Cultural Blindness

In psychology and communications theory,
we notice experiences of cognitive/affective dissonance–

What an anthropologist might notice
as a cultural legacy of cognitive blindness

And a health therapist
might notice as a pathological orthodoxy
preventing mere subjects of history
from acting and voting
in our own greatest objective wealth
of EgoHealth cooperatively-responsible interests.

Like voting for DonaldJohn
if you are in the bottom 99%
of the Not Trumpian Orthodox SuperElite
Or, you are
but you are in the 1%
but Not Trumpian StraightWhite EgoCentric MyopicMale.

Orthodox feelings
favoring affective matriarchal change
and cooperative integrity re-acclimations
and healing revolutions
for restoring natural/spiritual justice
compel multicultural objectives
to continue cooperatively unfolding
and ecologically incarnating
our own greatest
and deepest
and widest theological polypathic health
of eco/theo-polyphonic graced integrity

Integrating both PositiveIntegrity development
effecting and affecting NegativeBlindMendacity abatement
co-arising dipolar appositional
Prime ZeroZone Ego/EcoRevolutionary Relationship.


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