Healing Earth

Resilient phylogeny is to resonant homology,

As neurological balance
is to psycho-sociological harmony,
as cooperative economics
is to democratically compassionate politics.

Polyvagal neurological win/lose connections
and win/win polypathic/polyphonic reconnections
and lose/lose disconnections
predicate socio-psychological healthy v pathological choices
for ego-centering rooted in eco-systemic resonant wealth
for multiculturing health optimization.

Win/Win cooperative economic models
predict healthy democratic
bicameral political empowerment

While Win/Lose competitive capitalism
predicts unhealthy anti-social climate pathology
contrary to Earth-centered
democratic Win/Win
regenerative energy governance.

Neurological Left/Right hemisphere bicameral balance
associates regenerative health trends
for both ego homology and ecosystemic phylogeny.

Continuing Either/Or dissociative
competitive assumptions
of zero-sum Win/Lose LeftHemisphere
WestHemisphere monocultural dominance
predicts further virally degenerative climate developments,
internal socio-psychological
and external eco-political

As resilient eco-political networks
are to resonant ego-womanist
natural health/spiritual wealth-wombed
epi/geo/ego/eco-healing sacred Earth.


Religioning Adventure


Ground of All Being!

Elder-cell horsepower!

Wake up!…Scream!

your ultraviolet pitch

and flow echo waves

rebound this Dense Dark Mirror



We replete humane potent

DinosaurWhispers among ourselves,

inclusive Golden Ecologics,

empathic OtherSelf,

EarthTribe tumescent cells:


Let our horsepower free

flow animate leg-kicking stories!

to hibernate through Yinnish Winter’s advent,

to graze and Yang-prance Summer’s maturation dance,

to harvest Fallen polyculture compost

winnowing apples’ lusciously neglected pregnant seed:


Spring forth to ride and run,

Shambhala Peace-Zeal Tribe!



Ground of Regenerate Power!

Regravitate our octave prime color Paradise!


Namaste balance-eco-id


Eternally Diastolically Precessive Time


Should we self-neuter on this moving train?

To remain neutral on moving Earth,

it helps to know which way we’re spinning,

how fast,

and when we might slow down,

how much,

to sustain permaculturing richly deep neutrality.