An Attractive Thought Experiment

In this thought experiment
Adults, at least,
have developed three types of attraction
and attractiveness,
positive and negative
and in-between energy:

Heart attraction,
romantically associated
with touch and feeling,

Mind attraction,
more cognitively associated
with sight and sound
and, perhaps, LeftBrain dissonance
and more competitive
predative instincts,

And root sexual attraction,
primordially associated with taste
and smell,
and letting go
neurologically informed
and exforming passions,
communion and disunion patterns,
non-violent/predative communication structures,
win/win resilient
and lose/lose dissonant,
LeftThought and RightFelt pleasure/unease/disease

Ecological and Theological,
natural and spiritual
secular and sacred
physical and metaphysical.


JetBlack God of History

I might best not say why,
yet I finally admit,
Taoist me imagines Yang as a JetBlack God,
Creator of this Universe
and, therefore, also ProGenerator of Anthros
with YinGoddess Earth,
blue-green Gaia,
surrounded by an ultra-violet rainbow of White Bright healthy climax-climate,
currently experiencing a more degenerative period.

BlackYang God interdependently, and bio-organic regeneratively,
invites and helps us with synergetic ecopolitical force
by, of, and for (0)rthodox (0)ctave (0)-Holons
of healthy good and beautifully full
multicultural evolution,
unfolding and reweaving with ergodic dualdark frequencies
performing dipolar fractal,
and therefore notnot octave co-arising,
functions within convex c-cube DNA/RNA integrity
of ecosystemic identity formations,
where ‘c’ stands for bicameral co-gravitating consciousness
of fertile lightspeed
as Earth’s double-binding temporal ecotherapy for NOW,

Reweaving my imagination of BlackYang God
timelessly impregnating Empty White Virginal Gaia Goddess YinYin,
with a language culture where White is not only color’s entropic void,
but also integrative potential for regeneratively multiculturing ecologies of color,
chemistries and climates and memes and gene-function frequencies,
smells and tastes and sounds and feelings and even active hopes
nourished by embryonic organic nutritional memories
of matriarchal reverse DNA healthy mindbody development
of fractal holonic fold and unfold,
weaving and unweaving,
Medicines of MindBody EcoTherapy,
manna and milk,
finally giving ever deeper learning capital investment head
and Leftsinging/Rightdancing voice
to notnot WinWin BlackYang God’s
black hole toward further full self-optimizing spectral colors
of ecopolitical regenerative health
for both external climates
and internally moral, normative, DNA instinctive, WinWin
ecologically regenerative therapy, (notnot degenerative death)
helping, not condemning, nature-spirits,
caring, not so much competing,
and certainly not nihilistically terrorizing
the more fundamentalist,
not yet LeftBrain Dominant/RightBrain Diminished
postmillennial anthro-kids
with all our Patriotic Paranoia about BlackPower on top of Matriotic WhiteFlow,
as such co-arising nondual couplings
regenerate multiculturally cooperative fertile climaxing climates
and other more internal functions
of health-evolving potential.
active rainbows of hope,
co-empathic fully-democratic EarthTribal trust.

In and As BlackYang God’s further ecology of evolution.
LeftBrain deep bilaterally learns regenerative
as at least having co-arising equivalent nonduality
within any system still intelligently self-perpetuating,
doing our best to remain a healthy Left/Right MindBody viable system,
rather than further succumbing to competitions in degenerative chaos.

Earth’s ecopolitical trust v distrust
might evolve BlackYang God more effectively,
more WhiteYin Goddess ecoconsciously
nurturing polypathic fertility,
more multiculturally inclusive
of all health and development paradigms,
including cooperative (0)-sum economics
as health regenerative
and potentially even self-other-Earth optimizing
Continuous Quality Improvement Health and Safety EcoPolitics,

In this my PostMillennial Golden Era,
where my, and hopefully our,
Polynomial (0)-soul Black GeoBioMetrics = Not(NotPolypathic) White
bicamerally dipolar-balancing ecoconsciousness,
I do my best to learn deep bicameral ecology
from the both/and appositions co-arising Positive JetBlack Psychology
opposing, digesting, absorbing
OldSchool White ecopolitical cognitive-affective dissonance
about Black over White,
LeftBrain’s supereco-repressive thing
about YangWhite over YinBlack feeling just cause for freedom’s paranoia,
like conspiracies of self-implicating participation in past enslavement
of what should remain co-equally Left/Right free
to shine time’s full-Tao healthy light,
Virginal EarthGoddess White
namaste with Black Universal God
of Yanging HealthyWealthy Time
for my, and hopefully our,
climatic multicultural peace with justice revolution.

I might best not say why,
yet I finally admit,
Taoist me imagines Yang as a JetBlack PolyNomial EnVerbing God
OVER and AROUND, co-embracing, co-redeeming
VirginWhite PolyPathic AweStruck Right
evolving healthy multicoloring We.


Raising Endorphin Power

Endorphin power is about positive politics;
it votes with little fading feet regarding negative politics
and WinLose competing economies.

Stress, dissonance, competitive over-indulgence are toxic
including to the abundant production of endorphin,
which, like its endo-morphine namesake,
creates a peaceful co-empathic trust feeling
that it’s safe to believe all is well,
has become well,
and will continue well,
both endo-symbiotically and ecto-symbiotically.

Paranoia eats endorphin,
lays it to waste,
mows our mojo down,
while pronoia feeds shy endorphans
what they swellfully appreciate receiving,
especially if they need not ask,
Please Sir, may I have some more?

Mutual helping,
cooperative games and strategies,
regenerate pronoia invitations into each Earth day,
or maybe an hour,
or just a moment at a time until time evaporates,
builds deep sensory awareness of WinWin ecopolitical,
social and cultural and climate health trajectories,
well being inclusive of future generations.

So pronoia-healthy politics
incarnates cooperative economic intentions, designs,
structures and plans,
networks and gestalts and climates,
deeply ingrained
of/for ego-self optimizing through eco-self-identity-emptying,
through helpful health-wealth production with and for Others.

Our most fluid full-strength Yang egos are those most ecopolitically abundant
performing, practicing, intending endorphin driven and derived health
as we expand our ecoconsciousness of self-therapy with other co-mentoring therapists,
some of us comically bad at producing more confluence than dissonance,
but all of us doing our best
to extend our endorphin-provoking family empathic trust
back through regenetic recombinant reiterative history of time’s enlightenment ourselves,
stories embodied within each organic turn of Earth years,
and forward toward shared endorphin ecopolitics
regenerating multiculturally positive therapeutic futures,
which also degenerate
endorphin traces erasing monoculturally negative pasts.

Endorphins swell power-with helping,
not condemning or faulting or neglecting, others
toward ecopolitically healthy wealth abundance.


Political Science as Organic Chemistry

Political Science is the compare and contrast study
of governing authority powers
with concomitant economic responsibilities,
speaking perhaps too candidly.

Why not other powers,
nutritional loves that can be owned only cooperatively,
can be, and would like to become, health invested,
but cannot be purchased?

Political scientists wonder if everything and everybody is for sale,
or could be if the MBA’s created a market for them
by persuading people they would have more value
if they paid for,
rather than freely borrowed.

Like humanity, for instance? Air? Water?
How about fertility?

Yes, we have expanded political powers into all these markets,
including physical and intellectual slavery,
both bodies and their nondual minds.

Really? You can buy kindness?

Well, we do have Motivational and Anger Management Therapists.
And, pharmaceuticals are big corporate businesses
heavily invested in the wins and losses of political gamesmanship.

Political Science is the study of economically powerful games?
In which you purchase authority by investing in responsibility?

No, responsible behaviors and attitudes,
hopes and mistrusts,
are the subject of Health and Therapeutic Sciences.
Political and Economic scientists assume authority is wealth worth winning more of
and not losing to control less of;
not necessarily the same thing as increasing or decreasing health value or merit,
or demerit.
Political scientists remain neutral on health meritocracies of power.

But economic health and political wealth can go together, right?
When you and yours are having a nutritiously enriching politically sustaining year,
investing in empathic trust inviting multicultural beauty dancing days
and harmonic nights,
now, but also open and accessible to future
and past Earth regenerations?

Yes, I suspect political wealth branched off from economic health
back about the time we developed token value economies
which rapidly developed corporate monopolistic hoarding tendencies,
as opposed to investing in next year’s healthy harvest
of politically redolent fragrances and tastes,
deep trusting warmth
emerging from mistrusting cold ambivalence.

This WinLose Political Chemistry Game
seems to suboptimize WinWin ecopolitical roots
and regenerative potentiating branches.

Sorry, weren’t we talking about the Science of Politics,
rather than the Chemistry Games of political practitioners?

I thought the first was our subject
and the second is becoming our shared objective?

That might feel right,
but what is this Political Chemistry Table
you seem to set?

I’m noticing that WinLose political evolution stories are important,
but do not explain full optimizing potentialities of WinWin revolutions,
healthy ecopolitical wealth gaming conjectures.
Win today to Lose tomorrow does not comprehend redundant reiterations of Earth’s natural ecosystems.

You have either said too much
or too little.
Explain, please.

WinWin could be (0)-sum objective
of Political Chemistry Gamers.
WinLose could be either
nurturing health without much of any political power of wealth,
or WinLose could be
political power of authority
without healthy economic responsibility.
LoseLose could be the fundamentalist baseline
for ecopolitical devolutionary terror and death.

That is your Political Evolutionary Gaming Conjecture,
but wherein lies this Political Chemistry Theorem?
How would you measure these chemical powers
of health as wealth or poverty?

What is chemistry for you?
Perhaps algorithmic formulas,
rationally-symmetrically viral
or doomed to dustpiles of irrational dissonance?
Or, is chemistry more primally about what smells good v bad
and in-between?
What tastes marvelous or ugly and toxic,
and in-between?
What feels warm as neither too hot nor too cold,
too fevered or too nearly flat-line recessive,

This political science conjectural process
has become a series of questions responding to theoretical questions,
seeking mutual WinWin resolutions.
My concern about your WinWin Politics of Science
revolving Earth-Centric ReConnecting Chemistries
is that empathic chemistries of trust v mistrust v distrust
may blur empirically deductive orthodoxy
with spiritually inductive advocacy.

Perhaps not advocacy so much as exegesis,
rooted in ecopolitical evolutionary WinWin v LoseLose
full spectrum of historicultural experience
within Earth’s Great Transitional Conjecture,
to win both political empowerment of multiculturing peaceful revolutions
and integrating balance of economic nutritional flow-trends
is to become re-rooted in globally co-empathic WinWin trust;
healthier than either-or,
and our Theorem for defining political democratic chemistry success
can be measured against current LoseLose
fundamentalist baselines
dissonantly stuck chaos
of elitist anthrocentric hubris,
because egocentic struggling-against-other enculturation
begins to smell stale and over-heated,
to taste like day old microwaved fast-food french fries,
and feels like death stalking Earth’s polypathic possibilities
for global transregenerational happiness
because of our relentlessly competitive and catastrophic ways.

This Political Chemistry Theorem
defines and exegetically redefines
flatline oppositional BusinessAsUsual shadows
of what Earth’s polyculturing healthy wealth WinWin Gaming Design
originally conjectured
through our co-empathic trust
as polypathic chemistry
of beauty smelling organically fresh and balanced.