Complexion Questions

EarthTribe questions
partisan polarization

Of healthy democratic co-governing care
Of enriching democratic sex care
Of inter-religious multicultural wealth careā€¦

About abundance
within spacious sacred RightBrain silence
more powerful and enlightening
than mere LeftBrain monological chattering

About in-between apartheid times
both sacred and profane,
comedic and tragic,
mono- and poly- theistic passions
universally unitarian,

Yang and yintegral
dipolar co-arising
health and wealth care
Patriarchal ego-giving out
and EarthMother receiving in
and vice-versa
co-gravitating indigenous wisdom

His/Her sharing
of polypathic
bicameral bilateral consciousness

Are these political and economic
sexual and sacred experiential choices
co-passionately win/win
co-operative peace?
restorative justice?

Or more Lose/Lose oppressive
to both Yang top Giver
and not(not Yintegral) bottom Receiver?

some win/lose Business As Usual
HealthCooperative reducing GlobalWealthCompetitive scarcity,
LeftBrain dominant
Patriarchal/Capital competitive
devolutionary theoretical WorldView?

All bilateral triangulating EgoHealth/EcoWealth
restorative justice
therapeutic democracy options
explored together in nonviolently communicating
give and take ways?

In-between increasing monocultural fabrications
growing negative paranoid positions
against trusting monotheistic Love
to optimize healthy democratic
EarthMother health care

More polyentheistic wealth receiving
EarthTribe empowering
organically inclusive
creative and recreative

Choice of health/wealth
empowering and enlightened
cooperatively bilateral
questioning silent thought-provoking


Santa’s Unseemly Parade

Santa arrived on our street yesterday
spewing considerable exhaust
while riding atop a parade of firetrucks and vans,
floodlit like a nativity display at night,
full sirens and blaring Christmas carols
competing for my Fetal Alcohol daughter’s rapt attention.

Santa rolls at stately parade pace,
while ever more impatiently
my troubled daughter jumps and eagerly awaits to pounce.

For me,
much too soon
Santa spots her leaning out our screen door,
disembarks with great royal dignitary pace
to walk the long quest for prey
on our front porch.

As I feared,
after an unconvincing HoHoHo?,
without waiting for introductions,
Santa goes straight to his task at hand:
What do you want for Christmas, little girl?

I don’t know
Haven’t thought about it.
I’m sure it’s not a stinky and loud Santa parade.
Anyway, I’m still working on what I’m giving for Christmas.

That’s awesome.
I don’t hear a lot of that.

It’s not awesome!
It’s complicated!
My dad said I should only give gifts that by giving them
I will also receive more gifts.

I’m not sure I have any gifts like that.
Last year you asked for an American Girl doll.

Yes, but this year I’m working on giving American Princess me,
instead of settling for your plastic dolls.

Won’t you need costuming and make-up
to become the All American princess?

You would think so,
but my dad says they don’t meet his gift-it-forward
to receive back rule.

So what do you think you’re going to get,
or give,
or both, I guess?
although Santa’s feeling confused about co-redemptive gifts,
and I do still have far to go.

And you left your truck idling.
I’m leaning toward kindness,
’cause princesses are always kind,
but my dad is asking for greater wisdom,
which is something he actually does need.
And I know you don’t have any to offer
or you wouldn’t begin and end Christmas
by asking people what they want,
instead of asking us what we have to give
that might make life feel a little less snarky
come New Year’s Day.

Santa returned to his royal firetruck
somewhat faster than he had arrived
on my wise American princess daughter’s front porch.