License to Contract Co-Intelligent Life

Partnerships contract primal economic,
cultural rights between consenting mutually subsidiary parties;
ecojustice solidarity mentors relationship-building.

Marriage contracts regenerate deep ecological sacred rite,
a liturgy of procreative mutual polarity and parity
bi-naturally systemic.
Iconic of nature’s quintessential binomiality,
bionically balanced as dipolar “tension” or intention
and daily life-recommitted liturgical practice
of mutually subsidiary economic
and ecological perma-cooperative Union.

Ecology includes biological systems,
but also binomial self-regeneratively organized information systems,
and natural systemic Yang/Yin balance
and root-systemic nutritional flow functions.

Ecotherapeutic contracts evolve best
composted equal partners
of Wisdom’s gravity frequency patterns
AND Light’s sensed humor functional flow rhythm.

We evolve a darkside for every exegetical Truth,
just as we revolve a lighter side to every False-False,
Fear of Fear Itself,
Hating Haters,
Love of Beloved Bicameral WeSelf
Not Negativing our Double-Binding
spacetime Positives.


Soul Surfing

Chi-soul slowly shapes my custom-developing surfboard,

a Transformer to sustainably ride this peculiar body

across time’s perpetually cresting potent waves;


Up, up on rising racing funnel

to fall a misty tear

back into a sea of glee;


Embracing my board

slowly sleeking back out to roots of Time’s Tree

succulently grasping back,

invites the two of us to act as one

riding up again

transforming lotus flowered knots

cross-pollinating seeds of future waves

we belong to surge again.


Sensical Octaves

I see this dance of color

ringing song of mind

shared grace

for all to see and hear

measured ultravioletly.


We hear our song of praise

dancing colors prove shared minds.

If we never see each other

do we hear more ultravioletly?

If we never hear each other

do we forget to see full color?


When pyramids of waving sighs

greet milky cultures in dispray

they tend to stick together

breathing in

then out

to learn to hear in color

then see what all the shouting is about.



Dipolar Flight

We fly together

expained the hen.

Or crawl separately?

implied the worm.

Our choice?

asked the hen.

To informate or calculate


too negative

not double-bound enough,

forgetting (0) graced balance

and swooping octaved harmonies,

imagined flights with distant cousins,

replied the longish worm.


Birds and butterflies!

said the hen.

Comets and stars,

leptons and quarks,

yin and yang,

surfing systems up and down

around and back again,

sighed cavish cocoon.


We fly together,

or dissonantly burn and bury

and throw ourselves,

our nutrients,

positive-exformating value,


sang regenerating radiant song,


Where they will


learn to crawl together

toward regenerated flight,

ventured the pregnant butterfly.


The sky is falling!

said the hen.

Or you have taken flight,

said the worm,

de-caying in the hen.


We fly together!

exclaimed the hen.

And crawl together,

implied her wormish warmth.