AzaRiah’s Earth Requiem

He was too old
to speak of active hope
for ancient creamy dreams
not yet boldly told

Inviting curious homeless nomads
to imagine what we could become
if we were not yet brazenly born
into this time of tragic burning,
predicting hunger,
and coastal drowning nakedness.

Into this epic brown despair
AzaRiah was innocently born
within fading red shadows
of a crumbling
white cathedral.

She never knew an old Golden Era
of endless capital expansion
and monopolistic worship
defying GoldenRules
applied to those like her,
the least and blackest last
of Earth’s Golden SpaceTime Ratio.

AzaRiah’s stormy education
had no LeftBrain Ego v NotEco luxury
to ponder why 2D full moons
are also 4D revolving half-lit norms,

Why spatial nomials
predict temporal bilateral binomials,

Why positive polypaths
predict not not negative
polyphonic ultra-nonviolence,

Why binary Zero
fulfilling One bipolar Zone
predicts double-binary 0/1
wave-linear dipolar co-arising
win/win DNA resplendent Tone,

Why fractal-structured regenerativity
nativity predicts octave spiraling scales
of resonant
resilient non-degenerativity.

She was much too busy
singing with hurricane winds,
listening for flaming conflagrations
of reactionary hate,
inviting still small ecofeminist circles
to dance again with GrandMother Moon
in compassion’s silent storms,
self and other recreating
perpetual healthcare perception

Belonging in grateful silence
where her grandfathers
spoke with terrified tears
of Earth’s great loud longing.


Earth’s Final Revolutionary Answer

A society
humane species
or more likely under-valuing,
how to regeneratively suffer loss
may never have learned to face our universal fear of death
as a badge of permaculturing respect,
dignity through suffering sacred absence
where once we knew nondual co-arising relational life
together incarnate.

In response to loss of love’s opportunity for further cultivation,
incarnation of life’s positives and double-negative equivalencies
of loss to lose ego death’s ubiquitous omnipotence,
we could reverse our Interior and Exterior Climate feedback loops,
turn down our YangLeft competition
another half a notnot notch,
where loss to EgoDeath equals WinWin
for society
for internal and external cultural climates
for reconnecting timeless Earth’s revolving tribal love
to death’s dualdark TransParent BiLateral CoGravitational Primal Time
of EcoConsciousness
as SelfAwareness of Light’s CoArising NonDual ReVolution.

An absence of integrative dignified death culture,
mourning process for love’s loss,
reflects a lack of humor
for Earth’s lively lovely enculturation
of regenerative health and beauty,
Tao (0)-Balanced Left/Rightness,
where Tao begets co-gravitating dualdark exformation,
dipolar light = CommonsSquared = PrimeEulerianUnitarian-Integral Function.

Failure to celebrate life
emerging as light’s co-investment in love,
merging normatively equivalent to denying death’s dark ultimatum,
represses light’s co-arising dualdark CoPresence.

each AnthroNature,
emerges bicamerally embryonic from warm-heated light,
as each SuperEco/Ego
each Earth(0)-Balanced DNA/RNA fueled cell
speaking intergenerational fertility,
memories of eternally timeless love unfolding,
refolding climates
toward prefolding Post-BiCameral Earth (0)-centric DiPolar

Each Ego loss
a sacred loss from Earth’s pay-it-forward evolutionary economy;
each Earth gain
a win for confluent cooperative EarthTribe future love,
healthier global culture
sharing a natural-religious sensory awareness
of ironic double-negative nondual WinWin humor,
ProGenitors joining our DNA-designed celebration of life
as notnot death’s grand eulogy
for Internal/External Climate TaoBalance.

We each live on in loving light
or not so much,
depending somewhat on the dignity we hold
for each other’s natural right to live and die gracefully,
with freedom
with gratitude for this climatic great transition,
toward our cooperative beloved climaxing
(0)Mega Point.

Cultural wounds of enslaving others
stretch a profound investment in basic integrity
of nature’s evolutionary intent,
feeds on evolution as competitive survival of the mightiest wealth,
rather than revolutionary health as cooperative thrival
of our self-optimizing EarthBalanced PostMillennial ReGeneration.

Springing strong-rooted sense of cooperative humor,
co-arising nondually throughout each love-filled feisty day and embracing night
of generation’s future
living toward climatic religioning conscientific balance
of Tao’s bilateral bicameral Time,
in which incarnation explicates restraint on Ego’s imagined freedoms
of ownership and power
as disincarnation implicates freedom of Earth’s diastatic,
nutritiously universal EcoConsciousness
of co-arising, co-present light
revolving day into dualdark night
of Queen Shabbat
as GrandMother Moon’s warm polycultural light.

It is this dream of death
inviting future’s incarnate life,
regenerating Earth’s Tribal Balance,
that understories each moment’s daytime active life,
backdrop aria
bookending love’s grand climatic opera;
ReGeneration Story.

What our global political and economic climate could most invest,
in this PostMillennial Moment,
is integral religious sense of Allah’s zen-scientific humor,
and lack of terrifying intent.

May truth in each repose
bring eternally diastatic bliss,
evolving rich nutrition
for future smiling contented
political and economic peace
with justice for this replete Universal PolyCulture,
EarthTribal ReGenerations,
Internal as External (0)Soul ReIncarnations of Time’s Eternal Light;
Active Love
CoOperative DiPolar CoArising Networks
of DualDark DiaStatic Potentiality
(O)Virginal WinWin EcoLogical Integrity’s Intent.


Red Sky At Night…

Once upon a nightime grim

all creatures of Earth dreamed

our Mother was not enough for everyone,

just “me.”


This collective nightmare thunderously rolled out

dark implications:

Earth is insufficient for our needs!

We live in Closed Systems of immunity,

heading toward decay!

EarthTribe is not enough to sustain all this life!

I am not enough, yet!

I do not have enough, yet!

When someone grabs from me

they steal from my self-identity!

Grab back!

When someone strikes and hits to hurt,

is mean to those I care about,

I hit back!

with self-righteous flashing anger,

equity and integrity mere dormant values.

They must learn

or I may perish!


With such dark dreams

our primal twins,

Yang and Yin,

thrashed about in tangled sheets

each unaware of Other’s parallel flight

within this blue-black brackish night,

til Yang whacked Yin upside the head

completely unaware of how this would unfold.

So Yin hit back in fright

and soon this ruckus raised a violent alarm

among their household, neighbors, Tribe.

This outrage spread

sweeping across land and oceans

then back again to where it all began

until exhausted and dark bruised

all earthbound life fell down unconscious.


Within this loss of self-defense,

our open-handed peaceful nest,

dawn quietly crept toward abundant light

for all to feel and hear and touch

her sobbing singing warming beauty.

Scent of sun-baked cotton sheets

invites Yin’s eyes to uncover sight

of radiant light

abundantly growing nutrient wealth,

a yeasty compost sustaining interweaving life,

incarnating karmic response to each species’ evolving wants

and worthy hope.


As her awareness of Earth’s vast creation

lit her eyes of self-discovery

dawn’s diastasis filled hearts and minds

of all coincidental early risers.

We woke uncovered to discover immensity of life

and color swarming far beyond our needs,

nutrients absorbed for taste, and touch, and scent, and sound,

and sight, freely accessed to fit each synchronic need,

each longing to belong,

each Self fading into and out of Other,

sufficient place for each species’ time and space.

Last night’s primal screams of insufficiency replaced

by dawn’s ecology of karmic grace.


Yang woke alarmed at loss of cover.

His arms flew out to hide his fall

from dawn’s radical gift of generosity

and harmonic praxis.

And, in so doing, he hit Yin’s head.

This blow did smart

but seeded tears of redeemer healing.

Yin justly smiled and absorbed around

reminding Yang she is his graceful mentor

interpreting his dreams.


She sang with harmony enveloping unredeemed dissonance and disease,

hope for suffering and insanity’s dark lessons,

dawn’s well-lit vocation for us all

softly individuating within Earth’s optimizing life,

all brittle boundaries of mutual immunity

relaxing into resonance.


In this Transition Time from dark competing violence,

we remain cooperatively nested within Earth’s well-being,

so, dear Yang,

return toward redemptive rest,

regenerating memory seeds,

stringing songs dancing back,

back to stardust’s Ecologic Elders.


Fear and violence display synaptically sharp;

competitive “Loser!” economies;

love’s justice peace remains buoyant, resilient, robustly evolving

cooperating mutual winner revolution

away from red skies of mourning.


Reheading Rights

In memory of, and with gratitude to, all those who have lost our heads to violence.


We lost our head the other day,

attenuating sight and sound and smell,

severing our capacity to feel

and digest this sacrifice of sacred nature.


With dominant arm of self-righteousness

we practiced malignant intent,

a sacrilegious suicide

this unholy separation of mind and sacred icon

of EarthSpace,

Tree of Life cut down,

leaving this abominated stump

with dying roots

stretching back and down to reach

our deepest rivers of nutrient Paradise.


And now Yin, mourning left hand of justice

grows silently incapacitated

by right-handed hubris

trading self-defensive weapons

predicating tools, offending nature’s incarnation.


Our denatured head grows silent

waiting for decaying EarthSelf to respond.


Why is this eternal silence

not enough,

a global omissioned sin?


Perhaps because our grieving is too loud

to recommit Earth Yinned arm to

restore our sacred space,

a paradise replacing

self-immunizing defenses with

self-immolating gratitude

for deeply graced ecologic,

our Tree of Life Cathedral

composed of countless recycling life rings,

each gradually growing silent

as its individuating season passes,

to move to core support,

endless trunk aligned with

EarthSelf’s permaculturing taproot.


Our beheading self-sacrilege

screams with holy loss,

defilement of humaned nature,

loss of hope for anything

but winter’s silent healing,

nurturing future’s seed.


Teach us bare-boned sacred silence,

grow our gratitude for winterish loss,

our remains deep-stretching hope

to comprehend Earth’s silent despairing diastasis,

sobbing decay weeps for

unremitted memory loss.


Rise up peaceful open-handed grace

of silent witness.

Burn fused weapons

into smooth-shelled water rafts

rising procession, springing sap

for reweaving Earth’s cultured pearls,

sacred silent wisdom,

a left-armed reach up

to greet right hand’s loss,

mutually caressing shared loss of mind.


As one falls silent severed

so do we all.

Dropping arms in empty bow

to rest on Earth’s warm skin.

Cold-hearted seeds of tears

for what we have begun,

a suicide procession

quietly emptying out of Eden.


This pilgrimage bows,

vows to return again

to silent natural grace,


waiting with simpler cousins,

more helplessly free of self-defenses,

trees and hibernating animals,

making do with what rests stored,

vast wealth deposits melting out

toward starving margins of

reason’s boundary.


Winter water’s left-armed brittle peace,

a pacific self-sequestration

lays siege to tired and trembling Righteousness,

until at last we reconnect

our left and right

our Yang and Yin

our song and silence.


We retell our children

and they theirs

of this Great Head Turning.

Iconic scab of homeless body,

a trunk no longer growing rings

sings our silent mourning memory

for EarthTribe’s loss of seed.


Our sacrificial answer to sacrilegious question,

winter’s dark silence

until mourning accomplishes her healing task,

Earth’s dawning regenesis

of heart and breath

springing profoundly diverse sprigs

of interweaving gratitude

for winter’s rich composting blanket.


Fold arms,

stop marching in effraction baring markets,

to dance in harmoniously therapeutic

revolving, flowing

Gaian prehensive circles.