evolved coincidentally.
If I may comment off record here,
you keep asking questions about evolutionary production
and consumption cycles,
as if progenitive decomposition,
metamorphic transitions,
through self-renewing stages of paradox
were not the reverse face of regeneration,
as if we could have mature plants
during summer’s contenting heat
without cold hibernation
of winter’s dissonant contentiousness,
or any concept of fully living
without something we fear as death,
loss of corporate-structured life.

I told you I would only do this interview
if you promised to not critique
our stupid questions.

There is no such thing,
but some are much more perennially
and permaculturally productive than others.

If you say so.
What would be the most insightful question I coul ask you
and please go ahead and answer it too.
Save me some trouble.

Why is the duration of your DNA’s life potential
measured only with atomic
cellular-universal ego-rooted quantitative values?
Because positive inductive/consumptive life-form balance
is omnisciently defined by eco-ionic production
of (0) sum binomial root systemic double-crossing
Eulerian prime relationship spacetime function.
The beginning and end of your DNA string
appear terminal rather than transitional
if you identify your self as ego,
rather than your holonic portion of eco-regenerative consciousness.

OK, well, thank you for that,
I think.
how do you feel about this interview so far?
Anything else I should ask?

I wish you would give higher priority
to ecological and feminist justice platforms.

What’s the difference
between a feminist agenda
and an ecological platform?

You stand in solidarity with one
while endlessly reiterating the other.

Nice job;
very excellent question.
Which came first
is like asking which is the Host
and which is the benign parasite,
which is the producer and which is the grateful consumer,
when these functions emerge coincidentally
throughout a life,
a dream,
a generation,
but also sequentially
across time’s procreation of regenerating space.

You’re doing it again.

Yes and notnot. That’s what I do, reiterative time flows ubiquitously double-bound.

I have a headache. When will Mother Space arrive?

She can’t make it; doesn’t have Time.

I should have seen that coming.

Yes, because it happens all the Time.

Please stop.

I really don’t think that’s in your ego’s best interest at this Time.



Active Peace

Polycultural and permacultural,

space and time growth of human communication,

information systems,

common understanding,

Commons economics,

and ultimate integrity of all human concern

and evolution’s informed coordination,

coincidental endosymbiotic cooperation,

karmic incarnation,

of love’s redemptive initiatives–

these harvest active peace.


Anger dissipates without an enemy to target

through acts of kindness.

Fear fades coincidentally

as strong-tempered love fulfills its trembling place,

transformed polymorphic place,

Edenic life ionically balancing,

finding humor in ego’s hateful quaking

monoculturing systemic dissipation.


All Yang,

no Yin,

original sin,

not Original Intent

of polyculturally balanced

Prime Principle of Universal EcoLogic.



P must reverse-valent NP,

as Yang reverses Yin,

as Tao’s enculturing skin economically responds

to namaste invitations from sunlight’s Vitamin D.


Photosynthesis enlightens binomial polycultures

and regenetic string theory.

Anger and fear burn monopolistically synaptic,

like sunlight on unprotected skin,

when and where

perma- and poly-

P does not


equal NP.


Baptism is to water and air systems

as photosynthesis is to light and soil rooting systems

as yang is to binomial implicating yin,

thusly thereforeversomuchly,

(and exhaustedly)

P DOES = NP!!!

so let’s move on with this Green Revolution

of active peace.


I need a nappy.


Gaia’s Full-Length Mirror

We are each Earth looking back,


in at EcoSelf’s human speciating identity

longing to return

from where we have never left.


Each bicamerolling lens,


each informating incarnating karmic string

of DNA revolving back through generations,

back to Prime Relationship

of species branching off

our multisystemic

polyculturing Tree of Life,

absorbing RNA crystal light sap

soaring back through space-time’s

polynomial plasma fold

Zero-sum win-win ecologic Codex,

grace-fields of regenerating economic

Commons prehension,

being our becoming Earth-bound

climax community.


Each death of willfulness

a redemptive pledge of willingness

to share each breath,

each life,

Earth’s Self-Care.


How is Gaia looking today?

What does Earth’s emergent Self-identity absorb through you?

Through us competing to consume?

Through us producing, learning, growing, singing, dancing,

working and playing,

laughing and crying together?


Tao Calendar

Where did we come from?

asked winter, of gratitude.

Who and what are we becoming and belonging?

asked spring, of hope.

Where are we going?

asked summer, of faith.

How did we get here, again?

asks fall, with incarnating grace,

winnowing harvest’s climatic outcomes,

regenerative, redeem-and-balance, economic mind.


Each life,

and all life,

is a coincidental ReGenesis Project.

How are yours coming along?


Basic Multisystemic Compassion

As I approached David Bohm’s Wholeness and the Implicate Order I anticipated easy resonance with his philosophy, but was concerned I would be lost in his symbolic math. I had no idea that he had any interest in language or anything that might approach a meta-philosophy of linguistics.

I probably don’t understand enough of this to even successfully explain why it feels so compelling to me, much less why I hope it will be compelling to you. Even so, let me set the stage for his rheomode chapter with a few sentences that grabbed me.


…in the present inquiry the rheomode will be concerned mainly with questions having to do with the broad and deep implications of our overall world views which now tend to be raised largely in the study of philosophy, psychology, art, science and mathematics, but especially in the study of thought and language themselves…. …the dominant form of subject-verb-object tends continually to lead to fragmentation, and it is evident that the attempt to avoid this fragmentation by skillful use of other features of the language can work only in a limited way, for, by force of habit, we tend sooner or later, especially in broad questions concerning our overall world views, to fall unwittingly into the fragmentary mode of functioning implied by the basic structure. The reason for this is not only that the subject-verb-object form of the language is continually implying an inappropriate division between things but even more, that the ordinary mode of language tends very strongly to take its own function for granted,… …because the ordinary mode of thought and language does not properly call attention to its own function, this latter seems to arise in a reality independent of thought and language so that the divisions implied in the language structure are then projected, as if they were fragments, corresponding to actual breaks in ‘what is’. (pp 39-40)


Bohm chooses rheo because it means “flow”; so he sees rheomode language structure as flowmodal. For reasons that I hope to support as we go along, I believe Bohm’s rheomode may translate effectively as “ecological.”

My first question has to do with how universally true is this “subject-verb-object” fragmentation of language. Here Bohm speaks of its ubiquitous culturally fragmenting effect especially when discussing things that are Whole Systemic like universal principles and nature and spirituality, dogma and metaphysics. But is it true that nouns always act as static nomials and verbs take all the dynamic action in all languages, is there a linguistic cultural divide in this respect between more Eastern enculturated language, as compared to Western encultured language? Is this as true in aboriginal, unwritten languages, as of post-industrial evolving language? Are there possibly ethological linguistic trends that might distinguish between Northern and Southern hemispheres, germane to this tripartite distinction between progenitive/subject-generative/verb-regeneration/object linguistic functions?

Regardless, Bohm’s ecological rheomode concentrates full language attention on holistic implications of verbs, language as iconic of process, change, development as well as implicating stasis, solidarity, and unraveling. Verbs, verbals, have this binomial function, dialectical form of explicit thesis-function and implied antithesis-appositive dysfunction. Dynamic linguistic function is diametric, binomial analogically and, therefore, binary-balanced digitally. Perhaps analogical information is to binary-coded polynomial information as digital information is to bionically-encoded language-pattern.

Bohm processes us through a 7-stage unfolding of basic verbal bionic function. Language evolves essentially bionic because it grows through a prime relationship between Self (ego) and Other (eco/echo/reiterating environmental input). Self is my information processor, receiving both Interior Landscape (B. Fuller’s Metaphysical Constant Concave Universe) and Exterior Landscape (Fuller’s Physical Convex Universe) messages. Both categories of messages are linguistically articulated only in our left hemispheres. Both categories of messages are temporally-neurally aptic/synaptic affectively received and fractally (4-based logical metric system) co-prehended, intuited, predicated, encoded, implicating memories resonant with RNA/DNA encrypted double-elliptical plasmatic fold/flow/force patterns, defaulting to retain ionic, and bionic, balance.

Just as it is not possible to have a “true” information system that is not binary-balanced, it is not true information that is not binomially structured, with a positive polynomial +form-function that is negatively dipolar correlated with –(-) polynomial equivalently ionic disbalancing chaotic dissonance; an implicit intuited antithesis completing the 100% truth value of each language space-time event. Cognitive awareness, and therefore the development of expressive language, and word choice, is an enthymematic dialogue between right brain’s natural systemic design and development experience, and left brain’s eisegetical hypothesis that what ego’s senses are absorbing remains normatively confluent with our prior unfolding of time encultured memory network.

For now, I want to narrow Bohm’s 7-stage (open-ended octave) taxonomy of  nomials into what appear to me to be the more primal 4-base stages. He analyzes several words as rheomodes. We will use his analytical structure for additional words:


Reform—to form again; spatial dimensions+=+, temporal linear dimension (-)before=(+)now

Reformant [reforming, reform-ionic]—is formant in this now, so choice of form is functionally “Truing”

Irreformant [negative reform-ionic]—is not formed now, so choice of form is functionally “Falsing”


When I replace reform with inform, then it becomes easier for me to see not-informant as dissonance, noise, the reception of a message without nutriently redeeming value; lack of confluence, absence of a good as well as absence of truth at this time.


Regenerate—to conceive again

Regenerant—regenerating now, truing confluent with encoded experience

Irregenerant—negative degenerating-ionic, generative trend is falsing, out of formative and functional potentiating balance.


Renature—to incarnate, an incarnational linear-string identity of historical continuity

Renaturant—confluent syncing with internal right brain true/good natural experience

Irrenaturant—dissonating from natural systemic order


For me, although apparently not for Bohm himself, the logic implied within these fractal forms becomes more transparent if I use co or eco where Bohm uses re and rheo; these are essentially binomially-fractal flow rhythms and patterns of logic and ecologic.

SINE                           (enthymematic +e = +c-function) Uracil = winter permacultural language

COSINE                     right-temporal-only Interior prehension +e-functionally confluent

Cytosine= spring as positive ecocentric hope permacultural logos/logic

Positive [Adonine] + Negative [Guanine] confluent/dissonant neural memory/random-chaos LTR trend-analysis

= regenerating flow-fractal RESOLUTION: SINE equivalently eco-logic, temporally coded function


I realize these thoughts have taken some bold analogical leaps, but I believe that if we embrace the basic prime fractal relationship between Interior Landscape’s right-brain dominant ecologic as a reverse corollary of the Exterior Landscape’s left-brain dominant logic, we can uncover empirical, scientific, deductively sequential, logical, rational, as well as good and beautiful and regenetically effective evidence that cognitive dissonance is what happens when co-incidention does not. In other words, we can only cognize as true and logical, right and fair and just, beautiful and good, graced karma what does not cause chaotic temporal-neural flow chaos between our right and left dominant co-incidental pattern and rhythm code memory, within our amazingly binomial information processing DNA speciated brains.

Both psychological and physical/geometric/biometric evidence combine as I comparatively analyze Buckminster Fuller’s Synergetics, Julian Jaynes’ ethological cultural analysis of the left-brain’s evolution of language (The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind). Jaynes’ conjectures have only been further supported by subsequent split-brain research. However, his choice of “breakdown” was important for his historical interest in the evolutionary relationship between consciousness and identity, and, if he were rewriting for a post-millennial audience, he would probably invest rather more ink in our bicameral buildup of right-left equi-valent permacultural balancing trends. That said, his historical evolutionary analysis remains germane for noticing this fractal flow-trend within language and ecological economies of natural systemic value, virtue, nutrition, medicine, health, mental health, power, function, form, information, and ionic/bionic ergetic frequencies.

I find natural (inclusive of human natural) fractals as deeply embedded in our Interior Landscape as Buckminster Fuller, Gregory Bateson, Guy Murchie, and others find within Earth’s, even the Universe’s, natural design and development stages and frequencies and forms. So much so that analogical fractals and polymorphic fractals resolve as ecological and logical regenerative Prime Relationship Fractal Systems.

Some more developmental-fractal eco-nomials that I have included in an article for the Community Development Association:

Comparing synergetic organic paradigms, the unfolding economy of love (Fuller mentioned love as a synonym for how he understood the action of synergy) and seasoned integrity, perhaps wisdom, becomes analogous with Fuller’s fractal unfolding of Universal Intelligence.

Permaculture                           Positive Affect             Learning                      Seasonal Metaphor    

Decompose form/function        Attend/Presence           Notice/Apprehend        Winter/Advent 

Consume function                    Hope?                          Question/Doubt                       Spring

Produce form                           Faith!                           Understand                  Summer

Regenerate information                       Love/Peace…               Comprehend[1]               Fall/Harvest

Regenerative systemic process follows a redemptive economic cycle, in which we intend to “buy back,” reinvest in those outcomes with the best sustained yield-value and least risk of over-unbalancing-investment. Risk aversion itself seems to recommend becoming as cooperatively self-invested as environmental circumstances allow, as a first-tier priority for OCQI yield development. Self-redemptive economies lead to mutually-(co)redemptive economies, lead to self-regenerating Climax Community development, into perpetuity, or permaculturally.

I suspect there may be profound implications for merging linguistic and nutritional health paradigms. For example, I am aware of two psychotherapeutic models rooted in Buddhist philosophy: dialectical behavior and compassionate. They each have their strengths and they are not in any way dissonant with each other. Their primary distinction may be their point of original linguistic perspective. Dialectical behavior therapy comprehends self-identity within a fundamentally Thesis v Antithesis logos/language intellectual and feeling environment. Here we are encouraged to balance our grasping instincts with our immune-aversive instincts. Compassion therapy begins with a Basic Attendance Self-EcoEnvironmentally co-passionate mutual mentoring enthymematic hypothesis, which implies an equivalent +/(-) binomial Thesis/Antithesis Zen Vortex of mindful potential. Compassionate awareness, or love, or synergy, becomes the synergetic holonic balancing of +Thesis-ego-identity with –(-)Antithesis-bionic economical individuation. Mutually appreciated therapeutic benefits now, and anticipated for the future, is what sustains healthy interdependent minds, communication, relationships, intentional communities.

Switching to a Taoist frame, where I have more familiarity and linguistic comfort, this Positive Teleological self-identity information string, following the regenerative evolutionary and revolutionary trends of enculturing history, is the  convex force/form-power/solidarity of Yang; regeneratively completed and dialectically-binomially-economically cooperatively and mutually balanced by concave flow/function-dipolar reflective subsidiarity of co-incidentally reverse proportioning/distortioning/torquing/wavilinear/individuation unraveling Yin’s bi-functional role within Yang-quantic, or ionic, identity. Regenerative Tao balancing trends may be temporally viewed as Yin-prescient to Yang’s linguistic self-consciousness moment, as well as coincidentally wavilinear within each regenerative trending primal event-moment relationship.

Within binary information systems this seems to translate into +1.00% Polynomial information is temporally-linearly equivalent covalent with (+/-)0 QBit Polynomial Bayesian analysis trends.

Why do I think you would care about this?

Perhaps because I read Laura Brown’s feminist psychotherapy work (Subversive Dialogues) before I ran into Compassion Therapy, and something going viral that I think is called Health Home, I have trouble seeing any difference in how they describe an optimally therapeutic linguistic, or rhetorical, or dialectic/dialogical multisystemic environment. When I began my current journey toward verbally and sometimes nonverbally silencing my aversion to what I don’t find compelling in my Oppositionally Disordered daughter, and, instead actively looking for ways to appreciate her Positive functionality, reinforcing and growing her strengths and assets, assuming her screechy-scratchy dissonance has a positive-functional ethological evolutionary role for her, and for our relationship, then I find myself enjoying her more, and she appears to enjoy me more.


Anyway, I have certainly not done justice to the linguistic potential you might find in David Bohm’s rheomode, whether it works as a synonym for ecological flow function for you or not. Unfortunately, like Buckminster Fuller, he was an even worse writer than am I. It is easy to get lost in our long, complex strings of interactively dynamic analogies. This, however, is an unfortunate communication challenge for those with a polypathic way of using our nutrient-absorbing sensory receptors. Something I intuit that we might share, or you would not still be reading this.

[1] All systems are subject to comprehension, and their mathematical integrity…and trigonometric interfunctioning can be coped with by systematic [eco]logic. (Fuller, 1975, p. 97) The fourness of self and the fourness of otherness = [binomial and bionic] comprehension. (Fuller, 1979, p. 49)


Cooking Up Stories

Why would I care enough

to open your story?

Why don’t I care enough

to fill you in to mine?


I love your wild willingness,

can’t say the same for our willfulness

to exchange our belonging

for side-by-side longing.

for being karma’s relentless becoming

when we could more peacefully

become simple incarnate beings.


Prime being together

feeds my soul to yours,

organic compost

sublime breakfast

wild beings

with stir-flying nice.


Natural nutrients grow strong values

folding our stories with care.



How Am I Not Part of You?

In which sense am I not you

and those from whom we emerged together?

What does this leave,

only those into whom I emerge toward?

If so, in what sense

does our future incarnation

transcend life and death,

and, without biological progeny,

is my ecological Self more marginal

than self-perpetuating stuff of breeders?


My mind avoids such

non-ego-individuating limitation.


Do bioparents bear more mentorship authority

or stewardship responsibility

for our children’s future than do I,

adoptive only?

(Yet, repeatedly!)


My heart does not embrace

echoing reified eternity

after dying.

My heart wants

self-perpetuating climax,

cutting edge of surfing soaring belonging


regenerating in this ocean of Solar Systemic music,

and rhythm dance explicating memories

and full-functional imaginations,

night dreams and day design,

learning as we fly together

to create as we have learned

to love our children’s future.


I swim toward freedom

to do as eco-self wants,

to be what I most gracefully prefer,

to belong with whom and what I most long,

rather than what I can afford to purchase.

We compost freedom to grow in integrity,



To become where we most primally belong,

to incarnate our (0)-sum smooth-structured souls,

carnating eco-self identity

evolving EarthTribe’s permacultured history

from ecstatic conception unfolds a person,

a faith community,

a GLQ community,

a bisexual transpeciated community,

a transgender community,

any community or communication,



permacultural revolution,

an information processing polymorphic system

reiteratively learning our interdividuating evolution,

a globally revolving spacetime network

of informating ribonucleo-string,

full-octave colored umbilical cord

wending in toward dark-eyed yesterdays.