Therapeutic Tinted Thoughts

Therapeutic thoughts have feelings
of resonance and dissonance
as healing behaviors have internal beliefs
inspiring spirited resilience
and passions for love
surpassing anger,
conquering all dispassions,
positive attraction
reconnecting past negative revulsions.

Feelings have internal colors
compassionate green health environments
and narcissistic snarky red hot interiors
and radiant blue light
and absorbing yellow warmth,
and many multiculturing other hues
and cries for resonant ultra-violet peace
with black and white and brown restoring justice
not so much grey-scaled punishments
for too liberally
compassionately coloring outside
proper eco-political WinLose lines,
social walls of propriety
against impropriety of full-scale wildly imaginative colors.

When I heard Caillou’s white-speak mother
inform her son,
Red is the correct Valentine’s color of love,
I knew this could not be my whole virtuous enculturing story
because red is also the color of bloody fraternity
and viciously escalating anger,

Healthy passioned red
or short-flaring diseased fear
of overpowering betrayal,
losing power to overcome
threats to green therapeutic self-portrayal,
regenerative esteem
virtuously red-blooded,

Surrounded and benignly invaded
by green nature,
yellow absorbing internal blue heedfulness,
discerning nurtured feelings
attributed by more dissonant color relationships
said and sung in virtuously harmonious major,
and viciously dissonant minor, keys,
round co-relational octaves of color
revolving rhythmic qualities fueling flow,

Morally affluent yang prescriptions
with ethically effluent yin descriptors
of exterior green sanctuary natures
with interior red-blooded
DNA ultra-violet
communicating nonultra-violent
recycling nurture wheels
of resiliently felt therapeutic thoughts.


The Perpetual Beginner Poet

This may come as large surprise,
but I did once take a beginner’s poetry class
which I often confuse with my beginner parenting class.

In which we learned good verse
and voice
have structure
imprinting rhythm
rich metaphoric content
perhaps even epic regenerative story,
assonant bouquet,
climates of hue and cry.

Who would or could a poet be
or hope to at last become
and yet unresponsively disagree?

Not me.

Even so,
if what I write
cannot resonate within your calling day,
and hopefully tomorrow
and resiliently flow on back
through all your best, not worst,
imagined yesterdays,
Then we are not yet our resonant poetry
so it is not so richly mine,
nor true poetry at disfamiliar all
of any kind
or mean spirit
or unnatural.

Strong poetry cannot flow anonymously

My poetic muse shrinks,
like wound from salt,
from capital competing
absent co-infested resonance
resiliently wounded assonance
cooperative co-governance
restorative resilience
of integrity’s best eco-aspirations.

with green me
grows not only rhythmic swell
and political ebb,
but also liberating healthy smell
and not so hoarding ego fell.

Poetry praises time we share
nakedly co-resonant,
resplendent as spiritual underwear
inviting nature’s brilliant subharmonies
to speak again full-voiced revival choir
without degenerate
naked despair

In which we learn good verse
and voice
have structure
imprinting rhythm,
rich analogic content,
perhaps even revolutionary story,
assonant bouquet,
climates of secular hue
and sacred silent cry.


Vitamin D

I have a youngest sunny D
an improvising third of four
in third quarter beating maleness rhyme.

He wears the greatest many hats
but only one spirit-timed

He sings and shouts
C Major 7th inside voices
and outdoor D minor diminishments.

I have a youngest son named D,
improvising three for four
communicating RightBrain dominant
rhythmic looping sound vocations,
easier on my WiseElder
matriarchal years
counted in and by and with
Plan D.


SelfContent Content

Cadence calls collective clans
ricochet katydid
not crackle her crocodile skin.

Crazy kids combine their fares
for riding rickety RinTinTins,
out zipping their yipping files.

Corny crackers crash their lines
lickety slippety splat
finishing race far much too soon
before fine ladies grow fat.

Cadence cries corrective crams
flippety frying flies
falling their crowns upside down
while mothers cry for their sins.


ReVisions of Political SugarPlums

Could we see and hear and feel and think better
more ubiquitously and cooperatively
and inclusively
if DreamTime speaks in naturally eco-logical language
of motion as emotions
co-empathically accessible
to all RNA/DNA informated
integratively regenerative
co-arising ecosystemic Ego-programs?

In our dreams
we all speak the same language
of fear and anger, threatening terminal self-hatred,
but also love and joy, promising an eternity of bliss
if only these would not
could not
should not fade and fake
back toward that downside wave,
fear of future without sufficient time
to grow this Ego into an EcoTree,

Bold and graceful
dropping leaves of Wisdom
sinking into fertile thirsty soil,
enculturing healthy rich nutrients
for family,
community and communication
with all Earth Tribes,
all dreaming in these same emotive languages
of fear and anger
versus love of joy,
versifies relations as elations,
or not-so-much.

Anger about winters past,
fear of fall’s deadly winnowing harvest
of ecolife risking egodeath,
timeless eternity of healthy wealth
or hell,
or most probably something midway between,
the only love within all language,
positive attitude as gratitude
basking in transparent joyous full-summer’s sun
slowly re-emerging as yet another winter.

In our dreams
we choose to win or lose
as we choose to live,
struggling with or struggling against each Golden Rule,
and usually some of both,
emerges into timeless waves
of how we choose to die.

DreamTime speaks in a universal language
of free rhythm
and dissonantly reversing patterns,
free of time’s double-binding constraints,
to syntax motion,
merge and submerge emotions,
drive regenerating and decomposing,
to polyculture ecologic,
hope for more elational joy of love
as less reductive anger about past times
and less fear of EcoPresent fully regenerating,
nurturing healthier poli-economic time.

Bicameral Time dreams a self-isolating
suboptimizing humane natured species,
with shamanic nature-as-spirit tendencies,
our most articulate eco-mentors
often wandering off into edgy fogs and bogs
to pray for,
breathe and eco-suffer and dance and resonantly sing
outside RealTime’s glaring spotlights
of technological networks
snacking on shallow soundbites.

free us from relentless injustice,
for seeing lack of empathy
where surplus of antipathy
breathed and smoldered more honestly,
relentlessly burning warrior hearts
in passioned love with Eco-We
reclaiming full-co-arising integrity for Ego-Me,
free from investing in slow
death silos of quiet
laissez-faire mediocrity,
free to live Earth’s incubator nest
dreaming-webbing life as time’s space to be,
letting go of life alone at sea
to invest in sublimely sacred death
into EarthTribal We, eternally,
reconnecting me
to echo Earth’s harmonic frequency,
to dance as solar light of free,
with power to feel each you as me

In Full-Timed Dream of PolyCulturativity
We merge nightmares of incommensurable dissonance
into harmonic bifractal-octave teleology
of time’s 4-seasoned ecotherapeutic reason.


Bucky’s Wealth of Information

Universal information,
like forms of multisystemic diversity,
is composed of fractal syntax,
primally illustrated by noticing RNA,
then DNA,
binomially re-cognizing bilateral temporal memory
as formative id-entity.

Polynomial is to in-form-ionization
as polycultural outcomes are to universal

Not-Not Poynomial unitarianism
is both entropic and synergetic-fractal Time bilateral.

Not-Polynomial is neutronic-entropic.

While Double-Negative-Binding Polynomial ex-form-bionization
re-connects double-transparently gravitational ergodic
with ionic/bionic balancing primal syntropic relationship.

Neutronic bipolar information exerts, exforms, exhumes, exhales
a bicameral balancing influence
within our neural systems,
seeking Left-Right dual-transparent-equivalent confluence,
deductive with inductive,
masculine with feminist.

In absence of this abundant neutral Win-Win
neural system normativity,
Ego-Left deductive
remains in diverse stages
of critical-event cognitive/affective/uneffective dissonance,
which can lead to autistic chronic dissonant patterns
of harmonic chaos
between Left’s deductive sensory receptors
and Right’s inductive Elder-RNA Zero-Commons Centric
fractal syntaxed memory storage
and eco-identity patterns,
seasonal as reasonal rhythms
of permacultural optimization regenesis
and co-operative development of Whole Earth organics.

Why do we fear,
self-immunizing subsistence,
mutual resistance?

Why do we love
eco-centric co-arising surrender,
tending spacetime’s brilliantly fractal-syntactic
synaptic burning bushes of divine humane genius,
natural-spiritual pilot lights,
unveiling polypathic intuition of abundant consciousness?

This HereNow Transmillennial ReGeneration
Be-Longing Co-Redeemers as Co-Operative Global Commune,
with economic Zero-Sum Commons values,
engage positive Zero-Centric ecopsychological practice,
humor’s common sense of permacultural
self-perpetuating redesign
of double-knotting naughty negatives
to produce reproductive positives,
reconnecting what could not not become,
both more and less than already is co-relational.

Co-Revolutionary Boddhisatva Mentors:
breathe in with out
our polynomially double-binding universal fractals
of EcoLogic,
tri-metric seasonal spacetimes of logical redevelopment
unfolding outstretched universal uniting breathe
of time with eco-depth,
re-creation through double-negation
of Winter’s bilateral-temporal discontenting
reverse facing regenerative eco-open analogical systems.

What did we think could not be co-incidental
about rhythms of dissonance
and epicentering patterns
of ecology’s Zero-Balancing
as P=NNP
as Yang=YinYin,
Win-Win co-operative economics?

Nondual co-arising revolution,
building ecological and economic cooperative networks
for positive ecopsychological
polycultural investment,
to cool our post-climatic brow
trending toward flat-line deadly endo/ectosymbiotic trends
of devolving
decomposing competition
between AllEarth’s Health
and HumanNatured Wealth.


License to Contract Co-Intelligent Life

Partnerships contract primal economic,
cultural rights between consenting mutually subsidiary parties;
ecojustice solidarity mentors relationship-building.

Marriage contracts regenerate deep ecological sacred rite,
a liturgy of procreative mutual polarity and parity
bi-naturally systemic.
Iconic of nature’s quintessential binomiality,
bionically balanced as dipolar “tension” or intention
and daily life-recommitted liturgical practice
of mutually subsidiary economic
and ecological perma-cooperative Union.

Ecology includes biological systems,
but also binomial self-regeneratively organized information systems,
and natural systemic Yang/Yin balance
and root-systemic nutritional flow functions.

Ecotherapeutic contracts evolve best
composted equal partners
of Wisdom’s gravity frequency patterns
AND Light’s sensed humor functional flow rhythm.

We evolve a darkside for every exegetical Truth,
just as we revolve a lighter side to every False-False,
Fear of Fear Itself,
Hating Haters,
Love of Beloved Bicameral WeSelf
Not Negativing our Double-Binding
spacetime Positives.


Becoming Climate March

Ground of Being,
Climate of All Becoming
horizon’s now moment of Earth meets Sky,

EcoSpirit bound solar fire heating air
warming crystal ice floating water
soaking absorbent soul of soil
rusting fractal minerals

decomposing eviL-ing flesh
regenerating Live-ing organic systems,

open sets inform researching rhythms
percuss prehensile patterns
of octave colored sounds in songs
reconnecting mythic culture stories
reweaving co-grounded horizon long becoming,
Be longing Nondual-Now.