On Cooperative Condos

Condos are not Cooperatives,
he was quick to deduce,
reduce compassionate opportunity
to democratic annual voting duty.

But, both are co-investments
in residential
and/or commercial property,
preferably humane infestments
with exterior roofs
and walls
and windows
and doors
and halls
and floors,
she responded
all residual night
and most the residential day.

But who’s in charge
inside my space?

And wouldn’t it be nice,
she responds with grace,

If we invite each Other
to partner with We
in our cooperative journey,
as called
and able,
to invest in residents
without competing worries

Free to sing and dance,
jazz and rock
and rollerskate,
and possibly clean
up outside together

Depending on the weather

Cooperatively free
to pick up the outside trashy
recycling depository
now looking kinda’ nasty

Like a neglected laboratory

While we run and walk right by
feelin’ fly
on our way in to organic networking gardens
with and without compost buckets

Children playing composite cooperative
deep nature
nurturing outside classroom education

Learning nonviolent communication
across multicultural demonstrations
of multigenerational cooperative intent
to reduce restrictive Othering,

Without claustrophobic smothering
of those who co-invest with us,
wild natured
and mild spirited,
in this condo place and time
where cooperative communication
is our culture,

To economically
and politically
and socially
and psychologically
and ecologically nurture,
as cooperatively desired
but never autocratically required.


Nurturing Desecration

I think about how to defend and protect
conservative MidWestern women
from MeFirst grabby pastors
and bosses,
bullies almost all growed up
within Patriarchal-Dominant root systems.

It must be difficult
for GoodNews nurturing Matriarchs
to take on religious education functions,
teaching spiritual safety at home,
and/or natural self-defense
of sacred dignity
at church
and in the wider multicultural community.

If their pastors
and guest pulpit preachers
and missionary speakers
aren’t all on their knees
asking for God to forgive them
for not voting against
AntiChristian greedy commodifying Hands
reaching around Head AmericaFirst Pharisee Leadership
to remember and protect post-rapture hopes and dreams
despite played-out LeftBrain dominant
North American religious spaces

Natural-Spiritual places
that would not wish to tolerate authentic PositiveEnergy Democracy
inviting badfaith mentors to set aside their own blind supremacies,
too much trust in unchanging creed-saluting
dogma loyalty
over healthy and wealthy
spiritually nutritious v toxic past personal
and social
and economic
and political experience.

If my preacher
doesn’t exhibit safe hands
and non-violence first,
before pulling out support for AntiCreation Buttons,
ballistic bombs,
and bullying bullets,
then how do we teach young boys and girls
how to live with and for
a God of robust
and polyculturing Love?

if God is not a God of active multicultures
revolutionary transformational health-wealth,
resilient cooperative Love,
then how could He be a God of Healthy Adults
at all,

A God of any healthy therapeutic parent
avoiding retributive addictions to WinLose
get even to get ahead ecopolitical models,
shaming and blaming
DeGeneration of synergetic love
into LoseLose
dualdark denialistic
bipolar secularizing despair.

Which is a function
out of Dark Revelations
and not for Restoring Evangelic PositivEnergy Democracy,
Justice as also Peace
loving therapies
for natural-spiritual good-news development
of better
religious education teachers
and parents
and preachers
and missionaries
and non-bullying Christian Left-Right democratic
cooperative CEOs,

Therapeutic CEOs
with less bullying pulpits,
rabidly commercialized,

Less LeftBrain domesticated
yet RightBrain WiseElder paranoid
about reading BadNews Stories before bedtime,
staging dream times
defying multiculturing EcoResilient Time Ourselves.