Curious UnChosen Gifts

To my StraightWhiteMale
monoculturally dominating brothers,
and your antifeminist glamorous
amorous womanly allies,

You have not yet heard me,
if you only hear my resistance,
sharing my non-culpable experience
with non-choice of gender attraction
and gender identity.

It’s not only that my queer gender identity
is not my fault,
because not my choice;
but also my gender identity
and sensory-neural attachments, as also true of yours,
are my sacred gift.

CoArising identity and CoGravitating attraction ,
like awareness and consciousness,
are not just heavy social responsibilities,
but also enlightened
and empowering opportunities.

We’re not legitimately known by who
or what
we hate and hurt;
But we can be redeemed by who
and what
we love and heal.

We may have no more choice
about who
and what
and when
and where
and why
and how we love,
than choice to respond with awe and wonder,
or boredom and disdain,
to Earth’s natural enspiriting Beauty

Of dawn
and dusk,
and autumn,
and mountain
restorative reconnections

Which feel both Healthy
and True,
of the deepest
and highest
and yet safest resilient
and resonantly robust multicolored wealth
of nonchoiced
unfaulted gifting grace.


Last Apt Rapt Presence

An apt present empowers
as an unanticipated
unearned warning
enlightens apt
rapt presence,

Delighted with discovering,
perhaps rediscovering?
what I would never have been wise enough
to look up for
nor hunt down.

Timing is everywhere,
every when
every what
every why
every how;
and merely some thing

Nature trained
sensory engrained
spirit brained

Transforming change in appearance
forms strange
grotesquely competitive
transmogrified monocultures

Transubstantiating change of inside substance
elements as invisible as unpresented polyculturing presents
not yet
not still
not actively accessible to sensory reception,

Unformed except for past internal images
not yet memed

By secularizing sacred social senses

Apt presents empower
as unlearned warnings enlighten
coincidentally apt
presence enrapt.


Reverberating Synergy

When we look at life,
contingently standing out from death,
historically and futuristically absent,
co-passionately present,
we can see death and dying
as a logical default,
a statistical reality,
almost a necessity
so likely that life emerges
as a reverse default,
experienced only by vulnerably mortal living beings
mutually becoming

Whom each day awakens to another miracle
of living
unfolding further Earth history
and to ego-identified internal life process,
a holonic gift,
an inheritance
borrowed from past generations
to invest in present and future regenerations
of life
emerging from past death and dying
fueling fertile soil,
cleansing water,
stirring clear air
and incensed warm-lit flames
of reverberating annunciation.


Mysterious Gifts

You ask me what powers I want
that I’m not sure you have.

I ask you what we want
that could never be our power to give.

At first I thought of health
and not just unwise stagnant wealth,

But deeper still
I long for clear and true integrity
for me
for you
for us
whether together
or disinterred apart.

It’s not my obscure dull worry,
as you might later restory,
this issue history
and physical mystery
that all life falls apart
like energy
when closed
and just in parts,
left hemisphere reductive.

And wider still
we belong within resilience,
not fragility

Where fragments suffer cynics
afraid to sacredly remember
we were once all of one part,
matriarchal ability;

It’s my start,
resilient integrity,
not fragile mendacity,
my health discerning path
to polypathic wealth
with less pathology
not yours to give,
but ours to learn

or disinterred apart.


Teaching Power

Teaching can feel depressingly predative
to younger minds
preferring to not evaporate while preyed upon.

Mentoring can feel more hopefully symbiotic
with younger,
less domesticated minds
preferring to mutually stalk
shared prey of symbiotic and creolizing truths
between generations,
ancient to yet unborn.

Parenting can feel parasitic
to younger minds and bodies
ready to break free
of aging hosts,
relentlessly hoping
to pass along some semblance of grace
as gratitude
for Earth’s co-investing gifts.

Parenting could,
in hypothetical theory,
invite mutuality,
more like benign parasites,
who know and love each other,
moving from harboring co-dependencies
to seeking mutual interdependence
for further good-humored
yet vulnerable
exploitations of honest life as mutual gifting forward.

even vibrant health
can feel like unmitigated competitions
where if I win
then someone else must lose,
when all the most important choices
are between Either Yes
Or No.

I suppose power could feel more limited.
Power to mutually avoid
and live in side by side autonomous silos
of live and let love,
where if I win
then so must you
and if you win
then so must I
and if this generation wins
then so must future generations
where all our mutually avoided choices
issue forth within Both Yes for me
And NotNot No for you.

Teaching power can feel predative,
as mentoring interdependent powers
invites deep harmonic ecology,
sacred symbiosis
of me
as also notnot you.


Politics of Nutrition Economics

Currency reifies values.
Cash represents value.
Capital iconically,
and capitalism idolatrously,
removes humanity
from Earth’s gifting cooperative nature
as reciprocating nurture.

like organic interdependent nature,
does not grow by hoarding its icons,
but increases in diversity and resilience
through multiculturing, creolizing, nuance,
growing diverse development networks of exchange
through equivalent WinWin nutritional values,
norms of and for cooperativity, love, even transubstantive hypostatic,
as more powerful than WinLose competitions, adversity
and its chronic stepson, violence
and its cousin, rabid militaristic non-thinking instincts
of and for self defense
that looks and smells and feels to alien others
like threat of actively distrusting offense.

Value includes qualitative potential for Earth’s regenerative nutrition,
interdependently includes our humane natures of cooperative gifting,
paying values forward as hosts of/for Earth’s bounty,
receiving value in return, as and when needed to be given
by otherwise mutually naked guests
in exile from co-creating Paradise.

If the transport of goods and not so goods,
of valuables and toxins,
like other exchanges of information and exformation,
regenerative intent and degenerative praxis,
is about our shared nutrition-communicating economy,
does it not follow economic science itself
could not exist as the study of financial value/disvalue trends
without being seminally rooted
in a positive psychology bias?
Toward nutritional is better than toxic communication.
Communication as transport,
interdependence essentially cooperative
and equivalently normed,

Positive economics
[and reverse correlational double-binding negative bilateral exformational trends]
is to cooperative ownership and design management
and trends of/for further exchange
as healthy politics
is to positive/double-bind negative communication
of/for mutually subsidiary trust
as/in co-investment,
[“of…as” is descriptive definition,
while “for”…”in” invite further prescriptive delineation]
mistrust as mutual divestment
of/from nature’s most powerful original intention
toward interdependent gifting
from among Earth’s multiculturing resilience, resonance
inclusive revolutionary values,
ecosystemic health as nutrition/toxin norms
with ego-holistic resolution.

political and economic currency continues to miscommunicate
mere reification of Earth’s cooperative values.


Santa’s Unseemly Parade

Santa arrived on our street yesterday
spewing considerable exhaust
while riding atop a parade of firetrucks and vans,
floodlit like a nativity display at night,
full sirens and blaring Christmas carols
competing for my Fetal Alcohol daughter’s rapt attention.

Santa rolls at stately parade pace,
while ever more impatiently
my troubled daughter jumps and eagerly awaits to pounce.

For me,
much too soon
Santa spots her leaning out our screen door,
disembarks with great royal dignitary pace
to walk the long quest for prey
on our front porch.

As I feared,
after an unconvincing HoHoHo?,
without waiting for introductions,
Santa goes straight to his task at hand:
What do you want for Christmas, little girl?

I don’t know
Haven’t thought about it.
I’m sure it’s not a stinky and loud Santa parade.
Anyway, I’m still working on what I’m giving for Christmas.

That’s awesome.
I don’t hear a lot of that.

It’s not awesome!
It’s complicated!
My dad said I should only give gifts that by giving them
I will also receive more gifts.

I’m not sure I have any gifts like that.
Last year you asked for an American Girl doll.

Yes, but this year I’m working on giving American Princess me,
instead of settling for your plastic dolls.

Won’t you need costuming and make-up
to become the All American princess?

You would think so,
but my dad says they don’t meet his gift-it-forward
to receive back rule.

So what do you think you’re going to get,
or give,
or both, I guess?
although Santa’s feeling confused about co-redemptive gifts,
and I do still have far to go.

And you left your truck idling.
I’m leaning toward kindness,
’cause princesses are always kind,
but my dad is asking for greater wisdom,
which is something he actually does need.
And I know you don’t have any to offer
or you wouldn’t begin and end Christmas
by asking people what they want,
instead of asking us what we have to give
that might make life feel a little less snarky
come New Year’s Day.

Santa returned to his royal firetruck
somewhat faster than he had arrived
on my wise American princess daughter’s front porch.


Dying as Reverse-Living

Give what you want to receive
Deepak Chopra

I have a gift suggestion.
A gift for EarthTribe.

Let’s rebirth this “permaculture” paradigm,
anchored with Climax Naturally Organic Communities.
Broader, perhaps.
Enculturing sustainability of life-systems;
not primally an organic paradigm for designing farms and gardens,
and other bodies,
although most certainly this is a prime sweetspot in which to start,
but also an inclusive development process
to mutually synergize,
regenerate polycultural environments
and cooperatively networking economies of diverse inclusion,
consumers with producers,
decomposers with regenerators,
and polypathic reconnecting redeemers of natural health systems
with Manifest Dual-Destiny.

This returns to primal appositives in dynamic revolutionary evolution,
an interior landscape in which dying is to living
as death is to rebirth;
we each and all Tribes give birth to die in our equivalently good time,
just as we are all dying to give ourselves,
each other,
our Mother Earth and Father Solar Systemic Universe,

This ReGenesis Project,
our collective rationality,
our shared permacultural vocation for all EarthTribe species,
our mutual gift that keeps on regenerating.


Organic Chicken Soup Farm

Relationships are like farming,

if you don’t plant the seed,

you’ll have no crop to harvest.

Rumi (M. Mafi, trans.)


Gambling is like farming,

if you don’t play the game,

you’ll have no winnings.


Economics is like farming,

if you don’t play the mutual cooperative game,

you’ll have no competitive winnings.


Ecologic is like farming,

if we don’t play the mutual mentoring Climax Community game,

we’ll have no long-term sustainable,

much less optimized systemic,



Stay aware and purposeful in your search,

for happiness is truly in the searching.



Stay awake and purposeful in our research,

for peacefulness,




ecological economies are true within this polycultural searching.


Stay awake and mindful of polypathic meaning

in your Regenerative Permaculture Designed Research,

for happiness, confluence, equity, truth, Prime Relationship Balanced Teleology

are truly within this self-optimizing SuperEco searching.


How do we sleep while part of us is gone?

Frogs and night birds,

bats and insects cry out for company

filling raucous warm luscious breeze

gentle, caressing,

carrying chicken soup songs of love

not yet won,

love wanted and needed with primal longing

to belong back together

for our first really great time.

How do we sleep

while part of us is gone?


Night flight resolves revolving chatter,

fractal spinning spiral-echoes

haunting iconic timeless teachings

from potential future Right-brain memory

predicative facts,

intuiting predictors,

confluent, confident islands of prophetic sanity

boundary inspiring polycultures,

multi-open systems of optimal communication.


How do we sleep

in this racket of absent SuperEgo

missing evil hope of flight tonight?

God as the Doomed and Dooming Ground of All Being,

under Whom we hide from shamed non-redeeming character,


We thought we were economically neutral

on Goddess Moving Train of Earth,

oblivious to Her climatic millennial warnings

to ease up on the fire power,

take a break,

let’s cool down,

enjoy some slower peace and more mindfully inclusive justice.


Remaining neutral in our farming cooperative relationships,

admittedly a slower moving train,

and yet it helps to confluently comprehend we are spinning

with Common balancing thermodynamic balance,

and how fast is too fast, too Yangish,

and how slow is too slow, too Yinnish,

and when we might slow down to rebalance Yang with Yin,

and how much we might slow down

emerges permaculturally predicated

as [+Yang = (-)(-)Yin] = [+PolyNomial 0-sum equivalent to (-)Not-PolyBiNomial-4-Prime Spacetime Dimensionally Balancing Vortex] Open Natural Systemic

or +1/(-)0 = space/time binary Closed MetaSystem fractal-holonic-octaved reverse-hierarchical balance,

to sustain our permacultured rich teleological neutrality on Gaia’s regenerative train.


How do we wake

when part of Us is gone?

How do we awaken

our search for polycultural economic justice standards

for researching well-being sustenance,

self-optimizing regeneration with SuperEco Mindfulness Intent?

Planting regenerative seeds,

to grow redemptive pay-it-forward gift economies,

winnowing metasystemic research to optimize repurposing meaningful purpose,

EarthTribe’s ecological self-redemption future day

covering love, peace, happiness, contentment, justice, information, confluence roots

with threats, opportunities, strengths, weaknesses systemically balanced compost,

learning faith and hope in suffering dissonance as cooperative redemption,

evolutionary research,




the Permaculturalist Economic Tao:

sleep and wake and absorb others, as you would have them be you NOW

we re-emerge our SuperEcoTribe’s cultural therapeutic,





Natural systems are to spiritual systemic comprehension,

as Physics is to Metaphysical Universe (B. Fuller’s definition),

as Yang is to Yin,

as Polynomial Information is to Double-Bound Negative Polynomial Information Balancing Trends.


Polypathic and multisystemic relationships are like therapeutic organic farming,

if you don’t plant fractal-holonic DNA/RNA-encrypted seeds,

you’ll not have an Optimized PermaCultural crop to harvest.


Ain’t nobody here ceptin us Chickens

and somehow we all landed in this soupy mess together.

Let’s start lickin each other’s wounds.



Raising Secrets

Imagine you might accept your anomaly,

an extraordinary gift of nature,

intrinsic to your charism and story.

Perhaps your secret brings no harm,

addiction or violence

to yourself or others.

Then, sharing where you might find trust

to recognize unusual with no prejudgment,

both positive and negative inclusinations,

may be the wisest, yet terrifying,

path toward further self-acceptance

and discernment;

avoiding eisegetical extreme of harmful hubris

toward yourself

could optimize your positive dance

of gifts borne gracefully to us.