Where is HOME?

Among several sublime
and subprime
sacred meanings
and secular purposes
for HOME,
in October Sunbeams
of BlueSky enlightenment
and GreenEarth empowerment,

Dennis Lehane’s HOME
refining peaceful stable minds
defining sacred communion
for unconditional compassionate love,
not intentionally unkind

I could not sync
with mythological
or ecological
or theological CONCEIT

But, could not find a replacement
until recalling indigenously wise
nature-spirited refacement
of EarthMother’s EcoRoom,
a regenerate matriarchal WOMB

Making peace for Here
Now sacred place,
until we disregard
and degenerate,
in AnthroSupremacist ways,
down toward MotherEarth’s TOMB

pathological HOME

Which maybe does say something
about mythologically epic

Note: This piece refers to

“Happiness doesn’t lie in conspicuous consumption and the relentless amassing of useless crap.  Happiness lies in the person sitting beside you and your ability to talk to them.  Happiness is clearheaded human interaction and empathy.  Happiness is home.  And home is not a house–home is a mythological conceit.  It is a state of mind. A place of communion and unconditional love.

Dennis Lehane, in The Sun (magazine), “Sunbeams,” p. 48, October, 2021


A NonViolent Glory Prayer

Share with me
this day,
this night,
what will feed my neighbors
as my hungry self.

Forgive me
my theocratic excesses
as I forgive my ancestors
for arguing anthro-hubrisisms.

Lead me
into Earth’s compassion.

Deliver me
into full bicameral consciousness.

For our wealthy bodies
are our healthy minds
eco-political power
as neuro-psychological grace.


Global Laundry

Laundering wealthy clothes and other valuables,
moments and grand events of baptism,
scrubbing dissonant deposits
into healthy places and times,
is like laundering life with omnipresent love.
When we’re done sitting in solidarity with Earth’s laundry,
it’s probably time to start over,
or succumb to our own stinky mess of pseudo-wealth.

therapeutically laundering body-minds toward nutritional health
is baptism through redemptive eco-self awareness,
eco-herent eco-operative ecompassioning identity.
A clean chi-body of identity clothes cover
and uncover,
recover would be co-redeemers of healthy wealth,
in cooperatively naturing systems.

Corporate-sponsored competitive detergents of enculturation
have blinded too many to more permacultural Received Tradition:
human nature evolved through mutual mentorships
of caregiving and nurturance and cooperation
inclusive of all Earth’s Tribes and natural dynamics
and polyculturing systems of mutual solidarity,
like air with fire,
soil with water.

Too often Left-Brain Dominance
has confused our designer attire and attitudes
facilitator scrubbing functions
mutual mentoring
co-redemptive economic EcoLogical Co-Operative Vocations
with those we have labeled
“Sole Proprietor”
and “Owner” of Nature.
These labels tend to come off
during a healthy permacultural stone-washed thrashing
of decompositional analysis.

like AnthroCentrism
and its cousins, RacialElitism,
and CulturalTolerance
fail to wash well
for achieving EcoCentric
Health-Wealth Optimization Outcomes.

HumanHubris confuses ourselves,
trying to wash our Beloved Dog
as if She were a monopolistically-intended Flea,
resulting in great misfortune
especially for Earth’s future grandchildren
drowning in over-populated toxic pain in the everywhere.
They could have been our much Beloved Community,
if we would regenerate this revolution,
permaculturally washing with Earth’s Nature-Balancing
decompositional soap of ecological intelligence.


Raising Secrets

Imagine you might accept your anomaly,

an extraordinary gift of nature,

intrinsic to your charism and story.

Perhaps your secret brings no harm,

addiction or violence

to yourself or others.

Then, sharing where you might find trust

to recognize unusual with no prejudgment,

both positive and negative inclusinations,

may be the wisest, yet terrifying,

path toward further self-acceptance

and discernment;

avoiding eisegetical extreme of harmful hubris

toward yourself

could optimize your positive dance

of gifts borne gracefully to us.



The G.M.O. on Fracking


somewhat alliteratively,

is fucking Earth dry

without invitation.

We also call this rape,

in other contexts,

and aggravating assault.



in this context,

assumes we have our ownership rights,

as this ego self-centered

and short-sighted Species,

owns our Earthship in fractured pieces,

to whimsically repeat this rapacious assault,

we also call slavery

and using Mom as if She were The Bombed Whore.


GMOing Earth


neuters Her

because She’s only abundantly economized

as a fucking commodity anyway.