Restoring Supreme HealthJustice

My litmus test question
for supreme and more everyday justice makers
organic bakers
RealTime fakers:

Have you read research results
comparing retributive justice unhealthy outcomes
to those of good-faith restorative
justice processes?
Repairing green reparations
rather than locking up long-held repressive sexist lies
and throwing away liberty’s dwindling healthy discernment key
ring of bilateral co-passionate consciousness.

Could you justify voting against abortions
for those you have raped and pillaged
and still wear the mask of restoring justice
for all broken minds and embodied hearts?

When restorative criminal justice
invites and complies with WinWin peace-filling standards,
how much greater the legal-moral constitutional system
inviting and complying with transparent WinWin democracy
standards of and for co-operating health
with wealth
rather than
ego-eco anti-therapeutic lack of mutual invitation

Leaving rapacious room for anthro-centric stages
of monoculturing punishment,
less sacred
and more secular locking up wild ecofeminist creativity
passionate restoring nativity

For historical Win-Lose evolutionary naivety
supplanting cultural Win-Win SpaceTime relativity.


The G.M.O. on Fracking


somewhat alliteratively,

is fucking Earth dry

without invitation.

We also call this rape,

in other contexts,

and aggravating assault.



in this context,

assumes we have our ownership rights,

as this ego self-centered

and short-sighted Species,

owns our Earthship in fractured pieces,

to whimsically repeat this rapacious assault,

we also call slavery

and using Mom as if She were The Bombed Whore.


GMOing Earth


neuters Her

because She’s only abundantly economized

as a fucking commodity anyway.