Human Race of CoArising Time

I was a child informed to be like Jesus
and so I did my very best
to imagine myself to think and feel,
act and believe, as Jesus might have done.

And so it was
I gave birth to imagining
God as ManBoy
just like me,
except He loved me just as I was,

If I were Jesus
as I am meant to be,
then ReGenerative God is love without mediocrity
so why then suffering and death and loss
unless We co-arise EarthTribe’s Sacred CoPresent Time
with all live-power currently cooperating integratively,
yet still struggling with Christ Dominant competitive Mythos
to globally incorporate Allah-Buddha Tao’s Zen-Balanced
Great Transitional ReGeneration EcoLogos
of CoArising TransParent InFormation,
or maybe just
Cosmic (0) Intellempathy
for short,
both Gate and Path
from Black Hole
through Beloved Diastatically Timeless ReGeneration
of Optimally Healthy Communication.

Jesus told me to say that,
because it would sound really nice,
and be way more mutually therapeutic
than all this ex-communicating
and Crusading.



Fr. Time’s Bicameral Homily

Time echoes and resonates without language,
invests in green triumphal backdrop,
below misty blue sky,
blossomed in yellows and spindling purples
blues and flaming orange,
fragile moments of fully fertile tone
bilateral shapes and colors,
flagrant erections of next generation’s timely hope
for full-hued polylife as health regeneration,
perennially emerging through fields,
green-network enraptured
Earth-toning soil and rocks
and weathered blackwet-stretching darker barks
back further through time’s concavely ringing recessing core.

This diastatic summer’s newer time full color;
Elder tunes dressed in fallen grays and browns,
wilting from climate fading memory
into dusk’s deeper hue and cry.

Time’s newer language
laughs through AnthroCamera children
camping near a still-slogging toxic river,
flowing toward surfing, sometimes sulking, Sound
from mountains of older swaying,
silently caressing,
singing tines of trees,
ripe summer leaves.

Newer times hum industry
in jetted skies
through rumbling valleys of human enterprise,
competing rhythms and climax changing patterns
swooshing lanes of hurry fueled tombs
rushed toward some end of prime timelessness,
permaculturally planned,
yet politically and economically unprioritized.

Drumming cooperative heartbeat
surfing co-arising breath
occasional quaking tummy and head rumbles,
Elder tones of humane space
thundering through subliminal Right-mindbody octaves
of timeless unrolling elational memory.

ReGenerating Angel’s Syndrome,
new time smells green fragrant,
older organics fuel richer pungent payment
down into Earth’s old-tinged infrastructure,
roots hunting Truth’s mysteriously flowing RNA estuaries
floating broken platters of EarthTime’s universe creation,
rumbling bicamerally regenerating thunder
warning of ancient slow-aptic- through synaptic-timed lightening.

Capturing Time’s enrapturing voices and visions and climatic verbs,
EcoPresence Language
flowing through silent space,
fractal-faced and paced race
toward co-arising spacetime Prime Relationship,
BiCameral Time’s Interior Eco-LandPlace
echoing Exterior Syntaxing CoGravitational Time;
all else “evil” remainder
fades into PreMillennial cognitive/affective dissonance.

ReGenerative Time’s Language speaks in sacred logos
therapeutic flow and co-arising healthy function.

Peace and Namaste

As Tao’s Time-Bodhisattvas,
we co-arise out and up and forth
toward our
Basic Sacred CoPresent
BiCamerally CoMentoring:

InFormationalYang Universe
ConVexed OVER ConCaving
Unitarian Double-BoundYinYin

Win-Win RealTime PoliEconormal Landscapes.

Congregational Response:

May Time’s EcoTaoPresence be you,
as “We”.




Eternity’s Viral Hourglass

That which is neutral,
no big deal,
not noticed,
enjoys an intimate mirror effect,
behaves and misbehaves
with the logic of eternity.

Time steers virally clockwise,
eastern dawn toward west’s setting sun,
birth through death,
with day’s completion duskly hoping
for red skies at night.

Time fractally, seasonally, reasonably,
normatively, neutrally rotates through noise
with negentropic double-binding vitality
humming along light at the speed of Commons-squared
equals right relationship in the form of Eulerian Prime Relationship squared.

Eternal time evolves interest in metric systems,
not “math”
not measuring and calculating and commodifying useful economic utility,
not reducing nomials out of their eternally subdividable polynomial case.

Special unitarian individual cases
learn to live in their neutral universe of econormal
more interested in comprehending relationships
and dynamic polynomial/not-not polynomial dynamic transactions,
proportional eco-rhythms and patterns of values,
and the apparently bilaterally functional relationship
between analogical and digital QBit information,
geometrical cytosine reconceived
through bicamerally karmic-balancing consciousness
of systemic design and development optimization trends,
regenerativity as metrically decomposing steerage,
viral as RNA/DNA unfolds ubiquitously loving normal,
syntax norms with fractal logic
being as logos-eternally revolutionary nondual polyconsciousness.

Memes speak time in monomial syntax,
within polynomial structure
of a polyparadigmatic culture.
Syntax follows linguistic laws of logical development
through bilateral and dipolar relationship
as Positive Psychology:
Where Ego’s Plan B = Left DNA dominant deduction,
Where Eco’s Plan A = Right RNA dominant induction,
If A + B = A or B,
then EcoHealth Win for A
and EgoWealth Win for B.
Viral steerage metric plans
to make time right-left balanced
within timeless eternity of Prime Relationship Tao (=Time) Harmonics.

Paraphrasing Bucky Fuller:
There are many different unitarian individual realities.
This is the difference between reality and eternal generality.
There is only one universal generalization.
The only reason nondual communication works
is that it has no overwhelming interference.
This Game of Universalist
can be played any way
but played optimally
with Win-Win cooperative strategies,
avoiding cognitively and affectively dissonant interference,
steering toward primally balanced bicameral polycultural outcome frequencies,
accessible to full octave diversity.

Universalist is the sum-total Brahman,
and each unitarian individual is special case Atman.
Universe is aggregation of the generalized prime thermodynamic principle.
Each unitarian is one of the illions of ways
the Win-Win Game of Universe is played,
metasystemically and polypathically
and polyculturally,
our Beloved RNA-encrypting Health-Wealth Cooperative Network.

Non-polynomial irrational infinity
is logically responsive to subdividing polynomial finity.
Because unity and relationship are conceptuality independent of size,
time requires systemic conceptuality
before metric subdivision
as co-arising bicameral steerage,
can commence.
Space commences with subdivision of nondually transparent time
into fractal-frequencies of prime-light relationship.

Irrationally non-polynomial outcomes
may be considered potentially limitless,
provided infinite time.
But, time is always unitarian special case-sized system.
Time, like its absence, is not generalizable.
Generalized principles are all eternally balanced relational.
Eternal is not the fullness of time.
Eternal is timelessly devoid of time.
Infinite polynomial and non-polynomial informing universe
is micro-temporal-only unitarian systemic
before it evolves macro-spatial universalist bio-systemic.

All unitarian hourglasses have insideness and outsideness–
ergo, bilaterally systemic.
Every individual monomial and monoculture and monopoly
has inside-endosymbiotic system and outside-ectosymbiotic system.
Memes, monomials, information, and individuals,
all points of form with double-binding function,
perceptually steer toward becoming identifiable
as systemic polyhedra,
binomial polynomial inside/outside hourglass universally confluent time.

There can never be any less than four primitive dimensions,
which Thurston seconded,
and Perelman centered in Zero-Souled BiElliptical Universal Principle
of Concave/Convex Thermodynamic and Electromagnetic
and Co-Gravitational and UniversalistGroup Balance.


Gospel of Yin, with Yang


it’s yin again.

It’s not true

what you say,

that I don’t like science.



your reified sentience,

fueled by solar gnostics

back a couple millennia ago,

pursuing spacetime’s permaculturing path,

dreaming and wondering and wording truth

in faithful Prime Relationship

between researcher and incubating laboratory,

redeemer and creator,

effect and cause,

response and multisystemic stimulus,

form and polycultural function,

you and me.



evolves no more or less spiritually than science;

bipolar polypaths toward active peace,

shared light.


religion’s path grasps love’s goodness and beauty,

while gnostics prehend faith’s truthfulness and proportion,

or not,

or not not,

so yes,

spiritual bipolar balance

merges faith with love

truth with goodness,

me with you,

Right with Left hemispheric balance.


I’ve come before,

so many times I’m growing tired,

appearing in male bodies

trying to speak your culture

in some way you might

risk stepping into optimizing polycultural balance,

multisystemic ecotherapy,

remember that entropic trends

are learned by closing,




over-populating systems,


not Open, harmonious, confluent,

my gnostic yin with your religious yang,

your Right natural systemic intuition

with Left linguistic calculating deduction,

dipolar  coincidental regenerative systems

born with DNA-discoding,

unknotting fractal-folded Zero-soul,

balancing out and in,

convex and concave,

atomic and wavilinear,

digital and ecologic,

space and time,

positive and negative,

before and after,

as without, so within,

as above, so below,

this spirit-nature binomial balance

of yang and yin.


Entropic dissonating experience of nature’s temporal principles

threatens faithful incarnating passions for ego-self,

reifying, rather than reiterating, ecological systems.

Faith in bipolar Self as Redeemer,

regeneratively potentiating positive life for all

as mutually mentoring parasites,

flowers from hope in our benign Earth Host root system,

yang as diastatic yeastfully articulating yin,

EcoAtmanic system’s universal intelligence,

tao of yin’s diastolic gravitational waves

filling yang’s enlightening bangs, borders, margins.

Without hope for this benign Earth teleology

this human race loses to entropic unraveling

of memory’s space and time,

hopeless despair that together we have become too much and many

yet never enough.


I know no other way to invite your polypathic evolution

into dipolar balance,

away from speciated Oppositional Disorder,

absence of hope for faithful true relationships

and this growing ricochet eco-effect

as multisystemic gangs and bullies

lose faith in face of screaming panic wildness,

meeting defiance with defiance,

rather than a restraining hug

and reassurance that we are all in this together,

keep the faith that Left’s purpose will find peace

in Right’s iconic


coincidental harmonizing

universal mindfulness

of light’s full-octave purity,

transparent Yang

emerging from dark Yin balancing

nature’s diverse systemic frequencies of form and  function.


When yang swings left,

flex right yin,

and vice versa.

Repeat regeneratively.



Yang, for mute Yin.


ReGenesis on the 0-soul Comprehensive Post-Millennial Cusp

Bruce Schuman recently reminded me of  Bucky Fuller’s intimations of a near-future pulsating and networked genius, he often referred to as Universal Intelligence. Others, earlier prophets perhaps, referred to Fuller’s U.I. as Original Intent, or Original Instruction.

Fuller’s Theory of ReGenerativity can get rather too metric for most, but his metaphysical analogies are easier to follow. Basically, Fuller believed that the Golden Ratio and the Golden Relationship Rule are mutually analogous and rationally related; a kind of Prime Relationship, like Yang is to Yin,
1 is to 0,
plus is to minus,
therapy is to pathology,
Deduction is to Induction,
as Bohm’s Explicate Order is to Implicate Order.
These are each appositionally dipolar related, mutually defining Prime Axial Relationships of Universal Law and Analogy (Metaphoric and Mythic).

To be Pro-Genitor is also to be
pre-generative, is also to becoming
an In-formative QBit; but not yet In-Formed, or no longer In-Formative [Ex-Formed, unformed, not  a bit informed, not formed].

So, pro-genitive, Creator, Deep Gratitude bonds are Prime Relationship Bonds of mutual gravity, thermodynamics, and gratitude. SuperEco-Equity is metric, but also normative; economic, but also ecological; natural, but also spiritual; Physical, but also Metaphysical; synergetically patterned, but also curvilinearly flowing; metanoia, but also diastasis; Orthodox, but also Paradox; Yang, but also Reverse-Yinned; Information, but also Ex-Formed; and Ex-Formed, but also Pro-Genitive; Decompositioned, but also Regenerative potential compost; leads to ReGenetive Awareness, leads to ReGenesis.

If we were to conjoin the genius of Fuller to the genius of Julian Jaynes (and David Abram) regarding the cultural and linguistic development of Left-hemisphere dominance, and the concomitant dominance of deductive reasoning, over inductive comprehension; of logic over analogy; of male over female; of Law over grace and mercy; of Western Culture over Eastern Culture; then

Dissonant worry and anxiety about the future [Yang function]
Reflect dissonant experience within our shared past [balances Yin frequencies].

Worrying about the future [Yang function] indicates
Insufficient gratitude for, and faith in, our past [Yin equity/frequency norms].

Active hope for our future operationalizes (facilitates, catalyzes, coheres, coincidates, incarnates, Yangs, creates]
Sufficient, even abundant, gratitude for our shared past [reversed Yin memory].
Just as gratitude for our graced-ecology Original instruction (Universal Intelligence, to Bucky)
Facilitates active hope for our cooperative future.

The ReGenesis of Active Hope as a globally-comprehensive, bicameral, RNA-nurtured/structured Metaphysical-Mind now understands that our Ex-Formed space/time Future reflects our most abundantly In-Formed, exegetically enculturated, past.

This Retro-Millennial Age rides the cusp of a re-membering that both Permacultured Design and Positive Deviance re-cognize the optimized value of early outlyers (“Deviants”) with reverse-population trends toward Continuous Quality Improvement. These are the relationships, and mindful, wise, leaders and teachers having the Greatest Effect with the Least Effort toward inclusive re-ligioning ReGenesis. For illustrative purposes only:
Jesus of Nazareth, The Prophet, The Buddha, Abraham, Laotse, Gandhi,
and I could hardly leave out Bucky,
who gave Greatest Effect (Yang) with Least Effort (Yin) Law of Thermodynamic Balance and Abundance the label “TrimTab”
and predicted Michael Polanyi’s thesis on “Personal Knowledge”
as well as William Thurston’s and Gregori Perelman’s proof of our 4-dimensional dia-symmetrical Universe as structured around a 0-soul
where all us WeSelf Atman’s are holonically and rationally related to each other, and complete each other in this Eternal Moment
as a Brahmanic We”Memed” SuperEco-Prehensile GravitationalPower-Graced Ecology,
double-bound (and Informational Systemic Binary)
by Universal Original Instruction
Prime Relationship Vertex,
and Vortex.

In short, the Truth of Tao is Yang/Yin = Polynomial In-formation (P) OVER Not-Polynomial (Ex-Formed) Metaphysical Space/Time (NP).
P/NP = +1function/-1frequency = 0-soul footprint.