Climate Phenomena

To Husserl’s phenomena,
enchanting and disenchanting
healthy and pathological
and all colors in-between,
We might remedially add relationships,
cooperative and competitive
and all hues and cries in-between

To play our LeftEgo with Right Sacred EcoTribe
Wins for convex phenomena
and Wins for concave ecstatic relationships,
Win/Lose in-between wu wei,
and Lose/Lose
not not
dualdark double-phenomenology
inside/outside polynomially irrational
pathological climate trends

I relate
and can’t relate
therefore I think,
become ego identified,
cooperatively Left with Right
and competitively Left or Right,
inductively Left/Right double-binding veto empowered
and deductively,
LeftPrivilege over Right,
patriarchally elite
in a ZeroSum
competition-rooted internal/external culture

Such as capitalism, for economic and ecological ZeroZone example,
a Win/Lose ZeroSum Game
suboptimizing Christ’s call to universal love
extended families,
Win/Win relationships,
enchanting ecological/theological phenomena,
nature/spirit ultra-violet nonviolently cooperative means
and wu weis
narrow as a double-binding eye
wide as a WiseElder multicultural phenomenological
permacultural voice

Eternal Yang taurus
Yin torus eternity iconic structures
within timeless ego-

Of Husserl’s phenomena
with messianic humane/divine co-relationality
actively restoring liturgy of everyday light seasons
for optimizing discontinuous secular Left
and continuous sacred Right

WinWin healthy games,
WinLose in-between HereSpace with not-yet-NowTime,
LoseLose not-ego/not-eco
double-binding great climate Loss

Crisis before a nearly inevitable
systemic revolutionary change
in paternalistic RightWing weather.


Phenomenal Experience

Each day, moment, life,

each vista,

each situation, gestalt, paradigm

is like a book.

The exterior landscape of experience felt,

seen, touched, tasted, heard, smelled,

is like a book or a video

recording phenomena organized in bicameral ways

our minds can recognize

as confluent with past experience,

with DNA’s exegetical messaged patterns.

We cannot physically see

our memories or our future

although our memories can be recorded,


using our bicameral information processors

to discern what are confluent phenomena,

and what are not,

what is dissonant but positive,

and what is a painfully despairing loss of hope.

Physics is about sensory message reception,

reading the page of each moment in my life.

Mindfulness and metaphysical phenomena

are about message transliteration

between now and a past we share

within RNA’s string restringing,

positively binding,

revolving yearning for the light

of further growth and evolution.