Integrity’s Dialects

There is only integrity,
and therefore we are,
and therefore I am

There is only integrity
of and in and for each moment’s potential,
so only integrity as eternal potential,
self-other perpetual regeneration.

There is only ecopolitical integrity for human nature,
so there is only ecological health integrity
for all of Earth’s natures.

Integrity, for humans, behaving with growing ecopolitical maturity,
is regenerative promise,
WinWin potential,
for all Earth’s Tribes,
eco/bio systems.

Integrity? Like synergy?

Yes. Integrity, like active love and karma and grace and synergy.
Integrity, you remember,
integrity of health, happiness, prosperity, beauty, humor
as if we had some Earth-rooted intelligence?
The stuff of national Constitutions for healthy politics,
and internationally cooperative economies
with multicultural ecotherapeutic intent.

Integrity of climate health,
interior landscape yin-within, nondual Elder-Right Brained,
exterior landscaped yang-without, Left Brained dominance of languaged self-as-not-other dual identity consciousness.

Potential for revolutionary polypathic ecopolitical consciousness balance,
bicamerally languaged confluent harmonics stretching dissonant pathologies
into notnot worn-out extinction.

Integrity becomes health
being Integrity’s universal unitarian Tao-potential.

Integrity of EarthTribe’s global DNA preference for co-empathic trust,
aversion to mutually dissonant toxins.

Integrity of regenerating health,
ecopolitical Truth as Beauty,
Animus loving Anima,
Moose Medicine deep listening with Owl Medicine,
Prickly as notnot Gooey (Alan Watts),
Convex-space as Concave implicate bilateral wave-linear primal (0) dimensional relationship within Time (Bucky Fuller with Group Theory’s (0)-soul [=”Core”= “Origin Point”] upgrades),
Yang as notnot dipolar appositional Yin, co-arising and co-gravitating.

So 3-dimensioned Prime Space = 1 bilateral (0)sum dimensional Time=
4D RealTime CoOperative QBit-Octave/BiFractal WinWin Network Design
for integrative health development
synonymous with ReGenesis (0)Zen of TaoBalanced Cooperative-Precessive SpaceTime.

This ReGenesis EcoPolitical Agenda of Earth’s evolution,
yet another political non-party, non-partisan,
multiculturally inclusive across our political spectrum,
combining all paradigms,
syncing areas of expertise and deductive specialization,
across all this vast metaphysical complexity of landscapes,
of languages and dialects as colors,
time as speeding light,
arguing too passionately for integrative comfort of academia,
we already have all information/exformation integrity,
polypathic precedent of DNA-regenerate intelligence,
all Nature’s evidence for cooperatively sustainable evolution through ecological balance,
by merely updating and integrating (0)-sum and ecopolitical-centric
Fullerian Synergy as solar/lunar radiant light-love
fueling Goddess Gaia,
and all Her RNA/DNA Solidarity-Integrity
recreating embryonic Gods and Goddesses,
and all transgenderational colors and organic chemistries in-between
eros and agape
absorbing bad-humored hate,
transubstantiating angry political pasts and their fearful economic futures.

There is only integrity,
and therefore we are organic cooperative integrity,
until we are no more.


Wealth Without Walls

We pursue endless climate sabbaths,
I perhaps best and worst of all,
holidays of verdant forests floating within
oceans of atmospheric tides sucking and spewing nutrient flowing matters,
slow-dancing ecopolitical issues reincarnating history
of Earth’s love of Time Herself,
rich bubbling pastures for fertile economies
of harmonically choreographed dress rehearsals,
moving from today’s creation curtain back toward First Act
preparing already our next great transition,
another season of ecopolitical regenerate life
in Promising Lands and Prophetic Seas.

Economy, like Sabbath,
epiphanies a cooperatively normed word
and competitively abnormal climate function
for any sustainable ecosystem
including bio-networking human-nature-systems

To act economically, we practice ecopolitical health.
Practice, practice, practice makes further economic climates.

My economy,
running through my days and nights,
weeks and calendar-scheduled months,
me performing with cooperative intent
internally as externally,
organically bilateral,
binomial in as out reflecting in,
bisexual Yang-form power with Yin-flow fluid function strength,
interacting as peacefully as possible,
listening deeply for my own arrogant egocentric injustices
to myself and others,
excesses of shutting-you-out power,
most vulnerably over-exercised on those I live with
and work with each day.

My competing economic-political behavior feels like struggling against
some other competitive economic force,
stronger and thereby darkly compelling,
while my cooperative ecopolitical evolution feels struggle within
my own extended family of confusion, miscommunication,
lack of sufficient awareness
that our WinLose feelings and predictions
are rooted in embryonic experience of WinWin norm-expectations for life
in this EarthTribe Cooperative.

I have a healthy economic life
and one more pathologically egocentric,
with monoculturing intent,
feeding on ethnocentric hubris
yet sabbathed in anthro-enculturing Elders,
looking for a co-messianic bodhisattva EarthTribe economy.

Ecosystems like me,
prefer our healthy ecological economies
with mutual subsidiary, multiorganic cooperation.
I expect our political power-relationships
to normatively reflect our economically balancing (0)-sum intent
and orthopraxis centers,
which is why I do not want bicameral governance structures quarreling against,
rather than discerning with,
co-empathic trust in our shared economy
as karmic
and graceful
and incarnational
and evolutionary
and even sometimes revolutionary WinWin cooperative intent.

This is how we have all been raised together
from originating Yang-sperm and Yin-oceanic eggs,
Animus-yolk hemoglobic egocenters
and Anima-nurturing chlorophyllic green ecosystems
of embryonic-empathic trust forests
in healthy economic nutritional-branching and rooting truths
as ecopolitical sabbath beauty choices.

Sabbath climates invite cooperative opportunities
where daily grinds compete to improve WinLose risks and odds pathologies
as if these could be remembered
as a good and true anthro-embryonic history
of new life revolutions.