EmPowering Medication

A problem with breath-focused sitting
eyes hooded
closed down sensory receptor meditation,
in my peak omnipotent mindful experience

This inside passive form of seeking resilience
presumes we consistently care
about furthering our
health care vocations,
organically sacred to some,
merely biological to more chronically traumatized
emotionally challenged
by histories
of neglect
and/or multigenerational mysteries
of emotional/verbal
physical/nonverbal abuse

The opposite of nonviolent communication
to restore egojustice
and repair trauma damage
to panentheistic
yintegral ecopeace

Which is the opposite
of monotheistic
yang-supremacist ecocide

As enlightened resonance
of Sun Worship
is to dark dissonance
against Earth empowering
resilient Win/Win
health care meditation systems,
physically active
and metaphysically robust movement,
therapeutic empowering
co-passionate peak neurosensory
resilient inside/outside
meditation systems
for enlightening
exhausting, but not manic,
exhilarating, but sustainable
intense, but not anxious
anticipations of time-sufficient
left/right bicameral
thought/felt resiliently sacred
restorative justice

Organic co-passioning
timeless warm round
expansive light empowering
all forming and flowing
inter-religious interconnections
in-between natural/spiritual regenerations
of co-operative
co-invested ecopolitical
robust and resilient
EarthTribe peace.


Self Regard

Opportunities to rest
in unconditional self-regard
also present risks
of unmitigated narcissism.

While self-respect
is a prerequisite
for pursuing resonant win/win integrity’s
full bodied potential savor

MeWe co-passion
for EgoSelf
as also part of
sacred EcoOther
co-arises global
unconditional regard
for healthy life
over harmful death
and all conscious
curious creatures
in-between Alpha
and Omega
great transitions.

Ego wealth of self/other compassion
values love
above all else,
although perhaps more could be said
for an unconditionally regarded
sense of humor,

Ego/EcoSystemic joyful
resilient compassion
remains cooperatively therapeutic
powering through competitive
narcissistic trauma histories

Of win/lose closeted
what was originally intended
to express warm unconditional regard
for oneself
as part of cherished Other

(not bipolar)
co-arising regard
co-gravitating toward
a shared sense of healthy humor

Which is a loving fruit
of the Holy Spirit
the serious narcissist lacks
in his dominating patriarchal

Of unconditional
LeftBrain prominently learned
for empowering cooperatively curious
and warm
and enlightened joyful
bipartisan co-relationships

means compassionate
unconditional Me-and-We
integrally cooperative regard.


On Cooperative Condos

Condos are not Cooperatives,
he was quick to deduce,
reduce compassionate opportunity
to democratic annual voting duty.

But, both are co-investments
in residential
and/or commercial property,
preferably humane infestments
with exterior roofs
and walls
and windows
and doors
and halls
and floors,
she responded
all residual night
and most the residential day.

But who’s in charge
inside my space?

And wouldn’t it be nice,
she responds with grace,

If we invite each Other
to partner with We
in our cooperative journey,
as called
and able,
to invest in residents
without competing worries

Free to sing and dance,
jazz and rock
and rollerskate,
and possibly clean
up outside together

Depending on the weather

Cooperatively free
to pick up the outside trashy
recycling depository
now looking kinda’ nasty

Like a neglected laboratory

While we run and walk right by
feelin’ fly
on our way in to organic networking gardens
with and without compost buckets

Children playing composite cooperative
deep nature
nurturing outside classroom education

Learning nonviolent communication
across multicultural demonstrations
of multigenerational cooperative intent
to reduce restrictive Othering,

Without claustrophobic smothering
of those who co-invest with us,
wild natured
and mild spirited,
in this condo place and time
where cooperative communication
is our culture,

To economically
and politically
and socially
and psychologically
and ecologically nurture,
as cooperatively desired
but never autocratically required.