MultiCultural InFormation Systems

Cognitive intelligence
may powerfully speak
in proudly conserved language

While intuited interdependent consciousness
feels more humbling liberating histories
of political economy enlightened
healthy democratic cooperative choice,
multiculturally felt
robustly inclusive

Transparent opportunities
to lead with win/win voices
necessarily co-invested
in vulnerably re-creating risks
of further sympathetic/co-empathic loss

As living could have no experientially preferred meaning
without risk of dying
not only as individual loss of ego’s opportunities
but also as Earth’s failing climatic ecosystems.

Abstractions and distractions
and boredom
follow ego’s left out
and behind
inside loneliness
as win/lose monoculturing stupidity
and kleptocratic cupidity
lead us to capitalize
on patriarchal greed

While ecofeminist
cooperatively spiraling revolutions
for co-enlightenment
breed and feed

Whole open
multiculturing wombs
through tomb polyphonic systems
of regeneratively felt
health-wealthy opportunities
for bicameral co-empowerment
entertaining solidarity

Of secular leftbrain
win/lose purpose
and sacred rightbrain
win/win meaning.


Mad About Schooling

Why do I feel like school visits
are usually a waste of time,
and mental health visits,
or is it visiting in general
that bothers me?

What I will see
and smell
and hear
and touch
is only what you feel safe to show me.

Your best professional face
when you are in charge of your environment
of yourself,
and all is as it would best be
in your safe and healthy presence.

Yet what I need to see
is how this place,
these people,
this teacher or therapist or mentor,
or would-be lover,
to my child’s anger and fear,
to my own anger about how they have
and have not
been treated in our past,
to your own angers about your past,
fears about life’s future
for yourself
for your kids,
for these other caregivers.

How will you respond
the 99th time my daughter shits on herself
then laughs while you wipe her nasty stinky ass,
berated by her own memories
of past such humiliations?
Hope you too might find humor
in your dialectic co-arising therapeutic intent,
your Positive Psychology presence
in this moment of bicameral empathy.

Just how good might it feel
to give a smack on the ass
of all angry-fearfilled,
chronically stressed
and sleep deprived,
too-often critical-event PTSD
co-victims of human life’s unkind
and in-humane culture and history?

How do you think that choice
would not hurt both of you,
all of us,
where you could choose to live fully
in this bicamerally loving moment
of empathic Right-brained eco-consciousness,
synergetic multisystemic practice
with full-loving intent
when and where most needed
and neglected
and abused.

Abuse of professional love,
reminds of angers about life’s inhumane injustice,
depressing fears of death’s too soon
peaceful resonance.

Visiting schools for therapeutic Present life
has little to reveal about where we PastAnger-FutureFear live


License to Contract Co-Intelligent Life

Partnerships contract primal economic,
cultural rights between consenting mutually subsidiary parties;
ecojustice solidarity mentors relationship-building.

Marriage contracts regenerate deep ecological sacred rite,
a liturgy of procreative mutual polarity and parity
bi-naturally systemic.
Iconic of nature’s quintessential binomiality,
bionically balanced as dipolar “tension” or intention
and daily life-recommitted liturgical practice
of mutually subsidiary economic
and ecological perma-cooperative Union.

Ecology includes biological systems,
but also binomial self-regeneratively organized information systems,
and natural systemic Yang/Yin balance
and root-systemic nutritional flow functions.

Ecotherapeutic contracts evolve best
composted equal partners
of Wisdom’s gravity frequency patterns
AND Light’s sensed humor functional flow rhythm.

We evolve a darkside for every exegetical Truth,
just as we revolve a lighter side to every False-False,
Fear of Fear Itself,
Hating Haters,
Love of Beloved Bicameral WeSelf
Not Negativing our Double-Binding
spacetime Positives.


Evolutionary Physics of Regenerativity

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution could be re-cast as noticing the elevation and decline of species within a polycultural ecosystem. Darwin added an uncomfortable and unresolved hypothesis of species-level evolutionary learning, a form and level of informational organization, transition, change, regeneration and decomposition through multigenerational genetics. This species-branching level of mutation lies between Buckminster Fuller’s view of Universal Intelligence and Julian Jaynes’ evolutionary theory of the human bicameral neural system philogenetically-multisystemically-polyculturally regenerating through the development of left-hemispheric linguistic and deductive dominance over our older right-hemispheric awareness. This older aptic/synaptic RNA-rooted awareness remains regeneratively confluent with DNA enculturing bionic ecological-analogical structure and binary-digital-atomically revolving time sequence; or leads to cognitive and affective dissonance, delusion, dismay, lack of mental well-being.

Fuller bring us a teleological “Plan A” Synergetic Progenitive Relationship Function, defined as (0)-Core Vector or Vortex, depending on whether our elliptical view is concave or convex, Yang or Yin functional. Fuller’s Core Vortex is Prime bi- and dia-nuclear, rooted in (0) Prime Relationship of Vertex OVER Vortex Eulerian “cross”-fractal function, a dynamic intersection of space and time. Prime Relationship is both (a) positive-synergetic creation as appositionally diastatic tensioned, intentioned, with (b) negentropy, Dark Relationship, pattern, rhythmic Implicate Order (here, perhaps intersecting with the linguistics and physics of David Bohm) forming an empirical-temporal string development theory.

Later, Gregori Perelman’s work in metric Group Theory proved that it would be impossible to disprove a (0)-soul universal theorem. If you have one elliptical form or function or frequency of energy, then you will have a second potentiality within that is holonically related to what Fuller referred to as Plan A, what Hindus call Brahman, and what mystics might call universal consciousness. The metric root and route of our coincidentally Brahmanic Budda Yang=Yin Tao Bicamerally evolving balancing brain moves into and through transmillennial, transitional, transactive revolutioning balance/harmonic speciating/branching Intelligence–a hybrid of YangForm and YinPrimeBinomialFunction.

Darwin’s problem was how any created life, especially human natural life, could originate from an omnipotently benign Progenitor and yet end up with evolution’s Manifest Destiny of thrival-of-the-fittest.  This problem of evil as might-makes-right is parallel to our physical science dilemma about the law and order of energy and mass. The Principles of Thermodynamics predict entropic monocultural outcome within any closed Universal System as an inevitable ultimate demise, lacking resource for self-regeneration, lacking even gravity, relationship, pattern, predictability, no place of any kind, only entropic chaos of nothingness. No Eulerian function. So why do we have something rather than nothing?

But, Fuller notices a primal tetrahedral-fractal dynamic and dimensional Constant predicating structure within the evolution of natural systems. This prime balanced function appears polypathically and polyculturally analogical, ecological, physiological, ethological, teleological, and just plain old-fashioned logical-rational equi-valent to prime-rational spacetime relations of 3 space-linear dimensions normatively equal 3 times 1 Time-Prime wave-linear binary-binomial dimension of electromagnetic gravity revolving thermodynamic balance.

From a “birdseye shamanic view” of Earth and Universe, this torus ribbon-revolving shape shifting, spinning-revolving, self-regenerative clockwise dynamic revolution optimizes prime-metrically as 4-equivalent dimensional spacetime, just as does fractal-organized RNA. The 4th temporal “spacetime” provides a static quartile-holonic view of time’s closure, such as winter closing the four seasons of an organic growth and harvest year, and dark midnight lunar voidingness closing the cycles of days and months, and death closing the birth-youth-adult-Elder fractal, although this remains most temporally and ecologically confluent with our other natural spacetime systems as we also recognize death as a boundary-threshold toward rebirth.

This evolution of consciousness regarding our dual manifest destiny, both living and dying, unfolds at the species level of intelligible, syntropic information, but remains more scientifically controversial at both the Universal Intelligence (“universal design” as teleological faith) and individual Ego identity level, my person-level, the sense in which I am me and you are you. The faith, or even hope, that my dying Elder-ship final stage should and could and would like to also feel and think and know and comprehend as coincident karmic dipolar integrity toward rebirth, redemption, an Id-Entity passing through the double-bind, double-negative threshold boundary, a potentially eternal spacetime Moment, Event, Being. We experience a collective cognitive and affective dissonance about this law of entropic closed outcomes, suggesting that reincarnation of Ego, Plan B, function is not rational, not polynomially conclusive.

Fuller believed that Plan B’s after life, the individual’s Ego, in Freudian terminology, is a rational hypothesis, to the extent that Plan B Bucky became a more optimally synergetic expression, articulation, of Plan A–(0) soul Universal Intelligence.

Fuller proposes synergy as appositionally balancing a Dark Matter and Prime Relationship negentropic, negative-forming, shadow function and frequency concave or vortex Black Hole, implicately (Bohm’s language, not Fuller’s) recessive energy which appears to be essentially the interior face of Perelman’s (0)-soul dia-elliptical universal balanced smooth-structured SuperEco Proof that what Freud understands as a Victorian  Judeo-Christian Divine Superego consciousness might also be more generically and culturally neutral, inclusively comprehended as a Universal Intelligence SuperEco synergy, a synonym for both polypathic love and multisystemic ecotherapy. This metaphysical-physical double-bind function is mutually gravitational balanced, harmonic gravity, or grace, or karma, or positive OVER negative bionic incarnational evolution.

Darwin’s theory of revolutionary speciation points to Thrival of the Fitting-Togetherest Cooperative as a slow-moving Manifest Dia-Destiny, including even the dark side of our negentropic trials and challenges, competitions and difficult teachers; competitive self-isolating and hoarding survivalism. Any Game Theorist, Group Dynamics Theorist or Facilitator of Communication and/or Community and/or Economic Development, any Permaculture Designer or Developer and Information Harvester, would predict becoming a more self-optimizing, regeneratively grown and sustained polyculture over monocultural, monopolistic, and monochromatic entropy-enhancing trends of decay as anything other than a TrimTab means toward a more inclusively abundant outcome.

Polyculturing Plan B, rather than monoculturing suboptimization (Plan C?), may also predict information using Bayesian QBit analysis when QBits  form as 8-Byte full-octave fractals [+/-radiant OVER (-)(-)gravitational magnetic balance], so an explicate-structured octave retains an implicate temporal-sequential fractal dynamic of positive OVER negative dia-metric development scale of functionality. QBytes, in turn, organize as +/- appositionals within a reverse-hierarchical Win-Win tree of life structure, so we have both an upright “branching tree” and a “negative” limned shadow tree root-system functionally parallel structured trend, ecological and binomial correlations passing through both positive and negative correlations at their mutually balancing systemic tipping point in any projected HereNow Moment. Bayesian QBit Win-Win trend analysis speaks our universal metric language of (0) Core Vector/Vortex, within a 4-Prime Dimensional linguistic world, and Open Systemic Exegetical Word.


Playing Hearts

Don’t think you know everything

there is to know about yourself,

until you know when a compelling image

of your future does not always

evoke an egocentric No!


Don’t think you know everything

about yourself,

because, if you did,

you would mentor

only a remarkable lack of curiosity.


Don’t think you will every fully comprehend


until you fully comprehend Universal Intelligence itself,

your self id-superEcoTherapeutic-entity.


The more you uncover your hearts,

the less cognitive dissonance discovered.


Open your hearts and awareness,

the physical ones empowering your nutritional information stream,

and the metaphysical heart that is your core,

incarnating soul, (0) equivalently balancing,

smooth-structured dipolar holonic linearity,

like an acorn to a tree,

evolving from trembling tendril,

emerging from past incarnations

of annual Life-time Tree’s

polycultured root system

absorbing Earth’s enriching soul

economy of permaculturing compost.


Eastern therapies

read ego right to left as

water flows down hill.


Western eulogies

read eco left to right as

bloodstreams pump up hill.




Heads Will Roll with Laughter

What to do,

how respond,

to totalitarian tyranny in someone else’s home

or community

or economy?


OK, good question, I hope,

yet with ample precedent in polycultural battles

to attain harmonious balance

where we have become monopolistically lost.


What do you do,

how respond,

to monocultural stimuli advancing in your own heart,

across your backyard?

When death stalks you,

declares you alien to life’s current probabilities

of rationally redeeming praxis,

when your friends recognize your karma

arcing from past memories

inviting evolution’s highly personal fragile future?


What do you do when you fear

your ego and relationships of love,

and sometimes even faint suggestion of domestic peace,

may realistically be at an unwelcome end?


I tend to ask myself,

then those around me,

profoundly wise questions:

Have I done something to tick you off?

Why this tyranny,

where is the winning function of decay,

mayhem, mercenary merciless mob

thuggish behavior?


Who is winning what in this long-hot summer

of monopolistic habits, norms,

assumptions of egocentric,

rather than ecologic,

zero-sum lose-lose strategies

and principles of economics?

Who designed such chaos?


And, my answer always echoes

resoundingly back across our Eternal Transitional Moment,

“no one,

this is a fool’s game we witness.”


So, whether this totalitarian monocultural weedpatch

of a socioeconomic culture is your own

or your neighbor’s

or your larger DNA/RNA-rooted and regenerative cousins



stardust Elders,

if you know them as interdependent relationships

within EcoTherapeutic Praxis

we mentor with, by, and for each Other,

continue to water your cooperative flowers

and ignore that violent weedish autocrat

suffering from too much yang,

too little yin flexibility and graceful mind

and inclusively grateful breath.


If you can’t win them back,

join them in laughter at ourselves

for being such an autistically exclusive species,

distracted by our own solar spots and days gone solo,

we forget we’re all in our mess together,

whether we aim ballistics at eco-systemic hearts,

and wallets, and purses,

and values,

or not.


When my teenagers cannot believe they need not fear me,

because my actions tell them otherwise,

according to their diverse abilities,

they laugh with me.

This laughter always surprises

I cannot retain my fear and anger,

but maybe a little suffering,

and my daughter shuns me,

and my older sons ask me what is my problem?


It helps when they remember to ask with kindness

and patience with my pain and fear

and cherished suffering.


So, why not a simple email from one head of state,




to Other:

I can see you are suffering catastrophic loss

of wealth and happiness,

your nutrients are leaking,

your polycultures fade

and your monocultural trend is sharply rising,

how can we help?


Sometimes I’m in no mood to talk.

I want to hang on to my suffering,

to fully harvest its positive lessons.

Sometimes I’m in a mood

to not tolerate shunning

from Ms. Oppositional Daughter,

but my son who cannot speak,

understands no language beyond rhythm and resonance,

language as music in personal keys and chords,

when he laughs at my vast righteousness,

I melt and wilt

to join his polycultural revolution

of atmosphere


primal assumption of mutual gratitude,

we will always laugh together

as we have throughout our incarnations.
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Tao’s Coincidental Teleology

Co-incidence is binomial, bionic, binary, double-bound information, energetically measured in protons and neutrons and their quantificationic prime relationship.

Dissonance, cognitive dissonance included, is what happens when coincidention does not, is not perceived.

Time’s coincidention is equivalent to space’s content-ionic form. Functional forms of solidarity balance contentious self-strengthening within cooperative contentment of inclusive self-identity.

Permacultural dynamic shamanic (and early Taoist) comprehension of natural systemic evolution as tipping points, species, faces, spaces, forms, nomials, functional flow and force patterns, paradigms and procedures, policies and identities, language and linguistics, communities and communication strings, rhetorical events and fields are coincidental integrity of each moment’s timeless potential for diastatic balance.

In Permaculture Design and Development, we call these diastolically balancing tipping-point statuses Climax Communities; mature polycultural networks of coincidental and mutually-defining information. These tend toward inclusive regeneration of diverse nutrient cooperative economies.

Cooperative economic intent is also coincidental (dialectical) ecological therapeutic orthopraxis.

Climax Communities optimize cooperation by minimizing competitive, win-lose strategic intent, loss, suffering, dissonance, and disease, both physical and metaphysical-mental-cognitive prehension of systemic function-mentors.

Basic multisystemic attendance (what Buddhists understand as a root system toward incarnation’s compassion-mind flower) to Yang’s ego-intentions and Yin’s eco-reiterative purposes, virtues, values, purgative concave balancing praxis is Tao, ecologos, wise economics.

Unwise economic principles, policies, practices, systems, tend to produce monocultural, monopolistic, “weedy” dissonating  global outcomes.

Just as Yang and Yin physical functions follow ubiquitously coincidental (dialectical, bionic) temporal flow-functions, so too Yin is endomorphically double-negative smooth-structuring ionic temporal encoding functional, resolving RNA/DNA fractal memory structure.

Yang discovers eisegetically-held Exterior Landscape information as Yin uncovers exegetical Interior Landscape resonant functions of rhythm and frequency, flow and tipping point force/fold patterns.

Yang is left-hemisphere linguistic/languaged deductive dominant while Yin is right-hemisphere proportional-temporal-relational-affective-intuitive dominant.

Yin is to enculturing original intent as Yang is to coincidental karmic incarnation, an evolving resolution string theory confluent with Fuller’s Universal Intelligence as diastolically predicting  speciated multisystemic reorientation toward universal life’s eternity; a permacultural panentheism of EarthTribe regenesis.

Yin’s double-negative neutronic-concaving zeroism actively harmonizes equivalent reverse temporal-neural frequencies, inviting Yang’s proton-bionic, karmic-ionic convexing incarnation.

There is only coincidental integrity,

space and time’s incarnating potential



regenerating multisystemic polyculturing networks



strings of culturing form and function

waving binomial frequencies

toward more contentment,

less contentiousness.


Form is content,

well-formed families and communities

avoid dysfunctional content

by grasping its straining stressful mentoring voice

about not only which dispassions to avoid

but also why

and where to set our polycultural pilgrimage rudder’s tipping point

sweet spot Trim Tab

to grasp when aversion overcompensates,

when avoiding karma’s grasp

would trend toward our dis-grace.


Avoid competitive grasping

by grasping cooperative aversions to loss and dissonance.





Organic Honey

What did your kids eat today?

Well, let’s see…

organic honey on pita bread…

How do you know it was organic?

It said so right on the glass,

not plastic, bottle.

How do they know if the honey is organic or not?

Do they interview or breathalyze each bee

returning home?

Do they ask each bee each time

whom the bee has been with?

In that intimate kinda way,

playing in whose pollen, exactly?

Did the bee stay within her orthodox organic certified playground,

or did she wander off the farm

and free range right into your toxic neighbor’s

chemically condomed hydrangea,

or maybe that always too enticing hibiscus,

flaunting her ample skanky wares?

Well, I don’t know,

I just took the bottles’ word.

I wouldn’t begin to know

how to address your immunity issues,

about breathalyzing slutty bees

addicted to poison.


OK, so what else did you feed on today?

Well, I told my kids I love them,

and we practiced variations on that theme,

absorbing rich nutrient strings of rhythmic compost.

I used my please and thank-yous

and you’re welcome, and namaste.

I wished them peace

before their baths

and before turning out their light

so they could see stars and moon

slivering through dark embracing womb.

Our neighbors provided bird song,

especially those mourning doves

calling out resonate alto fractal coo,

rhythm and courtship dance.

I fed them massaging back rubs

and hugs

and shoulder squeezes,

gentle taps on knees and elbows.

I stroked their drifting drowsy heads

from frontal lobe toward brain stem,

and back again, again.

My fingers rubbed between each totem

in their forceful flowing spines.

I fed them sad and silly songs

and mindful ho-ke-po-ke,

values in and yuckies out.

We fed each other stories of love and romance,

sadness and despair,

fear and anger,

passion and grace,

all stories synergetically satisfying.


We are what we absorb, both before and after all.